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It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II had 30 Pembroke Welsh Corgis and she had been fond of the breed right since her childhood.

Are you looking to find out the exact Pembroke Welsh Corgi price? Want to know how much Corgi litters cost? Then this guide is for you!

How Much Does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cost?

Very few Pembroke Welsh Corgis are registered with the American Kennel Club. This goes to show that the breed is quite rare in the United States. Taking this into account, expect to pay a higher-than-average Pembroke Welsh Corgi price.

  • Puppy price – between $500 and $2000. Some reputed breeders also charge around $3000 for purebred Welsh Corgis born to parents that are show dogs and championship winners.
  • The monthly cost of raising a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – This small-to-medium sized dog costs almost $200 to $500.
  • The first-year cost of raising a Pembroke Welsh Corgi – is $2000 to $4500
  • Annual cost after the first year – $1000 to $3500
  • Lifetime cost – The lifespan of the Corgi is between 12-15 years. $24,000 to $40,000.

Pembroke Corgi Puppy Price

Depending on the breeder’s reputation as well as the puppy’s lineage or bloodlines, you can expect to shell out anywhere between $500 and $3000 for a Pembroke Corgi puppy. Reputable breeders usually charge more since they conduct various health checks and genetic testing on their breeding stocks prior to mating them.

Backyard breeders of Corgi breeds may charge a lot less so you might save money but the puppies are raised under terrible circumstances. Many breeding dogs at backyard breeders have hip dysplasia so the puppies also end up having hip dysplasia.

  • Min. price of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy – $1000
  • Max. price of Pembroke Welsh Corgis- $3000
  • Price range – $500 to $3000
  • Average price of Pembroke Corgi puppy – $2000
  • Adoption cost – $500

Adopting a Pembroke Corgi will be cheaper. Look for rescue homes and animal shelters that have a Pembroke Corgi for re-homing. This costs between $400-$500 and may also cover the costs of vaccination, spaying/neutering, deworming, etc.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Cost of Basic Setup and Supplies

The initial supplies you buy for your Pembroke Corgi puppy will help make its transition from the breeder into your home a lot less stressful. The following table shows you this breakup:

  • Food and water bowls – $15-$40
  • Bed and crate – $50-$100
  • IDs, collar, leashes – $10-$50
  • Grooming tools (brush, shampoo, etc.) – $10-$30
  • Dog chews, toys, teething rings – $10-$50

Dog Food Costs for Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Adult Pembroke Corgis weigh between 20-18 lb. (10-13 kg.) and measure about 12 inches at withers. The most important expense a dog owner will face for a Pembroke Corgi (or any other dog breed) is on dog food. Your Corgi puppy or adult Pembroke Corgi needs nutritious food with balanced proteins, vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

The monthly cost of feeding an adult Pembroke Corgi is between $40 and $200 (including treats) depending on the quality of food you choose. Based on this, the average cost of feeding a healthy medium-sized adult dog is around $400 and $2000 per year.

Dog Training Costs

Training a Pemrboke Welsh Corgi puppy is vital if you want a well-behaved and obedient pet. There are different methods and techniques of dog training and they all have different costs. Here is a table depicting the average costs of dog training for the Corgi breed puppy:

  • Books, online tips, and videos on dog training – $0
  • Private lessons with expert trainers – $40 to $200 per hour. 
  • Specialized training for specific issues – $300-$500 per class/per package
  • Group dog training lessons – $8 to $50 per class
  • Board-and-train – $500-$1250 per week

Medical Costs for Pembroke Welsh Corgi

In your Pembroke Corgi puppy’s first year, it will need several vaccinations. These can protect your little dog from diseases like parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, etc. The cost of vaccinations is between $40 and $100 depending on the vet clinic.

Other medical costs include:

  • Spaying/neutering surgery – $100 to $500
  • Routine vet care – $40-$75 per visit
  • Flea and tick prevention costs – $40 to $200 for 3 months
  • Deworming – $8 to $40 per 3 months
  • Emergency medical costs – $500 to $5000

Many Corgis end up with hip dysplasia, the cost for treating it can go up to $1000 to $4000.

Pet insurance can help cover some of these costs and save money. Depending on the pet insurance plan you buy, you can expect to spend an average of $10 to $50 per month on basic coverage. Most pet lovers spend $120 and $600 per year on pet insurance.

Other Costs of Owning a Pembroke Corgi

Dog walking services

If you hire a dog walker for your Corgi puppy, expect to pay between $10 and $35 for a single walk of 30 minutes.

Grooming costs

Corgis do not need too much grooming other than daily brushing. If you choose to take your pet to a professional groomer, expect to pay an average of $30 to $45 for a bath and basic grooming.


These costs become necessary when you travel. A pet sitter might set you back by $30 to $80 per day (depending on the services). Travel costs for return fares for most airlines are between  $125 to $350 (depending on the distance). Dog boarding hostels charge around $45 to $60 per night.

Summary of How Much Does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cost?

The average Corgi price is between $500 and $2000. Some reputed breeders also charge around $3000 for purebred Welsh Corgis from show dogs and championship winners.

Expect the monthly cost of raising a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies to be between $200 to $500.

The first-year cost of raising a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy for dog owners is approximate $2000 to $4500 and the annual cost after the first year is $1000 to $3500. This brings a Corgi’s lifetime maintenance between  $24,000 to $40,000 depending on your lifestyle.

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