How much does the correction of a dog’s broken tooth cost?




Dogs are known to be chewers and they are not famous for picking the right stuff for that.

Usually, the things that they are supposed to chew are far from interesting compared to let’s say your new furniture or the kennel.

In cases like this, it won’t be uncommon for your dog to suffer some damage to the gums or the teeth, so a fracture is often seen at veterinary practices.

My dog broke a tooth, what should I do?

Well first and foremost, please do not try to do anything on your own.

Pulling the broken finger for example. Because you may end up being bitten by your own dog.

Because he is in pain and it hurts him. Just imagine how you would feel.

Contact your vet, that should be the first thing, and take your dog to the vet practice. 

In cases like this, your dog will most likely need to be sedated in order to be properly examined.

This could cost you between $50 and $100. After the initial examination is done, depending on which tooth is damaged, your vet may recommend doing a dental x-ray, which would probably cost you between $70 and $250.

What procedures may be undertaken to fix my dog’s broken tooth?

Depending on the damage, your vet may recommend different options for treatment. In the list below we will give an explanation of the three most common procedures that are done and how much they may cost you:

  1. Root canal therapy: this is a procedure where the vet needs to clean out all the infected pulp from the tooth and then fill it up with medication in order to prevent further infection. Root canal therapy may cost you between $850 and $1500.
  2. Vital pulpotomy also known as pulp capping: this procedure is usually done when the tooth was broken not so long ago, but it is still not infected. The procedure removes the damaged pulp and protects the undamaged one with the use of dressings. This may cost you between $1100 and $3500.
  3. Tooth extraction: in this case, there is not much that can be done for the tooth, so it is best recommended for the broken tooth to be removed. The reason for this is that if left unattended infection may develop and the dog will most certainly be in pain. Tooth extraction is usually done under general anesthesia.  If your vet recommends tooth extraction you could expect a bill between $150 and $700.

Postoperative care

Depending on the procedure, your vet may send you home with some homework. In most cases, the dog should be fed softer food for the first couple of days and he may need to take tablets for pain management as well as antibiotics. Your vet will also probably advise you to remove the chewing material or whatever led your dog to a broken tooth, as far as possible from his paws. 


Accidents happen. It is not always our fault as owners, as we can only do as much. Sometimes dogs just want to be mischievous and will probably do whatever they can to get what they want. And sometimes we just love watching them enjoy and allow them. But then end up paying the price.

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