Dog Walker Price in Different US Cities

Published: September 19, 2022

Dog walking is a big business in the United States. According to Fortunly, Americans spent over $979.2 million on dog walking in 2021. But how much does it cost to hire a dog walker in different cities?

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How Much Does a Giant Schnauzer Cost?

Published: February 1, 2022

Also known as the Munich Schnauzer, the Giant Schnauzer dog breed was developed around the 17th Century in Germany. The breed may have originated from the likes of the Great Dane, German Pinscher, and other large dog breeds that contribute towards its rich...

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How Much Does a Bull-Pei Cost?

Published: March 10, 2022

If your partner wants a bulldog and you a Shar-pei, then you can meet in the middle and get a Bull-pei instead! A Bull-pei (an English Bulldog and Chinese Shar-Pei mix) is a designer dog breed having a solid build, thick neck, and wrinkled skin. Depending...

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How Much Does a Border Terrier Cost?

Published: February 14, 2022

Planning to buy or adopt a Border Terrier is a big decision - one that you mustn’t get into lightly. Owning a Border Terrier is a huge responsibility and potential dog owners often forget that fact. They usually see a cute little puppy that demands cuddles...

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How Much Does a Bedlington Terrier Cost?

Published: December 8, 2021

Bryan Cummins, the author of Terriers of England and Wales states that no other terrier is quite as deceptive-looking as the Bedlington terrier. Indeed, the dog is often mistaken for a lamb and is even known as a wolf in lamb’s clothing. Bedlingtons look...

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How Much Does a Basenji Cost?

Published: January 5, 2022

Basenjis, also known as the African Barkless Dogs, have a distinctive yodel-like bark that they use to communicate their feelings. They are athletic, energetic dogs that are sure to be a welcome addition to any household. Basenji dog breed originated in...

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How Much Does an Azawakh Cost?

Published: December 10, 2021

Azawakhs are African sighthounds having a lissome, elegant gait. They may have descended from the pariah dog breeds of the Saharan Sahel region and are named after the Azawagh region. Not much is known about this ancient breed, just that they may have been...

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Australian Shepherd Price – What To Expect

Published: October 19, 2022

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs bred originally to herd livestock. The name is a bit of a misnomer since Aussies (as Australian Shepherds are fondly known) are an American-made breed. Today, most Australian Shepherds are companion pets although some...

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How Much Does a American Pit Bull Terrier Cost?

Published: November 30, 2021

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) is a well-known medium-sized, stout dog with a short coat and smooth, well-defined musculature. This breed combines strength and athleticism. Around the turn of the nineteenth century, dog enthusiasts in England,...

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How Much Does an American Bulldog Cost?

Published: November 30, 2021

American bulldogs are considered one of the most famous canines throughout the whole world. American Bulldog is exceptionally friendly, quiet, and loving, and many people can't get enough of him. It's no surprise that these gentle giants are popular with both...

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How Much Does an Akita Shepherd Cost?

Published: December 15, 2021

If you're looking for a guard dog who will treat its responsibilities with importance and seriousness, then Akita Shepherd is a good choice for you. These dogs are a cross between a German Shepherd and an Akita Inu. They are very serious when on guard,...

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How Much Does an Airedale Terrier Cost?

Published: February 5, 2022

Deciding to buy or adopt an Airedale Terrier is a big decision - one that you mustn’t take lightly. It entails at least a decade of commitment to walking, feeding, training, and caring for this smart, sassy, bold, and cute dog. Airedale Terriers are...

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Perineal Hernia Dog Surgery Cost

Published: October 19, 2022

Typically, the canine hernia is defined as the abnormal opening or hole in a dog's body through which any organ/tissue protrudes. A perineal hernia is a common type of hernia present in dogs. It happens when the diaphragm weakens or collapses, which allows...

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