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One of the most beautiful colors you can find on a dog, lilac french bulldogs are always in demand.

Their stunning neutral coat is always in high demand while the birth rate of lilac french bulldogs is often pretty low.

Lilac vs Isabella

To the untrained eye lilac, french bulldogs look identical to isabella french bulldogs but there is a slight difference.

Lilac french bulldogs are the diluted version of the liver coloring whereas isabella french bulldogs are the diluted version of the brown coloring.

This means that lilac french bulldogs are an ever so slightly darker shade of light brown than the isabella french bulldog.

How does the lilac french bulldog occur?

The lilac french bulldog coloring occurs when the pup has two copies of the recessive mutant cocoa genes. The darker shade than an isabella french bulldog is due to the melanin synthesis being only partially blocked.

How much does a lilac french bulldog cost?

Lilac french bulldogs are an incredibly rare color due to the two copies of the recessive gene being needed along with the partially blocked melanin synthesis.

The rarity of the lilac coloring occurrence paired with the low rate of successful french bulldog pregnancies makes this color super difficult to purchase.

If you want to purchase a lilac french bulldog then you could pay $6,500 or even more! We have seen lilac french bulldog puppies priced as high as $30,000!

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our article about the common french bulldog!

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