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The Kishu Ken is a Japanese Spitz-type hunting dog breed, well known for its spirit, obedience, loyalty, and bravery. The word “Ken” means dog in Japanese and since the breed originated on the Kii peninsula in Japan, it acquired the name “Kishu”.

Thanks to their mild and stable temperaments, Kishu Ken dogs make excellent companions for individuals and families with children and other pets.

If you want to add a Kishu Ken to your household, you need to consider some financial aspects to ensure giving it the best care. This guide not only covers the Kishu Ken puppy price, but also other aspects of Kishu Ken ownership and the various costs involved.

Kishu Ken Price – How Much is The Cost of Owning a Kishu Ken Dog?

Our team analyzed around 50 advertisements to bring you the latest Kishu Ken puppy prices.

  • We found the national average cost of a Kishu Ken puppy from a reputed breeder to be around $2000. 
  • The minimum price of a purebred Kishu Ken puppy was $1800 while the maximum was around $2200.
  • The cost of raising a Kishu Ken in the first year came to around $3670.
  • The average annual expense of owning a Kishu Ken after the first year came to around $1835.25, but this could vary greatly based on your choices. 
  • Kishu Kens live up to 11 years, which means that the lifetime cost of owning one is around $20,187.75.

How Much Does a Kishu Ken Puppy Cost?

As mentioned above, the cost of a Kishu Ken puppy from a reputed breeder varies greatly. Most breeders were seen charging between $1800-$2200 for their purebred Kishus.

Puppies born to champion parents could cost more than $2500.

You will find that adopting a dog is usually a lot cheaper than buying one from a breeder. Most shelters charge around $300-$500 as adoption fees and these often cover the dog’s initial vaccinations and neutering.

However, Kishu Kens are quite rare in the USA. Therefore, finding a purebred rescued Kishu could be tricky.

Basic Supplies and Equipment for Kishu Ken

Like all dogs, your Kishu Ken will need basic supplies and equipment to feel more comfortable in the new environment. Some of the tools and supplies will also help you during your puppy’s housebreaking phase.

  • Food and water bowls: $10-$20 each. Select stainless steel, food-grade plastic, ceramic, or glass bowls. Ensure they are sturdy enough to not tip over or skid. You can buy some mats to place under the bowls and contain the mess.
  • Toys: Your Kishu will need some teething toys and outdoor toys. High-quality toys generally cost between $5 and $20 per toy.
  • Dog beds usually cost around $30-$300 depending on the type, materials, size, etc.
  • Crate – $100-$450. Many people think that a crate is a means of punishment. That isn’t true. Crates help young puppies feel safe and also help them get some quiet time.
  • Dog leash, collar, and body harness: $25-$45. Select a comfortable collar and ensure it won’t hurt your pet’s neck.
  • Basic dog grooming kit – nail clippers, brush, shampoo, etc. This should cost around $30-$50
  • Basic first aid – it is good to have some bandages, antiseptic cream, styptic powder, etc. on hand. This could cost about $20.
  • Potty training tools – poop scooper, potty bags, pee pads, wipes, cleaning sprays, odor neutralizers, etc. These cost about $30-$45.

Most pet owners spend between $300-$450 on dog equipment in the first year alone but this amount can vary based on the quality of supplies. Many of these items are one-time buys. Some items will need to be replaced from time to time.

Kishu Ken Medical Costs

On average, Kishu Ken owners will spend around $600 annually on medical expenses such as tick and flea prevention, vaccinations, health checkups, dental care, etc. The first-year costs of medical expenses are usually higher as your puppy will need several vaccinations and boosters. You will also need to de-sex your pet preferably before it reaches the age of 1 year. 

 Here’s a detailed breakdown of your medical costs:

  • Vaccinations – $170-$200 per year
  • Spay/neuter – $100-$500
  • Microchipping – $25-$45
  • Dental care – $100-$300
  • Routine vet checkup – $45-$65
  • Emergency hospitalization – $1000
  • Surgery – $1000-$4000.

Kishu Ken dog breed is susceptible to health issues like thyroid and degenerative joint problems. These can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat.

Pet insurance can help cover some or all of the above costs, depending on the plan you buy. You’d spend between $30-$50 a month to insure your pet.

The Cost of Training Your Kishu Ken

Dog training costs vary greatly across the US. They depend on the type of classes you opt for, the trainer’s expertise, and the area you live in. Here are some options and their average prices

  • Private training – $45 to $120 per class
  • Group classes – $10-$80 per week.
  • Stay and train – $1000 to $2000. 
  • Behavior modification training – $120 to $400 per session

The Cost of Dog Food for Kishu Ken

Kishu Kens are medium-sized dogs standing at around 17 to 22 inches measured from feet to the shoulder. The adults, on average, weigh 45 pounds. 

For a dog this size, most owners need 34.3 lb. of dog food per month

  • We found an affordable/budget range of dog food to cost around $2 per pound which brings the monthly expense to $68.
  • Mid-range dog food is around $3 per pound bringing the monthly costs to $102.94.
  • Premium grade dry dog food costs around $170 per month (at $4.8 per pound).

Depending on the quality of dog food you buy, your dog food costs could lie between $800-$2000 per year or an average of 1235 per year.

Other Costs of Owning a Kishu Ken


Kishu Ken has a short dense double coat in white color. They shed seasonally and will need regular brushing in those seasons to collect the shed fur. You can also take your pet to a professional dog groomer to clip its nails, bathe it, clean its ears, etc. This can cost between $30-$45 per session.


Traveling with a Kishu Ken by flight can cost $130 to $250 for a round trip with separate layover fees. Alternatively, you could board your dog in a pet hostel which usually charges between $40-$65 a night.

Dog Walker 

As mentioned before, Kishu Ken dogs require a lot of exercise daily. It is recommended that they get at least 30-45 mins of exercise per day. Dog walkers charge $10-$30 per hour, so you could end up paying $300-$600 a month, on average.

Key Takeaways – Kishu Ken Price

We hope this guide helps you estimate the price of owning a Kishu Ken. To sum up: The purchase costs for a purebred Kishu Ken puppy from a reputed breeder are between $1800-$2200.

The cost of raising a Kishu Ken in the first year is around $3670 including the basic equipment food and medical expenses. The dog food costs are on average over $1835 a year. This brings the lifetime cost of owning a Kishu Ken to over $20,187.75.

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