How much does dog tooth abscess cost?




It is not uncommon for dogs to get things stuck between their teeth. Sometimes leftovers from food or branches from chewing sticks could get lodged between the teeth.

And in cases when the owner doesn’t notice the signs, an abscess may be created which in turn can be very painful for the dog.

What is a dog tooth abscess?

This happens when bacteria from the mouth travel to the root of the tooth and develops a severe infection.

The most common reason for an abscess is when a tooth is broken and when the dog is suffering from a serious periodontal disease. 

In normal situations, the tooth is covered with a protective layer that is called enamel, which stops the bacteria from reaching into the soft tissues of the tooth.

Whenever the tooth gets damaged or broken, the enamel can’t protect the pulp anymore and it gets infected.

From the pulp, the bacteria then travels to the root of the tooth, where it starts to multiply and creates an abscess. 

The other way for an abscess to be created is when a dog suffers from severe periodontal disease.

In these cases, the animal is more prone to infection, which makes it easier for the bacteria to find its way to the tooth root. 

What are the symptoms of tooth abscess in dogs?

The first thing that the owner may notice is a little bit of swelling under the dog’s eye. Usually, the dog won’t be very happy if people touch it around that area because it is probably painful.

In some cases, the abscess can burst out and the puss may come down. If the abscess is located on the lower jaw, then, the swelling will be down along the chin, and again it may open up. 

Another symptom that the owners may notice is bad breath and often wonder why their dog’s breath smells even when they give them dental toys or dental sticks to chew on.

Pain is also a red alert for the owner because dogs move to be scratched around the chin. The moment your dog moves away, you know that something is not right.

Lastly, there may be some redness around the place, the gums may be inflamed and the dog can try to scratch itself very nervously. 

How is a dog tooth abscess diagnosed and how is it treated?

When you first take the dog to the vet, your dog may not be happy to let the vet poke around the mouth.

This is why it is not uncommon for patients with this diagnosis to be lightly sedated in order for the vet to perform a better check. After that, they can be sent for some x- rays, and once diagnosed the vet will probably suggest some treatment.

The first thing that the vet will do is prescribe a round of antibiotics and some tablets to manage the pain.  However, have in mind that this is only to allow for the vet to easily treat the affected tooth. Unfortunately, that means surgical extraction of the tooth. 

Depending on where you take your dog, for tooth extraction, you may be charged between $200 and $500. The price may increase with the sedation, the x-ray, and the pre-operative and post-operative treatment.

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