How Much Does a Miniature Schnauzer Cost?


Spunky, sociable, and cheerful- that is how most Miniature Schnauzer owners will describe their pets. This is one dog breed that has consistently remained among the most popular dogs in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Most people will be able to tell a Mini Schnauzer based on its characteristic walrus-like mustache and beard. It certainly makes a Schnauzer look intelligent and sophisticated! These affectionate and smart dogs also make wonderful companion pets and are excellent with kids.

Mini Schnauzers were bred in Medieval Europe and soon became a staple on German farms. In German, the word ‘Schnauzer’ means mustache – an apt name for these dogs. After the War, the breed came to the United States and the Miniature Schnauzer breed official club was formed in August 1933. Today, the Mini Schnauzer remains one of the top twenty most popular dog breeds in the country.

Physically, the Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds- the Standard Schnauzer and Giant Schnauzer being the other two. Male Minis measure about 12-14 inches and weigh between 11-18 pounds. Females are slightly shorter and lighter. Coat colors available in Mini Schnauzers are salt-and-pepper grey, solid grey, solid black, and black and silver.

Are you looking to add the Miniature Schnauzer to your household? Perhaps you already are familiar with the breed because your friends have one. In any case, it is important that you’re aware of certain facts about them. Primarily, potential Schnauzer owners need to know how much the breed costs. 

Here is a brief summary of how much it can cost to own a Mini:

The cost for a purebred Miniature Schnauzer puppy is between $600 and $5000. Pups from top bloodlines and superior pedigrees sometimes cost over $10,000. In the puppy’s first year, expect to pay almost $2000-$3500 on your pet’s needs. Annually, most Mini Schnauzer owners spend between $500 and $1000 on their small dogs. The lifetime cost of owning a Mini Schnauzer (they have a lifespan between 12-15 years) is between $6000 and $15000.

Let us check out these costs in detail.

How Much Does a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Cost?

The cost of a Miniature Schnauzer puppy could vary from breeder to breeder but most reputed breeders charge between $600 and $5000 for their puppies. You can find a list of top breeders of the Mini Schnauzer breed on the official club website.

Here are some factors that can impact the cost of a Mini Schnauzer:


Puppies that are born to purebred Miniature Schnauzer and AKC registered dogs are naturally priced higher. If your Mini’s lineage includes scores of champion winners, then the price can even go into the range of $10,000!


Miniature Schnauzers are highly popular in the United States. If you have just one or two breeders dealing with the breed in your state, then the demand for their puppies will be very high. This could increase the wait times for a puppy. Also, the demand for puppies is seasonal which is why Holidays like Christmas often tend to have an increased surge in prices of purebred pups.


Some breeders specifically breed show-quality dogs while others breed pet-quality dogs. The price of show-quality dogs is generally higher because the puppies have all the required traits, personality, and temperament needed in show dogs.


Breeders also charge according to the effort they have put in for their pups. Sometimes, they may have to subject their dogs to various health checks prior to mating. At other times, they may have to pay other breeders stud fees to mate their bitches with champion studs. They also vaccinate and deworm their pups after they arrive. Naturally, they try to recover these costs from their buyers.

If you want to save money, you could always consider adopting a Miniature Schnauzer. Contact the animal shelters in your area and find out if they have one. The cost of adoption is between $50 and $500 and many shelters also cover vaccinations, deworming, and neutering/spaying in this amount.

The minimum price of a Miniature Schnauzer puppy $600
The maximum price of a Miniature Schnauzer puppy $10,000
The average price bracket $600-$5000
Median or national average price $3000
Price of rescuing a Mini Schnauzer $50-$500


Cost of Basic Supplies for Miniature Schnauzers

Be sure to have all the supplies your dog needs before you bring it home. You do not want to leave your pet alone so soon. Here are some things your Miniature Schnauzer will need:

Leash and collar

Choose a sturdy and comfortable leash and collar for your pet. These can be made of nylon or leather. You can also choose a retractable leash so you can control your dog’s range of movement when outdoors. Price – between $20 and $50.


