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As one of the largest dogs breeds out there, you can imagine that the costs of feeding a Great Dane are much higher than those of your average dog. We’ve broken down the basics of what it costs to feed these gentle giants in case you’re considering adding a Great Dane to the family.

Great Danes are large dogs, and with large dogs comes a whole myriad of stipulations regarding their diet. If an inexperienced owner gets a Great Dane without doing the necessary research, the new dog could suffer from health issues due to improper feeding.

Pet ownership is a challenge for numerous reasons, but with a complicated breed like a Great Dane and other larger dogs, it can be even more so. If you are not an experienced dog owner, do all of the research you can to best prepare for the arrival of your new family member.

When considering the lifetime Great Dane price, in addition to considering things such as dog walking to the dog park, professional training, doggy daycare, vet visits, and purchase price, you’ll also have to think about the cost of dog food.

The cost of owning a Great Dane can be high in comparison to other breeds. We’ve broken down what you should expect to pay for your pup’s food on a monthly and yearly basis and ways to save money without jeopardizing your pet’s health.

How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Great Dane Puppy?

Great Dane puppies grow QUICKLY! These babies can reach over 100 lbs. in just 6 short months.

Seasoned Great Dane owners will understand what it means to ‘grow them slow’. It’s important to monitor your puppy’s growth, as too much food and growth that occurs too quickly could lead to some of the diseases that Great Danes are prone to.

This is the main reason that free feeding is not recommended for this large dog. You don’t want your pup to scarf down as much food as he can in one sitting.

It is for this reason that you should not purchase ‘puppy’ food for your Great Dane puppy. The protein and fat contents of puppy food are too high for Great Dane puppies and will cause them to grow too quickly.

The price you spend on food for your Great Dane puppy will vary with which quality food you purchase and the diet you plan to use.

Monthly Food Costs for Great Dane Puppies

The average price of a month’s worth of food for your Great Dane puppy is between $30 to $70. Premium dog food comes with a higher price tag and can cost up to $120 per month.

Yearly Food Costs for Great Dane Puppies

On average, you can expect to pay between $360 and $800 for the first year of your Dane puppy’s life. For premium brands, you can pay up to $1200 per year on puppy food for your Great Dane’s first year.

How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Great Dane Adult?

An adult Great Dane will eat more than puppies, and since Great Danes should never eat puppy food, the price is the same if you are using the same brand.

The price is going to depend on the quality and brand of the food you purchase.

Monthly Food Costs for Great Dane Adults

Typical monthly food costs for Great Dane adults range between $30 and $70 per year depending on the food you buy. Premium brands will cost up to $110 per month.

Yearly Food Costs for Great Dane Adults

The average yearly price for your adult Great Dane’s food will cost between $250 and $800. For premium brands, you can pay up to $1100 per year.

What Should My Great Dane Eat?

Great Dane Dietary Needs

Great Danes require between 2,500 and 3,000 calories per day. The two main diets recommended for Great Danes are kibble and raw. With raw (BARF), the dog will certainly eat more food than if he were eating kibble, increasing the total cost.

Dry kibble

Dry kibble is the primary diet that is recommended for Great Danes. Great Danes eat a lot of food, and a premium and well-balanced kibble work on all fronts.

It is a cost-effective option, provides the proper range of nutrients without any nutritional knowledge on the part of the dog owner, and does not require any preparation.

You should choose a food that is high in protein and healthy fats that ranges between 350 to 450 calories per cup.

Try to aim for a food that has around 23% protein and 12% fat. Professional advice from veterinarians generally states that this is the best ratio of macronutrients. Choose a food that has a broad spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Raw diet (barf)

The second diet that many dog owners opt for is the raw diet, sometimes known as BARF (Bones and Raw Food). This diet tends to be expensive and increases the average Great Dane’s cost of feeding.

As dog parents, we want the best for our pups. However, BARF requires vast nutritional knowledge on the part of the owner to ensure the Great Dane is getting enough of his vital nutrients (not to mention the right balance).

The raw diet also is extremely time-consuming to prepare. In addition to raw meat, the Dane owner will have to prepare a variety of bones and raw vegetables to formulate a nutritionally sound and balanced diet. This increases the annual costs of food.

Great Danes & Overeating

The main cause of premature death in Great Danes is GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus). Whether it’s a Harlequin Great Dane or a standard color Great Dane, the same holds true. This involves bloat and overeating in large breed dogs and is the number one health problem that affects this dog breed.

When Great Danes overeat and their stomachs get bloated, the increased pressure causes the spleen and stomach to twist, which in turn cuts off blood flow.

When left untreated, GDV is deadly. It is the most dangerous of all the typical health issues indicative of giant breeds.

If you purchase your Great Dane as a puppy, you should consider a gastropexy while he or she is getting spayed or neutered. This procedure is also known as stomach tacking and prevents the signature twist that is associated with GDV.

When your puppy has this procedure during sterilization, not only does it save on costs, but it also saves your pup from having multiple surgeries. It eliminates emergency vet visits and reduces the yearly cost of veterinary expenses and costly vet bills.

Feeding Frequency

How Many Times Does a Great Dane Eat Per Day?

Young Great Dane puppies have to eat three times per day on average. As they grow, their feeding times are reduced to twice per day.

Remember, this is a breed that is very prone to overeating and dire health consequences can result. Be careful to not overfeed your Great Danes!

How Much Food Does a Great Dane Eat Per Day?

Great Danes eat between 6 and 12 cups of food as an adult. Individual needs vary, and you should always consult with a licensed veterinarian to determine the best feeding regimen for Great Danes. They are a giant breed that requires care with regard to their diet and feeding frequency.

These helpful charts below will give you a rough guide as to how many times and how much Great Danes have to eat per day from 2 months of age to adulthood.

Great Dane Food Cost chart female

Great Dane Food Cost chart Male

Great Dane Feeding Supplies & Costs

In addition to the actual food, you will provide your furry friend, you will also need the necessary supplies, which brings about other costs. This includes dog bowls for food and water, a storage container for dry kibble, poop bags, and anything else you may find helpful.

You can expect to spend approximately $200 for these supplies initially. Over the years, water and food bowls may need to be replaced, but probably not annually.

Poop bags you will continue to purchase as regularly as you purchase food.

How Much Should Feed a Great Dane Cost?

As you can see, there’s so much more to consider when thinking about purchasing these dogs than puppy prices and routine veterinary care. When considering a Great Dane cost, you’ve got to think about the diet, feeding frequency, and potential health problems that may arise.

To reiterate, you should expect to spend between $360 and $1200 on food for the first year of life, and between $250 and $1100 for each subsequent year on dog food.

If your dog or your dogs lives to be 9 years old, that means spending, on average, around $7,000 on just food for the life of your Great Danes.

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