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The OES, or Old English Sheepdog, as its enthusiasts refer to the Breed, was originally used as a drover, assisting farmers in transporting cattle and sheep to market. It is a huge, athletic dog breed with a distinctive shaggy coat that distinguishes it from the rest of its kind.

Traditionally, the Scottish Collie or Bearded Collie has had a role in the formation of the Breed, and some breed historians believe that the sheepdogs of Europe, such as the Ovtcharka, may have had a role also have had an impact.

Today, this sweet dog enjoys the comforts of home life while continuing to participate in beauty, obedience, acrobatics, and herding competitions, as well as other events.

Male Old English Sheepdogs often weigh between 70 and 90 lb. They stand around 22 inches tall at the withers. Females weigh between 65 and 85 pounds and stand around 21 inches tall at the withers. The most common coat colors in the Breed are black with or without white patches, grizzle, blue brindle, and blue with or without white markings.

Have you ever witnessed the antics of an Old English Sheepdog? You will be amazed by its aesthetic appeal! Because they were raised to herd and labor on farms, as well as in water and woods, it is no surprise that this is a breed that thrives in employment.

You should be prepared to provide your Old English Sheepdog with lots of exercises if you plan on purchasing or adopting one of these wonderful canines. For as long as its activity and food requirements are maintained, this wonderful dog will show you endless amounts of affection, devotion, and loyalty.

As a result of their loving nature, it is no surprise that many Old English Sheepdog parents end up purchasing one or two more Old English Sheepdogs.

Purchasing an Old English Sheepdog is not a cheap venture. Most purebred Old English Sheepdog breeders sell their puppies for an average price of $1400. Moreover, these costs may not be sufficient to cover the shipping and medical expenses that your breeder may spend while your pup is still in their possession.

The cost of adopting an Old English Sheepdog is less expensive than the cost of purchasing, but locating one in an animal shelter may need some patience and effort.

The following is a breakdown of the costs of owning an Old English Sheepdog:

Depending on the Breed, Old English Sheepdogs can cost anywhere from $1200 to $1600, with the average price being $1400. The cost of champion puppies might go as high as $3000. The cost of feeding this dog on a monthly basis might range between $50 and $100 each month.

It is necessary for you to spend on some basic supplies, coaching, medical procedures, and vaccines during the first year of operation. This might raise the expense of Old English Sheepdog ownership to around $3000 in the first year.

The yearly expenditures of owning this dog (after the first year) are around $2000. In all, you may pay between $20,000 and $25,000 over the course of its life — which is 10-12 years.

Let us check out the OES costs in detail.

How Much Does Old English Sheepdog Puppy Cost?

The cost of your thoroughbred puppy might vary depending on several factors. The majority of the time, it will depend on the breeder. Breeders can charge as much as $3000 for purebred Old English Sheepdogs.

If you purchase an Old English Sheepdog puppy from a pet store, the cost will be less than the cost of purchasing an Old English Sheepdog puppy from a reputable breeder. Pet store dogs can cost upwards of $1200, but they may develop health problems or exhibit a variety of behavioral problems as well.

Many reputable Old English Sheepdog breeders may be discovered on the Breed’s official club website, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Breeders will also show you certifications for health examinations to rule out difficulties like eye problems, joint problems, and inheritable disorders that may be passed down via families. Some breeders will also refund your money if your puppy develops a health condition within a year of purchasing it. This has the potential to increase the expense of your pet drastically.

If your breeder is located a long distance away from you, remember to account for shipping charges.

You might want to think about getting an Old English Sheepdog as a pet. This is definitely less expensive than purchasing.

Let’s have a look at the OES cost breakdown.

The minimum cost of an Old English Sheepdog puppy$1200 at pet shops
The maximum cost of an Old English Sheepdog puppy$1600 at pet shops
The max cost of an Old English Sheepdog pup from a breeder$3000
Average cost$1400
Adopting an Old English Sheepdog$300 (may or may not cover vaccinations, spaying/neutering, etc.).


