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Luxating patella is an osteoarthritic issue that develops in dogs when their kneecap dislocates from its natural location. It may shift inside or outside the regular groove it occupies. It’s not life-threatening, but it must be treated to ease your dog’s pain. So, surgery is required.

Let’s discuss the luxating patella surgery and how much it costs.

How much luxated patella dog surgery cost?

Patellar luxation surgery might cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000. It is important to remember that the surgery cost is not the only expense you should anticipate; the post-operative treatment may include physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, medicine, and visits to the veterinarian for checkups, which may be rather costly.

The cost of rehabilitation can range anywhere from $50 to $80 every session, while the cost of pain-relieving medications can range anywhere from $04 to $50 per month.

Factors Associated with Patellar Luxation Surgery Cost

  • There is a possibility that the price will change depending on the trustworthiness of the veterinarian too. For instance, if you take your pet to a veterinarian specializing in surgery, the cost of having a nephrectomy performed on them would increase significantly.
  • The price of a patellar luxation surgery will differ based on the age, breed, and general condition of the dog that is being treated for the operation.
  • The fee might go up or decrease based on the geographical location of the veterinarian as well.

What to do?

When you first get your pups, it is in your best interest to make an investment in excellent pet insurance service for them just in case something terrible were to happen to them. It is essential to remember that most insurance providers will not provide coverage for what they refer to as a pre-existing condition. Therefore, it is typically impossible to obtain insurance for this condition once the dog has been diagnosed with it or has begun exhibiting symptoms of it.

When does luxating patella need surgical intervention?

Surgery will be necessary for those dogs whose symptoms of luxating patella are more severe. Veterinarians typically recommend surgery for dogs who have grade 3 or grade 4 luxating patella. However, they may also consider it for dogs with a lesser grade if they limp frequently.

Surgery can improve Kneecap stability by employing several approaches, including strengthening the knee joint’s soft tissue components, increasing the depth of the groove in the femur, and repositioning the tendon that joins the patella to the shin bone.

What are the factors that lead to patellar luxation in dogs?

Patellar luxation is a disorder that may be present from birth (congenital issue). In some rare instances, it may result from excessive physical activity throughout the puppy’s formative years. The reason for this is that some breeds may develop faster than usual, and if this is the case, excessive amounts of activity may have a detrimental effect on the growth of the bones.

Due to the additional strain placed on the knee joint, dogs who are overweight or do not receive adequate nourishment have a greater chance of developing joint problems related to the kneecap.

In addition, certain medical diseases and traumas, such as a rupture in the cranial cruciate ligament or chronic pain, may also lead to the development of a luxating patella.


Because patellar luxation is a hereditary illness, breeders are responsible for ensuring that their breeding stock is free of this illness.

A dog’s weight must be maintained within the normal range in order to ensure the greatest level of comfort possible and reduce the risk of developing secondary complications due to patellar luxation, which can include osteoarthritis and a rupture of the cruciate ligament. Dogs who are already suffering from osteoarthritis will enjoy a significant reduction in the amount of discomfort they are in when their usual weight is brought down to a lower level.


The amount of expertise and participation necessary to adequately treat the issue is reflected in the high expense of the patella luxation surgery and recuperation charges for your dog. On average, dog patellar luxation surgery might cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000.

If you have solid pet insurance in place when you first receive your pet and continue to maintain it, the insurance company will likely contribute to the costs of caring for your pet. Your dog will probably make a full recovery if the post-operative treatment that they receive is adequately attended to and if you keep all of their follow-up visits with the veterinarian so that they can track their progress.

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