Your little Miniature Schnauzer puppy will eat several meals each day. Feed it using sturdy bowls made of stainless steel, ceramic, or food-grade plastic. Make sure the bowls are heavy so they won’t skid or tip over. The cost is between $20-$50.

Grooming supplies

It is a good idea to keep your pet’s grooming supplies ready before you bring it home. These include a good-quality de-matting brush and a pet shampoo for baths. Make sure the shampoo is mild. Your pet will also need a toothbrush and toothpaste, nail clippers/scissors, and some wipes to clean its ears/eyes. The cost of grooming supplies is around $30-$50.


Buy a set of teething toys, chew toys, dental treats, and outdoor toys. These are important to prevent your Mini from boredom. Sturdy dog toys cost around $20-$40.

Bed and crate

Provide your little dog with a comfortable bed to rest in. A crate can also help during potty training as it will keep your pet from soiling indoors. A wire crate with a crate pad or plush bed can cost around $100. Add some toys inside the crate and your Mini will feel right at home.

Item Cost
Toys Up to $40
Bed and crate $50 to $100
Leash and collar set $20-$50
Grooming kit Up to $50
Training tools, potty pads, poop bags, no-pee sprays $20
Bowls $20-$50


Dog Training Costs for Miniature Schnauzers

If you don’t want your Miniature Schnauzer to defecate or pee indoors, steal food from the counters, and bark or jump on visitors, then dog training is a must. There are several ways to train your Mini. From group classes to private sessions to at-home training – you have numerous options before you.

At-home training costs

If you do not have the budget to get your dog trained professionally, you can train it at home. All you need are some healthy dog treats, a few books on training from the local library, or tips from YouTube videos. 

Group dog training classes costs

Group classes are a great way for your dog to learn and practice various commands. At the same time, it can interact with other dogs. A new environment and distractions will desensitize your dog and make it more confident as well. Most training classes cost around $200-$300 for 10 classes of 1 hour each. Some places like PetSmart and PetCo offer these at discounted values.


Private training with owner and dog costs

In this type of training, you and your dog will work side-by-side with an experienced dog trainer. The latter will address specific issues that you may be facing while training your Mini at home. Trainers will show you hands-on techniques so you can gain the confidence to train your pet towards a specific goal. The cost of private training is between $500-$800 for 5-10 sessions of 1 hour each.

Board-and-train costs

As the name suggests, your Mini will board with the trainer for a week or two and learn several commands like sit, stay, heel, fetch, etc. during this period. It will also learn the basics of potty training. You will accompany your dog on the final two or three days so you can continue the same training at home. This option costs between $500 and $1250 per week.

Type of training Cost
Online resources and books $10 or free
Private classes Around $100 per session
Training for specific issues $2000 to $5000
Group classes $200-$300 per 10 classes
Board and train $500 to $1250 per week


Miniature Schnauzer Food Costs

Feed your adult/puppy Mini the highest quality of food you can afford. This is important for its health and well-being. Low-quality food may seem to save you money but you might end up spending on vet bills.

When you first bring your little puppy home, it is best not to change its food. Feed it the same brand of food that the breeder was feeding it. Making dietary changes could stress your dog and cause gastrointestinal distress. You can pick the right food after you consult your vet.

Most pet parents spend between $40 and $75 a month on their Schnauzer’s food. You can feed kibble/dry dog food, wet or canned food, or even dehydrated/freeze-dried food. Canned food is prone to spoilage and you must refrigerate the leftovers right away.

Kibble or dry food is often the best choice for busy dog parents. Also, it is better for your dog’s dental health as the kibble’s texture minimizes plaque. Feed your puppy Mini 3-4 meals a day. An adult Mini Schnauzer is prone to weight gain so feed it no more than 1 cup of high-quality food per day – divided into two meals.

Type of food Monthly quantity Costs per month
Dry dog food 7-8 lb. per month $45 to $75
Wet or canned food 20 lb. $50-$100
Freeze-dried food 400 to 450 nuggets per month $75-$120
Treats 1-2 lb. $5 to $10


Best Dog Food for Miniature Schnauzers

The best food for Mini Schnauzers should contain a balanced mix of proteins and calories. Small dogs like Schnauzers burn a lot of calories compared to medium and large dog breeds.

