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If you want a small, cute, and elegant dog, you may want to get a Maltese. Maltese dogs are adorable and highly intelligent. They will learn tricks quickly.

Maltese have a hypoallergenic coat, which makes them suitable for people with dog allergies.

However, before bringing your Maltese home, you should prepare yourself for the financial commitment that comes with it. 

Often, people think that buying a dog only entails spending on the initial costs and the cost of dog food. However, there are several other expenses that come with dog ownership. This guide discusses all those costs.

How Much Does a Maltese Cost in the USA?

Our team analyzed over 70 ads to bring you different prices we found for the Maltese in the USA:

  • The national average cost of purebred Maltese puppies in the United States is $1800.
  • The minimum price of a Maltese is $900 while the maximum price is $2800. Some show-quality dogs even cost over $3000.
  • The cost of adopting a Maltese is between $50-$300. This price depends on the type of rescue organization you adopt it from. Remember – many rescued dogs need special care as sometimes they come with health or behavioral issues.
  • Some shelters often cover some basic costs such as initial vaccinations and de-worming etc. and some only give dogs away on a spay/neuter contract. They then return your deposit once you show proof of the de-sexing surgery.

Items Every Maltese Dog Needs And Their Costs

Whether you already own a Maltese or plan on getting one, you need to buy some items and keep them ready for your puppy or adult dog. Use the following shopping list handy before you go to the pet shop:

Padded dog harness$12-$20
Orthopedic bed$30-$50
Collapsible soft-sided dog carrier$55
Dog brush$8
Tear stain remover$7-$10
Plush toy + ball$5-$10
Healthy dog training treats$10
Elevated stainless steel dog bowls for food and water$25-$30
Dog sweater$8
Nail trimmer/grinder$15
Vehicle bolster seat/car carrier$40
Dog Shampoo + Conditioner$10


As can be seen, the cost of the basic items for a Maltese could come to $300-$350. You can always save money here by buying second-hand or gently used items from friends or yard sales. 

Veterinary Costs/Medical Expenses for Maltese Dogs

Having a Maltese isn’t cheap mainly because of the veterinary costs involved. The first-year medical costs for a Maltese alone come to $600. In these costs, around $200 are for vaccinations and $100-$200 on spaying/neutering. Your dog will also need parasite protection against fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms.

Maltese, like all small dogs, are prone to dental issues. You can save your dog a lot of pain by getting annual dental cleanups done. These can cost $100-$300.

Here are some other medical costs for small dogs like Maltese:

Routine exam$45-$120
Spaying or neutering$100-$200
Flea and tick prevention$50-$150 per year
Deworming$25-$100 per year
Fecal exam$25-$55
Heartworm test$45-$50
Dental cleaning$100-$300
Allergy testing$195-$300
X-rayUp to $200
USGUp to $500
Emergency surgeryUp to $2000

Maltese dogs usually suffer from diseases like White Dog Shaker Syndrome, Reverse Sneezing, Tracheal Collapse, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Luxating Patella. Some of these issues do not have any treatment. Others may require thousands of dollars worth of diagnostic tests and surgery. 

Pet insurance is one way of offsetting these costs. Check out different pet insurance plans to find the coverage that suits your dog’s needs. Expect to pay between $7-$20 a month for insuring your fur buddy.

Dog Food Costs for Maltese

These companion dogs weigh just 7 lb. and measure about 10 inches at the withers. They don’t need too much food compared to some of the larger dog breeds. They also have the propensity to pack on the pounds, so it is important to practice strict portion control for your pet.

For a small dog like the Maltese, you will need around 5 lb. food a month. Naturally, this quantity will vary based on your Maltese dog’s age, overall health, activity levels, and also the kind of food you choose to feed it.

Here is a table showing the cost range to feed a Maltese (per month and year) based on the type of dog food you select:

Type of foodCost of food per poundMonthly CostAnnual Cost
Cheapest dog food$2$10$120
Premium range$10$50$600


Some Maltese dogs are known to have sensitive digestion and may need hypoallergenic or special prescription dog food. These could cost almost $600-$1000 a year.

