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Perhaps you look at the platinum french bulldog and think well it’s just a white french bulldog. This is visually the case but for a platinum french bulldog to officially be classed as platinum they need to possess a particular set of genetic makeup!

What makes a french bulldog a platinum french bulldog?

The difference between a white french bulldog and a platinum french bulldog is a platinum french bulldog must carry certain three recessive genes.

These genes are two pairings of the “ee” cream and the “dd” blue genes. The third specific pairing of genes can either be the “bb” chocolate gene or the “bb” dark brown gene. This is the only variation allowed in the genes of a platinum french bulldog where it will officially be allowed as a platinum french bulldog.

What kinds of platinum french bulldogs are there?

There are three kinds of platinum french bulldogs each with a slightly different combination of platinum DNA traits.

Lilac Platinum: dd + ee + coco

Isabella Platinum: dd + ee + bb

Newshade Platinum: dd + ee + bb + coco

Are platinum french bulldogs considered rare color variations?

Yes, all three variations of the platinum french bulldog are considered to be rare. The rarity is due to the particular genetic makeup needed for a french bulldog to be considered platinum. You may think you have a platinum french bulldog but after genetic testing, they may only be considered white or cream.

Health problems

Platinum french bulldogs are prone to health conditions including respiratory problems, cherry eye, and cleft palate due to the structure of their faces.

Other health conditions that affect platinum french bulldogs are deafness, heatstroke, hip dysplasia, vertebrae issues, and alopecia.

How much does a platinum french bulldog cost?

Platinum french bulldogs are especially rare due to their special genetic makeup. The platinum color is also not recognized as a breed color by the AKC so many french bulldog breeders will not purposefully try to breed the platinum color variation.

Due to these factors, the cost of a platinum french bulldog can be $6,500 or even more!

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