When choosing dog food for your Mini, take a look at the nutritional analysis information on the side panel. Ensure that the food is rich in protein which comes from a reliable animal protein source. Good options for minis are turkey, chicken, fish, lamb, and beef.

In general, puppies need dog food with proteins, healthy carbs, and omegas like DHA and EPA. It should also provide them with bone-healthy minerals. Adult Minis need food rich in fiber, protein, probiotics for digestive health and immunity.

Occasionally, a Mini is known to have food allergies. Typically, you will see allergies to egg, wheat, gluten, or other protein sources. If you suspect a food allergy, your vet will conduct tests and might even place your dog on an anti-allergy diet.

Here are some food choices for Miniature Schnauzers with their approximate costs:

Name of food Features Cost per month
Royal Canin Miniature Schnauzer dog food Small-sized kibble, maintains skin barrier health, promotes weight control $5/lb.
Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws Made with natural ingredients, contains antioxidants, omega healthy fats, and high-quality protein $2.5/lb
Blue Buffalo Small Breed Life Protection Contains real meat. Rich in antioxidants, natural dog food without corn, wheat, soy, or fillers $2.2/lb.
Purina Beneful Variety pack Perfect for mixing with kibble, ideal for picky eaters, free from artificial colors. 69 cents per can


Miniature Schnauzer Medical Costs

Your little dog will need regular veterinary care from time to time to keep it healthy. In your puppy’s first year, you will also spend on its vaccinations and spaying and neutering surgery.

Vaccinations cost between $35 and $100 depending on your pet’s needs and also the veterinary practice. Here is a table showing the age of puppy and vaccine

Age of puppy Core vaccination Non-core vaccination Cost**
6-8 weeks Parvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis)   Distemper vaccine alone costs (first year) $20-$30. The total cost of vaccination is between $75 and $100
10-12 weeks Parvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis) rabies and leptospirosis Distemper + measles combo and Giardia Rabies vaccine in the first year $15 to $25

Distemper – $20 to $30- total between $75 and $100

12-16 weeks Parvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis), leptospirosis   total between $75 and $100
26-52 weeks Boosters for the above, rabies Lyme if present in your region total between $75 and $100. Lyme disease vaccine costs between $20-$40
Every 6 months   Bordetella, parainfluenza $20-$50
Every 3 years Rabies Influenza $20-$50


Spaying and neutering are other costs to consider in the puppy’s first year. They are important to prevent many canine cancers, behavioral issues, as well as unwanted puppies. Most vets charge between $100 and $400 for these surgeries – spaying is usually known to cost more. If you have adopted your Schnauzer from a shelter, chances are that they have neutered or spayed it.

Fleas-Tick prevention and deworming are two other important medical costs. You might spend almost $40 to $200 each year on preventing fleas, ticks, and other external parasites like lice. Deworming helps prevent internal parasites and costs about $8-$50 for 3-months protection.

Other medical costs like X-rays can cost around $100 to $300. Fracture treatment is very expensive – almost $1000 and above. A single night’s hospitalization can cost $500-$1000 per night. Blood tests can cost around $100-$300. Heartworm tests are priced at $190 to $300. Dental scaling can go from $100 to $500. 


Common Health Issues in Miniature Schnauzers

The Mini Schnauzer is generally a healthy dog. However, some health issues are known to crop up in the breed from time to time. Some of these issues are linked to the diet while some are genetic.


Epileptic seizures can arise in dogs due to poor diets, toxins, and liver issues. Anemia, head injuries, and encephalitis can also be a cause. A Mini that gets seizures will need diagnostic tests and medicines for like. This can cost almost $500 each year.


Obesity, genetic issues, and pancreatitis all increase a dog’s risk of developing diabetes. A pet diagnosed with diabetes will need medicines for life. It can cost almost $50 to $150 each month.


Miniature Schnauzers are prone to developing skin allergies that can cause atopic dermatitis in the paws, folds of the belly, etc. Skin allergy testing can cost hundreds of dollars.


Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Mini Schnauzer?

