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These dogs are something straight out of a Barbie dreamhouse! Not only do you get the cute factor of a french bulldog but they even come in pink!

But how is this possible? Pink dogs don’t exist! Well, these pups are technically albino but they just appear to be a delicate shade of pink due to their pink skin.

How does a pink french bulldog occur?

For a pink french bulldog to exist both parent’s dogs must pass down the Lhasa Apso Albinism gene (LAA). This causes the pink french bulldog puppy to have two LAA genes which causes that dog to be albino.

An albino french bulldog will have pale cream or white fur and pink-pigmented skin. These dogs can also have red eyes but will usually have a very pale blueish eye color with pink skin surrounding the eye area.

Health problems

While the pink french bulldog is really cute they do unfortunately come with many health problems. Albino french bulldogs have especially sensitive skin and often have eye problems such as smaller eyes or even deformities within the eye.

Direct sunlight can cause a lot of issues with albino french bulldogs due to the lack of melanin in their eyes. Albino french bulldogs are also often blind or partially sighted which can cause many adaptations to be made for them to live a comfortable everyday life.

Albino french bulldogs often have a shorter lifespan than other colors of french bulldogs.

Are albino french bulldogs rare?

Albinism is incredibly rare in all breeds of dogs including french bulldogs. Many people will never come across an albino french bulldog and most breeders would not purposefully try to breed one due to all of the health conditions that come with the french bulldog being albino.

How much does an albino french bulldog cost?

Even those albino french bulldogs are incredibly rare they are not priced to match that rarity.

You can normally find an albino french bulldog for sale between $2,000 and $4,000 and many dog owners will not purposefully choose to own an albino french bulldog due to the health issues they can develop and their shortened lifespan.

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our common french bulldog article!

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