Cost of Basic Supplies for Old English Sheepdogs

Bringing a puppy home would require the same materials and essentials as you would bring a newborn home with you. To make it easier to welcome your dog into your house, here is a list of essentials to keep on hand:

Grooming gear

The most basic dog grooming kit, which can be purchased for roughly $50, comprises a shampoo, a toothbrush or comb, a dry shampoo, some towels, and nail clippers, among other things. You must also brush and use toothpaste advised by your veterinarian to keep your Old English Sheepdog’s teeth clean.


The stainless steel bowls that are non-tip and non-skid are highly recommended in this situation. These will assist you in providing food and water to your Old English Sheepdog. Every day, fill the bowls with hot water and scrub them clean. The cost of the bowls, which includes a rubber pad to lay below them, is around $25.

Crate and kennel

With the aid of these beds and kennels, you can offer your Old English Sheepdog a pleasant and safe environment in which to relax and enjoy some “downtime.” Choose a location where the kennel/crate will be kept. Line it with a soft lining pad or bed to make it comfier. Add some toys to the mix, and your dog will be content for several hours. The most basic of these products can be purchased for as little as $100.

Toys and dental chews

Old English Sheepdogs can be aggressive chewers when they are teething, and they may wind up chewing up your beloved slippers. Please make sure that your pet has lots of dental chews and toys to keep this from happening. Toys also provide mental and physical stimulation for your cat. It is possible that the fee will be between $30 and $50.

ID tags and collars

Once you start taking your dog outdoors for walks and exercise, a collar, leash, and identification tags will come in handy. Invest in a pair of robust shoes made of high-quality nylon instead. Look for collars and leashes that include a luminous lining and double stitching to ensure visibility in low light. These are around $30 in price.

Cleaners and deodorizers

Prepare to mop up messes while your dog learns to control his or her bladder function.  Invest in some pet training/potty training pads, as well as some carpet cleaners and deodorizers, to help restore the appearance of your carpets and upholstery! The fee will be between $20 and $40.

Here is a table showing these costs:

Collar-leash set$15-$20
Food-water bowls$8-$25
Baby gates to limit your pet’s entry in parts of your house$40
Treat dispenser toys$10
Bed and blanketsFrom $25
Sturdy crate$50
Mats for containing food mess$10
Kong toys and chews toys$10 to $40
Grooming tools – brush, comb, dental supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, etc.$50
Poop bags$10
Potty pads for indoor training$10


Dog Training Costs for Old English Sheepdog Breed

The essential thing you can do for your Old English Sheepdog puppy during the first year after he or she arrives at your house is to train him or her. These dogs may develop behavioral issues if they are not properly trained. When it comes to teaching your pet, you have a wide variety of alternatives at your disposal.

Puppy training — personalized in-home training for puppies

This option might cost anywhere between $40 and $120 per hour based on where you reside. The personal trainer will visit your house, neighborhood dog park, beach, or any other location where you and your pup are experiencing difficulties. They create a customized training program that focuses on resolving such shortcomings and educating the owner on the process.

You may also select from various training programs, such as those for basic obedience, simple instructions, aggressive training, and so on. Specific behavioral disorders, such as training for aggressiveness or fear, might cost as much as $2000 per package depending on the issue’s complexity.

Board and train

As the name implies, this involves boarding your Old English Sheepdog pup for a week or two with a professional dog trainer who is familiar with the Breed. The professional will house trains your puppy as well as teach him or her basic obedience instructions and treat behavioral concerns like destructive chewing, among other things. We spend the remaining few days of the program teaching the owner so that you may continue your pet’s training in the comfort of your own home. These might range in price from $500 to $2000 every week.

Group classes

The socialization of your Old English Sheepdog puppy is a key aspect in its development and rearing. It will assist you in having an attentive and well-behaved pet, and do not lunge at or bark at other canines. Group sessions that are held over a period of 10-16 weeks can also help your pet gain greater self-confidence. Depending on where you register your dog, packages for enrolling your pet might cost anything from $50 to $400. PetSmart and PetCo offer reasonably priced group programs that start as low as $20 per class.