As can be seen, medical costs constitute a chunk of expense over a dog’s lifetime. Most pet parents spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on vet visits. If your Mini were to develop some health issue, swallow something objectionable, or get injured, then the cost of treating it could cause a dent in your savings.

Considering this, it does make sense to buy pet insurance. The average monthly cost of pet insurance in the United States is $50 or around $400-$600 per annum. This is much less than what you might spend on, say, a night’s hospitalization.

Many pet insurance plans cover routine and wellness checkups as well as preventive treatments like a dental cleaning. Some even cover emergency surgery, prescription medicines, and diagnostic tests. Most plans allow you to visit any vet of your choice. This can be extremely convenient and you also get the assurance of providing your pet with the care it needs.

Here are 5 top-rated pet insurance companies.

Name Pros Cons Cost
Figo 100% reimbursements No preventive care $1.50 per day
Embrace Deductible reduces each year you don’t make a claim Does not cover prescription food or supplements Starting from $24 per month
Pumpkin Discounts for multiple pets Cost increases with pet’s age $50-$80 per month
Healthy Paws Most claims are processed in 2 days, direct vet payment is available Does not cover exam fees, prescription diets, or behavior modification. $39 per month


Additional Costs Miniature Schnauzer Owners may Incur

Your lifestyle can impact how much your Min Schnauzer can cost. Here are some additional and unexpected costs dog parents may incur that can throw your budget out for a toss.


Dog walker/pet sitter costs

You could need these services if you work outside all day. A pet sitter can come and watch your Mini. You’d also need someone to walk your dog. In some cases, dog sitters also walk the dog and perform other tasks like watering the plants, picking up the mail, etc. Based on these, you might spend between $45 and $75 per day.

Dog walkers charge between $10 and $40 for a short walk of 30-minutes.



If your job entails travel, you could take your dog along or board it. Dog boarding facilities charge between $40 and $75 per night. A pet sitter could also come over to watch and feed your Mini.



Mini Schnauzers shed moderately but they need regular grooming. You need to take your pet to the professional groomer for clipping every 4-6 weeks. Most groomers charge $35 for basic grooming. Special grooming like medicated bath, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and special haircuts can cost more.



Dog license renewal is an annual expense and the cost depends on your city. You can get information about it at your local town office. Microchipping is a one-time expense that costs around $45. Your vet will insert a small chip under your Mini’s skin.


Miscellaneous costs

Even the best-behaved dog could cause some damage such as stained carpet, scratched floors, etc. Dogs are often known to chew up furniture legs, bed linen, and slippers. Set aside at least $45 to replace the damaged items.

If you live in a rented unit, the landlord could charge $45 to $50 per month in rental fees for pet fees. Some charge a one-time pet deposit fee of $200-$500.


Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Miniature Schnauzer Cost?

Your comical little Schnauzer will enrich your life with love and laughter but you also need to take into account various costs it can take to raise it. Here is a brief summary of the costs we discussed above:

Miniature Schnauzer cost summary

First-year Costs

In the first year, the cost of your Mini Schnauzer will depend largely on whether you adopted your pet or bought it from a breeder. If you chose the latter, then expect to spend anywhere between $600 and $5000. The average Mini Schnauzer price is $3000 from reputed breeders.

If you adopt your pet, the shelter may charge a small adoption fee between $50 and $500. 

Medical costs in the first year can range from $100 to $700 – depending on whether you have to de-sex your Schnauzer. 

Add to these the costs of basic supplies, parasite prevention costs, pet insurance, grooming, etc. and you might spend anywhere between $1000 and $7000 in the first year.

Average Annual Costs

Most pet owners spend between $512 and $1100 on their small dogs. This includes food, medical cost, pet insurance, grooming, and parasite prevention. Based on your lifestyle, you might also spend on miscellaneous services like travel, pet boarding, or pet sitting. 

Lifetime Costs

The Mini Schnauzer lives between 12-15 years. Based on this, the lifetime cost of owning a Mini Schnauzer is between $6000 and $15000. These are just estimates. The actual costs will vary based on several factors like your city, your lifestyle, and also your pet’s health.

We hope this guide helps you estimate and plan financially for your beloved Miniature Schnauzer.