How much does treating worms in dogs cost?


One of the most important aspects of your dog’s regular health care is deworming, regular and on-time vaccination, and occasional health checks.

This type of visit to the vet’s office makes sure that your dog is healthy and will stay so.

Deworming is a process that starts at a very early age, only a couple of weeks after the pups are born. So, how much should an owner expect to pay for this?

Why is deworming important?

Dogs and especially puppies are known to have the need to sniff, gobble or lick everything that they like. Which is why they are great hosts for some different types of parasites. Some of those may be harmful to people too. This is why deworming your puppy and your dog is important. It doesn’t only make sure your dog is healthy but it also protects you too. But before you start panicking because it has been a while since you have given the tablet, rest assured, getting worms from your dog is not as easy as it sounds. 

Another reason why you should think about deworming is that parasites that live in the intestines need to feed off something. They usually use the food that your dog ingests and is actually intended for their growth and development. If the worms are not treated on time they could cause serious developmental problems for young puppies and complications for adults as well.

How does the vet know my dog has worms?

New owners usually bring their puppies for routine checkups at the vet’s office. We then notice signs like an enlarged tummy and we usually ask if the puppy was fed before they came. If the answer is no, the vet usually suspects that the puppy has intestinal parasites. On other occasions, whenever you see a puppy that is thin and you know for a fact that it is well-fed, the vet always has parasite presence as a possible option. 

Owners also report seeing loose stool, unhappy dogs, and losing weight over some period of time. In more severe cases, the dog could have worms in its stool, or sometimes it could even vomit worms. It is nasty, even for vets. 

If the vet suspects a worm presence, he may ask the owner to collect some of the poop and bring it in for examination. What vets do is use the flotation method to see if there is the presence of eggs from the parasite in the poop, which is usually a sign that the dog is full of unwanted guests. 

Can treating worms help my dog?

Yes, whenever a vet confirms the presence of worms he will probably give the dog a deworming tablet or prescribe one to give at home. In order for the owner to prevent this from reoccurring, vets encourage them to make a schedule for deworming. In adult dogs that are above a year old, it is recommended that you give the deworming tablet once every 3 or 4 months. When it comes to puppies there is a protocol for deworming as well as for vaccination, and we strongly recommend you follow the advice of your vet if you want to keep your puppy worm-free. 

Keep in mind that the only way to treat worms is by giving the deworming tablet. It’s very simple and pretty cheap. Even in cases where the dog already has adult worms that are even excreted in the environment, the deworming tablet is used to get rid of them, alongside other medication to treat everything else that the worms have caused, such as dehydration for example. 

Even though deworming your dog is perfectly safe and is very successful, some dogs may have reactions. Vomiting, fostering stool, or decreased appetite is something that most owners notice, but these symptoms only last till the end of the day. However, if your dog shows worsening symptoms over the next couple of days, we strongly advise you to contact your vet and if needed to take it for a check-up. 

Giving the deworming tablet does not cost much, so the owner should be expected to pay between $25 and $150. However, if your dog by any chance already has worm problems, then the owners might need to pay a higher price for the treatment and the price will depend on the medication given and if the dog requires an overnight stay or a longer time in hospital. With that said, the price could potentially go up by at least $500.