Training at home

You can also choose to teach your Old English Sheepdog at home, which is the most affordable choice. Simply grab some dog training manuals, look online for ideas, or watch some YouTube videos to learn how to train your dog. Simply ensure that you are consistent with your training to achieve positive outcomes.

These costs are detailed in the following table:

Group training (cost per class)$20 to $80 per class
Private obedience school (cost per session)$45.00 to $120
Dog boot campweekly about $500 to $2000
Minimum online training program price$99.00
YouTube videos$0.00
Minimum puppy basic training cost (total)$500.00
Maximum puppy basic training cost with boarding (total)$2000.00


Dog Food Costs for Old English Sheepdogs

It is better to give your pup the same food that it ate while at the breeder’s house. This is important in order to keep its digestive system from being overworked. As your puppy grows, you can modify its nutrition following your veterinarian’s recommendations.

Puppies require three to four meals every few hours in order to fulfill their high energy requirements. A healthy supper for an adult dog should consist of 1-2 nutritious meals. Additionally, the portion sizes will be determined by your pet’s age, activity level, as well as its individual nutritional requirements.

An adult Old English Sheepdog weighs around 70-90 lb when fully grown. It will require around three cups of dog chow each day. This may be divided into two meals. You may also provide your pet with healthy snacks that are high in nutrients. For wet or canned food, feed around 50-70 ounces of food each day, which can be divided into two meals if necessary.

If you consider that most kibble or dry dog food costs on average $2 per pound and that one pound of dog food contains 4 cups of dog food, it is possible that you will spend between $15 and $25 a month on food for your companion. On the other hand, some dog feeds are more expensive – ranging from almost $3 to $5 per pound.

This might increase your dog food costs by around $50 to $75 each month. Based on this, you may expect to spend about $600 on dog food and supplies alone.

Listed below is a table illustrating the estimated costs associated with feeding an Old English Sheepdog every month:

ItemMonthly quantity of food Cost per month
Premium dry food15 to $20 lb.$20-$50
Premium wet food18.75 lb.$100
Freeze-dried food20lb.$200
Raw food40 lb.$75-$100
Dog treats$20-$50

Dog Food Cost Comparison – Which is the Best Dog Food for Old English Sheepdogs?

It is preferable to spend more money on quality dog food for your Old English Sheepdog because doing so will keep it healthy and may prevent you from having to pay hefty veterinarian expenses.

Many Old English Sheepdog owners give their dogs a raw diet, which is becoming increasingly popular. There are several advantages to eating a raw or BARF diet, including healthier coats and better dental health, among other things. However, it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian to determine whether BARF is appropriate for your companion.

As a matter of convenience, many Old English Sheepdog owners choose to give their dogs commercial dog food instead of homemade dog food. Nowadays, there are several wonderful commercial dog meals to choose from.

Whatever meal you choose, make sure you start reading the labels on the products you buy. Check to see that the first ingredient stated on the label is actual beef. Avoid meals that contain fillers such as corn, soy, and other grains because they tend just to raise the weight of the food while providing little nutritional value to your pet.

Look for meals that include a healthy mix of proteins, vitamins, and beneficial fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. It is preferable to give your pups natural or organic foods since they have the fewest amount of preservatives. Certainly, these items are not inexpensive, but they will keep your pet healthy and content.

Here are some of the best dog meals for Old English Sheepdogs available on the market today:

NameFeaturesCost per lb.
Taste of The WildIt contains 32% protein, free from grain, corn, wheat, etc. Made in the USA$1.96/lb.
IAMS Large Breed Dog FoodMade with farm-raised chicken, it supports healthy digestion, bone health, and joint health$1.10/lb.
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High ProteinFree from by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives, it contains omegas real chicken and is rich in antioxidants$2.50/lb.
Wellness CORENatural dog food with real premium ingredients supports lean body mass and healthy skin and coat$2.69/lb.


Medical Costs for Old English Sheepdogs

While unexpected medical fees will continue to be the most significant expense that depletes a pet owner’s finances, it is also crucial to examine the costs that may be anticipated. These expenses are mostly comprised of vaccine expenditures during the first year as well as spaying and neutering expenses.

