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The Leonberger is a working dog of German origin. Known for their gentle dispositions and large and muscular frames, these working dogs are affectionate, friendly, and loyal. They make excellent house pets as well as reliable watchdogs and guard dogs.

Leonbergers (Leo for short) measure between 25-28 inches and weigh around 90-150 lb. They have a straight or wavy dense double coat that sheds seasonally. Leos need a lot of exercise and grooming. 

If you’re looking to add a Leonberger to your family and are wondering how much they cost, then read on! 

This guide covers the initial costs, first-year costs, lifetime costs, and Leonberger puppy prices in detail.

The First-Year Cost of Owning a Leonberger

In the first year alone, your Leonbergere could cost a whopping $5000-$8000. 

This cost includes the puppy price (which we will discuss shortly) as well as the major medical expenses like spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and two medical checkups in the year.  It also includes training costs, initial supplies, and food costs. This cost estimate does not include special costs like grooming, dog walking, travel, pet insurance, and boarding costs.

For most dogs, the cost of medical care alone will come to over $800-$1200 in the first year. This amount includes vaccinations which cost almost $170-$200 per year and de-sexing surgery which costs between $300-$600 for large dogs like Leonbergers. 

Your pet will need two or three annual medical checkups which can go up to $50-$200 each. Flea and tick prevention can come to another $200 per year. Similarly, deworming can be around $50-$100. 

In the first year, your dog will also need some initial supplies like a large crate, grooming tools, a bed, bowls, a leash, and collars. Expect to spend around $300 to $450 on the initial supplies.

Additionally, in your puppy’s first year, you might spend on dog training. Most professional dog trainers charge between $45 and $120 per session. You could also opt for the board-and-train sessions that can cost $1000-$1500 per week. Group classes are around $150 for 6 classes.

Adding these costs, you could easily spend about $5000-$8000 in your dog’s first year.

Annual Cost of Owning a Leonberger (After the First Year)

Once your Leo is an adult, the cost of raising it could come to $2500-$4000 per year. This includes food costs, basic medical costs, and pet insurance. We have not included special costs like emergency medical care, pet boarding, etc. If you include these, then the total annual costs can go up by another couple of thousand!

Dog food for your giant dog can be a major expense. Your adult Leonberger needs to consume at least 100 lbs. of food a month. If you buy premium dog food that costs $5/lb, then you’d spend nearly $500 per month on dog food alone.

Medical care costs usually come to $600 a year but as your Leo grows older, then health issues like eye problems, skin infections, ear infections, and eye problems could occur. These can cost hundreds of dollars to diagnose and treat. This large dog is also prone to gastric dilatation volvulus – a painful condition that needs emergency surgery to fix. It could set you back by $1000-$2000.

Pet health insurance is one way of covering these medical costs. You could buy an insurance plan that covers routine and accident/illness coverage for your dog. Most companies have insurance plans for pets that cost between $300-$500 a year.

Grooming is very important for your Leo to control shedding and prevent skin issues. A trip to the professional groomer for a simple trim, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and bath can cost $35-$65.

Calculating the total annual cost for Leonberger we arrive at an average of $4850. Again, these are just the basic costs and we have not included dog walking costs, emergency costs, travel/dog boarding, etc.

Lifetime Cost of Leonberger Ownership

Leonbergers live for an average of 8 years. This brings the lifetime cost of owning one to over $50,000. If your dog develops any serious health issue like cancer or joint problems, then the cost of treatment could stretch your budget by thousands of dollars.

How Much Does a Leonberger Puppy Cost in the USA?

Top breeders of Leonbergers charge an average of $2000-$4000 per puppy. This price can vary from breeder to breeder and depends on factors like the puppy’s lineage or bloodlines, coat color, level of training undergone, etc. The price also depends on the breeder’s reputation. 

You can always get cheaper Leonberger puppies for sale under $500 from places like Craigslist etc. However, such puppies may not be healthy as they are often a product of inbreeding. Therefore, it is best to buy your Leonberger puppy from a top breeder.

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