How much does it cost to microchip a dog at PetSmart?




Every year, more than ten million cats and dogs are either misplaced or stolen in the United States; tragically, only one in ten of these pets is returned to their rightful owner.

We can increase this percentage and reunite owners with their lost pets with the help of microchips.

Many renowned companies offer microchips, but PetSmart is the most economical and reliable option. Let’s discuss how much it costs to microchip a dog at PetSmart.

The cost of microchipping a dog at PetSmart ranges from $35 to $75 on average, and it depends on the type of dog as well as any other procedures that need to be done to microchip the pup.

Fact: PetSmart only provides pet microchipping services through its partnership with Banfield Pet Clinics.

Factors affecting the price of PetSmart Microchip

PetSmart microchipping price depends upon the following factors:

  • The geographical location (local or national)
  • Brand (Type of microchip)
  • Size of dog


More about PetSmart Microchipping

The microchips that are used in dogs are around the size of a rice grain. They are used to collect a series of one-of-a-kind numbers, which are then linked to a PetSmart database containing the owner’s contact information.

If your pet gets loose, there is a statistically better probability of finding it if it has the microchip. The vast majority of veterinary clinics and even animal shelters are equipped with universal scanners that can read a microchip and link the information to a database.

The entire process of microchipping takes only a few seconds, and the vast majority of animals do not show any symptoms of pain throughout the procedure.

Tip: The microchipping process is irreversible, and the chips themselves might be challenging to locate during surgical procedures.

Misconception about pet microchipping

  • It is not a global positioning system (GPS) that allows you to monitor your pet’s location in real-time; it will not transmit a signal and does not require a power supply.
  • There is no assurance that your pet will be returned to you since the person who finds it is required to take it to a rescue organization or a veterinarian’s office to have it scanned.
  • There are many various brands of microchips, just like PetSmart; thus, they cannot be compared to one another in terms of quality.



Does microchipping cause any pain?

Microchipping causes little to no pain to dogs. In a matter of seconds, the microchip is implanted in the dog between the dog’s shoulder blades.

After the chip has been implanted, you will need to make sure that you create an account with the database that is used for pet recovery and register your pet with the active contact information. This step is essential; if it is skipped, there will be no purpose for the chip. Scanning for microchips is a standard procedure performed on strays that have been brought to a veterinarian or animal shelter.

You should request that your veterinarian scan the chip at the yearly exam that your pet has to ensure that it is in good working condition.

What are the benefits of microchipping a pet?

Microchips increase the likelihood of successfully reuniting owners with their misplaced pets. Pets have the potential to escape the house. If you get your dog microchipped, it is more likely that you will be notified if they are found.

Is it worth it to get your dog microchipped?

Although this does, to some extent, rely on the person’s preferences and the specifics of the situation, a significant number of pet owners feel comfort in the knowledge that their dogs have been microchipped.

If the worst-case scenario occurs, such as your dog running away or being stolen, the odds of you being reunited with it will be considerably increased.


Although PetSmart does not have the capability to do the operation of microchipping on its own, the firm does collaborate with in-store Banfield Veterinary Clinics. They do have the ability to perform such procedures.

These facilities provide longer hours and have experienced specialists on staff to do your pet’s non-invasive and speedy microchipping. The price of microchipping a dog at PetSmart may range anywhere from $35 to $75. This price is determined by the breed of dog and any additional processes that need to be performed to microchip the pet successfully.

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