Your Old English Sheepdog puppy will require multiple vaccinations in its first year, as well as booster doses in subsequent years, to keep it safe from potentially fatal canine illnesses. Immunizations against illnesses like distemper, parvovirus, and influenza are included in this category.

These infections are lethal, making it critical to vaccinate your dog against them before they become a problem. Your dog will also require non-core or non-compulsory vaccinations against illnesses such as rabies, Lyme disease, and other contagious diseases.

Here is a table that shows the age of the puppy as well as the cost of vaccinations:

Age of puppyCore vaccination/ preventive treatmentNon-core vaccinationCost**
6-8 weeksParvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis)Distemper vaccine alone costs (first year) $20-$30. The total cost of vaccination is between $75 and $100
10-12 weeksParvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis) rabies and leptospirosisDistemper + measles combo and GiardiaRabies vaccine in the first year $15 to $25

Distemper – $20 to $30- total between $75 and $100

12-16 weeksParvo, distemper, adenovirus (hepatitis), leptospirosisBetween $75 and $100
26-52 weeksBoosters for the above, rabiesLyme, if present in your regionBetween $75 and $100. Lyme disease vaccine costs between $20-$40
Every six monthsBordetella, parainfluenza$20-$50
Every 3 yearsRabiesInfluenza$20-$50


Other Medical Costs

Like any other breed of dog, Old English Sheepdogs may require regular medical examinations from time to time. Routine exams with veterinarians often cost between $40 and $75 each visit. If your pet requires further testing or diagnostic treatments, the following are some estimates of what they may cost:

  • Allergy testing – $200 for a skin test and $300 for a blood test
  • Fecal tests range from $20 to $55; blood tests range from $50 to $1500.
  • Heartworm test – ranges from $35 to $75

The cost of spaying and neutering is another significant expense for most dog owners during the first year of ownership. If you do not want to exhibit or breed your Old English Sheepdog, it is a good idea to have him or her “fixed.” Depending on your veterinarian, spaying and neutering procedures will cost around $400 and $200, respectively.

Another price to take into consideration is parasite prevention. Worms such as tapeworms, roundworms, and other worms are the most frequent parasites that may infect Old English Sheepdogs. It costs between $8 and $55 to deworm an animal for three months of protection.

Aside from fleas and ticks, you must protect your Old English Sheepdog from other parasites. Remember that while these medications may cost about $200 per year for prevention, they are far less expensive than treating health problems caused by these external parasites.


Common Health Issues in Old English Sheepdogs

In general, Old English Sheepdogs are healthy dogs, although several prevalent hereditary disorders are encountered regularly in the Breed, including the following:


Immune-mediated illness is the most common cause of this condition. Weight gain, obesity, and lethargy are all signs of hypothyroidism in Old English Sheepdogs, which various factors can cause. For the first year, the cost of treatment might be in the region of $2000, with subsequent years costing around $1000 each year.


Cancer is the leading cause of death in adult dogs. The fact that Old English Sheepdogs are huge dogs means that they are more susceptible to cancer in their later years. Malignancies are often curable with surgical intervention, and some can be cured through therapy that costs roughly $10,000.


Sneezing and itching are common symptoms of hay, mildew, or dust allergies. Old English Sheepdogs experience itching rather than sneezing as a result of allergies. Atopy (skin allergy) is a prevalent problem in Old English Sheepdogs. Feet, tummy, skin folds, and ears are some of the most typical areas to be impacted.

Severe symptoms might manifest themselves between the ages of one and three years. Licking paws, touching cheeks, and ear infections are all common symptoms of a problem. The great news is that various treatment options are available for this ailment, each of which costs around $3000.


Should You Buy Pet Insurance for Your Old English Sheepdog?

Is it necessary to purchase dog insurance for your Old English Sheepdog? The majority of the time, the answer is yes. It is expected that one in every three dogs may require emergency care or other expensive medical treatment at some point in their lives.

Pet insurance can help you cover unforeseen veterinary expenses, and most significantly, it may provide you with peace of mind when you have a pet.

