How much does it cost to cremate a dog?




It can be hard to decide what to do when you lose your beloved pet and even harder to know how to budget for when the dreaded time comes. Cremation can be a peaceful send-off for your furry friend with many different options as to what you can do with your pet’s cremated remains. As unbearable as it seems, it is important to consider what you will choose to do when you lose your pet so we will help you to break down the cost of cremating your dog.

Does the cost of dog cremation vary?

The cost of cremating your dog can vary tremendously based on the size of your dog, whether you would like to be present and what your pet’s remains will be contained in afterward. It can be more expensive if you choose to have your dog cremated individually in the chamber than if you choose a shared cremation and it can also be more expensive if you choose to have a ceremony at the crematorium.

What kinds of pet cremation are there?

There are three main kinds of cremation to consider for your dog. There is private cremation which is when your dog is the only pet in the cremation chamber. Then there is partitioned or individual cremation which is where your pet is separated from the other pets with partitions. This is similar to a private cremation. Then there is a shared cremation where many pets are cremated together. This method is the most cost-effective but you cannot take any ashes away from the ceremony afterward. In this case, most crematoriums scatter the ashes in a special garden on the property that you can often visit afterward.

What can I do with cremated remains?

You have many options for when the ashes of your pet are returned to you. You can choose an urn and keep them in your home or a biodegradable urn and choose a water burial for your pet. You may also choose to scatter the ashes of your pet somewhere they loved being. Lately, there has also been a rise in the popularity of turning your pet’s ashes into beautiful jewelry and memorial keepsakes.

How much does it cost to cremate a dog?

The cost of cremation for dogs varies a lot:

  • For a private dog cremation for a small dog (under 30 lbs) you can be looking at spending around $175.
  • For dogs sized between 30 and 60 lbs the cost will be around $200 and for dogs that weigh between 60 and 90 lbs, you could spend around $225.
  • Above 90 lbs and the cost can be anything above $250.

This is just for the cost of a private cremation ceremony. For a partitioned cremation, the cost will be a little bit less.

For a shared dog cremation, the cost is usually between $30 and $70 depending on the size of your dog.

This option can be a lovely low-cost send-off for your pet and even though you do not get any ashes returned to you, the ashes will be disposed of in a very thoughtful way.

Are there any added costs on top of the cremation price?

This depends a lot on the crematorium you choose and your circumstances. Some crematoriums offer a collection service from your house or your vet’s office. This can cost between $50 and $75 depending on the size of your dog and the distance it must travel.

This can become quite an expensive addition if you live far away from your desired crematorium and not every crematorium even offers this service so it is best to check with yours first.

The cost of your chosen urn is also an incredibly variable price. Most crematoriums offer a small box-style urn in the cost of their cremation service however you can upgrade this to be quite extravagant if you wish. Some companies offer beautiful personalized engraving services which can be expensive but a meaningful tribute to your beloved pet.

There is also the potential added cost of the delivery of your pet’s remains. Again, this is not a service offered by every crematorium but some deliver directly to your house which can save an emotional journey to collect your pet’s remains and allow you some privacy to grieve.

Alternatives to cremation

You can also choose to bury your pet at home if your state allows it. This can be a lovely way to keep your pet close but is difficult if you plan to sell your house at any point in the future.

There is also the option to bury your dog in a pet ceremony. This can be a lovely idea if you intend to visit the grave of your pet or have a small burial ceremony.

A little more unusual is the option to take your dog to a taxidermist. Some owners like to keep their pets with them forever so choose to get them preserved by a professional to keep in their home.

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