Dog Training Costs for Maltese Dogs

It can take anywhere between 1-4 months to train a Maltese in basics like potty training and obedience commands. This duration will mostly depend on the training methods used. 

You can use a variety of dog training methods like clicker training, positive reinforcement training, etc. You also need to decide whether you can spare the time to consistently train your dog or enroll it in a puppy school. You could also board it with a dog trainer or hire a personal trainer to come in daily for training your Maltese. Accordingly, the costs will vary.

As such, dog training rates in the USA are not standardized and the costs tend to vary greatly from city to city. Here is a table showing you the approximate cost range for various kinds of dog training:

Type of Dog TrainingCost
PetSmart dog training1-session costs $35 or $119 for 6-week sessions (held once a week)
PetCo puppy training$110-$300 depending on the level or $149 for 6-week sessions. Coupons can save you some money!
Group dog training classes$30-$80 per class
Private dog training$45-$120 per hour
Board and train$500-$1000 per week
Specific behavior training$400-$1000 for 6-8 sessions
Service dog $120-$150 per session


Maltese Dog Grooming Costs

Maltese dogs have a high maintenance coat that needs regular clipping and daily brushing. Show-quality Maltese dogs might even need special top knots for displaying their gorgeous coats.

Here are some costs of grooming which tend to vary greatly from city to city:

  • Basic grooming packages – $30-$50
  • Special bath and blow dry – $30
  • Haircut – $35
  • Nail trimming – $10
  • Anal gland cleaning – $10
  • Ear cleaning – $10
  • Tear stain removal – $15-$20

If you opt for professional grooming three to four times a year, your costs can easily come to over $150-$300 depending on the services you choose.

Other Costs/Miscellaneous Costs of Owning a Maltese


Traveling with a Maltese dog is easy since it is small in size and easy to tote around. If you choose air travel, be prepared to spend over $100-$150 for transporting your little dog with you in the cabin.

Pet Boarding

You could also board your Maltese at the local pet hostel. Most dog hostels usually charge $30-$50 per night. Traveling for a week will set you back by $350 at this rate.

Hiring a pet sitter to watch your Maltese in your home could cost $45-$75 a day – even more depending on the services included.

Dog Walker

Despite their small size, the Maltese need plenty of physical exercises which a daily walk can provide. Dog walkers are known to charge between $10-$30 for small dogs like Maltese per walk of 15-20 minutes. Expect to spend $300-$900 per month at this rate. You can of course choose to walk your dog by yourself.

Microchipping and License Renewal

Microchipping is a one-time expense of $25-$45. A vet will insert a small chip under your dog’s skin. Worry not- it is completely painless. Dog license renewal costs between $10-$25 depending on your city.

Pet Deposits

Some rental homes need this amount upfront to cover potential pet-related damage to the rented unit. Expect it to be around $200-$500 but that can vary based on the size of the property.

Key Takeaways- How Much Does a Maltese Cost?

First-Year Cost

A Maltese puppy can cost almost $1800 on average.

Therefore, the first-year cost of keeping this dog comes to $2700. We have calculated the cost using the average puppy price, first-year vaccines, average dewormer, 12 months of mid-range food, $200 for supplies, and $200 for routine vet exams. We have not included: sterilization, dog walking, grooming, training, and travel in this cost.

Annual Cost

After the first year, the annual cost of owning a Maltese can come to $1000-$1500 spent mainly on food, booster shots, other medical costs, grooming, training, flea-tick prevention, etc. We have not included emergency vet, dog walking, pet sitting, and boarding costs.

Lifetime Cost

On average, the lifespan of a Maltese is 14 years. Therefore, most pet parents easily spend over $15000 to $21,000 over their dog’s lifetime. This can vary greatly depending on the area you live in and your lifestyle.

We hope this basic dog cost guide helps you plan financially for your Maltese.

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