When you get the appropriate plan after thoroughly researching your options, and as long as your dog is not too old or suffering from any medical conditions, you may save hundreds of dollars. Routine care, diagnostics, and preventative therapies are all covered by many insurance policies. Some even provide coverage for hospitalizations and other unplanned medical expenses.

Many insurance providers will allow you to visit any veterinarian of your choosing. On the other hand, some insurance companies may insist that you only see doctors who are part of their network.

For dogs, the average monthly cost for pet insurance is around $40 per month. You can also locate options that are far less expensive. Make certain, though, that you thoroughly review these before joining up. It is critical that you know that not all insurance plans provide the advantages you would anticipate.

Here are several pet insurance providers, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Figo100% reimbursement option, short wait periods for accident coverageNo dental coverageStarting from $20 a month
Embrace Pet InsuranceShort waiting periods for accident coverage, optional wellness plans, 24×7 tele pet helplineHidden feesBasic coverage starts at $14 a month.
LemonadeLowest prices, optional wellness plansNo coverage for alternative therapiesVery basic plan from $10 a month


Additional Costs of Owning Old English Sheepdog

Pets may be expensive, and the Old English Sheepdog is one of the most expensive. The following are some additional expenses to consider while creating a budget for your animal friend:

Traveling with your dog/dog boarding cost

If you travel regularly, you’ll need to make special preparations for your pet’s transportation. Hire someone to watch your pet or board it at a pet hostel for the night. The majority of dog kennels ask between $50 and $75 a night for their services. Also, depending on the services provided, pet sitters might charge anywhere from $45 to $75 each day.

If you decide to travel with your pet, the cost of the flight will be over $250 one-way.

Microchipping and registration

The cost of microchipping is around $50 and is a one-time charge. Your veterinarian can take care of it for you. In order to do so, you must implant a little chip in your pet’s body, just beneath the skin. This is important if your Old English Sheepdog becomes separated from you. The cost of registering a dog is around $35.

Pet fees for rental units

Pet costs are commonly in the $100 to $400 range, although they can vary widely from state to state. Pet fees are also subject to change. Some landlords may even demand an additional $25 to $50 per pet each month in addition to the monthly rent.

If you own your house, you may have to pay for things like damage or the price of home upgrades, which can be expensive. For example, depending on the size of your yard, it might cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 to secure it.


Key Takeaways – How Much Does an Old English Sheepdog Cost?

As can be seen, having an Old English Sheepdog entails a considerable time commitment and a high cost. Here is a list of all of the expenses you could incur throughout the course of your pet’s 10-12-year life span.

Initial cost

A purebred Old English Sheepdog puppy from a reputable breeder will cost you around $1400. Some breeders have even been demanding as much as $3000 for their puppies. Adoption fees are less expensive, averaging approximately $300.

The cost of basic equipment for your pet — such as a cage, toys, grooming tools, a bed, and other items – is roughly $200 per animal. Vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering, can cost up to $500 or more.

When it comes to dog training, the typical cost is between $200 and $500, unless you want to train the animal yourself. In addition, there will be the cost of food and snacks and other expenditures.

This puts the total cost of Old English Sheepdog ownership in the first year to around $3000 — this includes the cost of purchasing your pet.

Annual expenses after the first year

Owners of Old English Sheepdogs often spend between $200 and $700 a year on dog food and treats, depending on their lifestyle. Add the cost of pet insurance, which is between $350-$500 per year. Depending on the area, flea and tick control might cost as much as $200 per year.

The average cost of routine medical care is roughly $100. The yearly expense of Old English Sheepdog ownership rises to $2000 per year due to this.

If you’re a busy dog parent, dog walking services might run you about $200 per month if you have many dogs. If you intend to travel, add an extra couple of hundred to two hundred dollars to your budget. This has the potential to increase yearly spending by $3000!

Lifetime expense

The costs of having an Old English Sheepdog are uncertain; however, they might range between $20,000 and $25,000 during their lifespan. These prices will vary depending on your dog-parenting method as well as the geographic location where you reside.

We hope that this information will assist you in developing a monthly and annual budget for your OES.

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