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Unwanted dog behaviors can go from slight annoyance to destructive and harmful, making life difficult for both owners and their furry companions.

The most troublesome include incessant barking, digging holes in the yard, chewing on furniture or objects, and jumping up on people. More unwanted severe behaviors include aggression, biting, and running away.

These behaviors can be dangerous to both the dog and the people. Unwanted dog behavior can be corrected by working with a dog behaviorist. But how much does a dog behaviorist cost?

The cost of a dog behaviorist will depend on their experience and qualifications.

  • The average cost for a dog behaviorist is $50-$100 per hour.
  • In-home dog training can range from $80 to $200 per hour.
  • Private dog training with a professional behaviorist typically costs $50 to $200 per session.
  • For Board and Train Programs, costs can range from $1,500 to $4,000 for 4-8 weeks.

Note: Prices may vary depending on the location, trainer, and type of training.

Who Is Dog Behaviorist

A dog behaviorist is a person who studies and observes the behavior of dogs to understand why they behave the way they do. They use this knowledge to help train dogs and improve their overall behavioral well-being. 

They may work with dog owners to help them better understand their pet’s behavior and how to modify it, or they may work with dogs directly to help them overcome behavioral issues.

Common Dog Behaviour Issues

There are many typical dog behavior issues that behaviorists can help with. These include:

1. Barking

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, including boredom, fear, anxiety, and excitement. If your dog is barking excessively, a behaviorist can help you understand why and how to stop it.

2. Digging

Many dogs love to dig, but it can be a nuisance if they’re doing it in your yard or garden.

3. Chewing

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, but it can become problematic if they’re chewing on furniture or other objects.

4. Jumping

Dogs often jump up on people as a way of greeting them or showing excitement. While it may be cute, it can also be dangerous, especially if your dog is large or strong.

5. Aggression

Aggressive behavior in dogs can be hazardous and should be addressed immediately.

6. Biting

Dogs may bite out of fear or aggression, which can be a severe problem.

7. Running Away

Dogs may run away from home for various reasons, including boredom, anxiety, or the desire to explore.

Dog Behaviorist Cost According to Training They Provide

The cost depends on the training the dog behaviorist provides. Here are a few diverse types of training plans and approaches:

1. Private Dog Training

This type of training is great for dogs working through typical at-home issues or not performing well in group settings. This one-on-one attention will range from $50 to $200 per session.

2. Board and Train Programs

This type of training is an immersive experience in which your dog will stay at a trainer’s home or facility for an extended period (usually 2-4 weeks) and receive daily training sessions. The cost for board and train programs can range from $1,500 to $4,000 for 4-8 weeks.

3. In-Home Dog Training

This is an excellent solution for dogs who need more customized attention or owners who want the convenience of having a trainer come to them. In-home dog training costs range from $80 to $200 per hour.

4. Dog Training Classes

Dog training classes are typically less expensive than private sessions or board and train programs. However, the cost will still depend on several factors, including the length of the class, the number of sessions, and your location. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60-$125 for a dog training class.

What Affects the Cost of a Dog Behaviorist

The cost of dog trainers can differ primarily due to the following circumstances:

  • The geographical location of the trainer
  • Type of training that is being done
  • Experience and reputation of the trainer
  • Number of dogs being trained at one time
  • Whether private or group classes are being taken
  • Length of the training session

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Behaviorist

The following are some of the benefits you get when you hire a professional trainer:

  • They can help fix your dog’s behavioral issues.
  • Your dog will learn good manners in the environment he is in.
  • When given commands, they listen and obey.
  • Their socialization skills will be improved as they interact with other dogs and people.
  • Your dog will enjoy playing with others while you enjoy watching your pet blossom and socialize!
  • Your dog will learn to control their temperament and aggression.
  • Dog behaviorists also save you time.

All of these reasons are why you should consider hiring a dog behaviorist!

Final Thoughts on Dog Behaviourist Cost

The cost of a dog behaviorist can vary depending on your location, the type of training needed, and the trainer’s experience. However, the benefits of hiring a professional to help train your dog are priceless! 

If you are struggling with behavioral issues or want to give your dog some extra socialization, consider finding a reputable dog behaviorist.

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