How Much Is Surgery For A Pregnant Dog?





Though not common, in certain situations a dog may require surgery to deliver her puppies.

Known as a cesarean section (or c-section,) this procedure involves a small incision in the uterine body to deliver the puppies. 

The cost of surgery will depend on several different factors which we’ll cover below. 

Why A Cesarean Section?

There are several reasons why a cesarean section may be needed. The most common issue is the smell pelvis, which vets will point out during a prior pregnancy check.

If your dog has had a cesarean section in the past, then the procedure will be needed each time she delivers puppies. 

Other factors that will influence whether or not a cesarean section is performed is the length of the birth and the size of the puppies’ skulls. 

If an X-ray finds that a single (or several) puppies have large skulls, or their skulls are in an awkward position, then a c-section may be used as a proactive approach to reducing any risk of harm to the mother and puppies. 

The length of the birth is also an important factor. Long labor times in dogs can be dangerous. The longer the labor, the higher risk of death to the pups. In such circumstances, c-sections are used to increase survival rates for the puppies and the mother. 

How Much Is A Cesarean Section?

The price of a cesarean section will depend on when it’s performed. During normal veterinary hours, a c-section will cost around $500. However, if your dog is taken to an emergency clinic or animal hospital, this price can rise to around $2,000. During the procedure, general and local anesthesia may also be used, which would add additional costs to the procedure. 

For the procedure itself, two medical teams are required- one for the mother and one for the puppies. Additional medication may also be needed post-surgery, though your vet will talk you through this. 

Dog Cesarean Section Considerations

If there are complications with your dog giving birth then a c-section may be the best solution. On average, between 70% and 90% of puppies survive the procedure, while 99% of mothers fully recover without complications.

With a price tag of around $500 and $2,000 for emergency procedures, cesarean sections are relatively affordable and in some cases, necessary to ensure the safety of your dog. If you have any concerns, always contact your local vet as they’ll be able to offer personalized suggestions for your dog.

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