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Portuguese Water Dogs (or PWDs, as they are fondly known) are becoming increasingly popular as companion pets and therapy dogs due to their hypoallergenic coats. 

President Obama owned a cute Portuguese Water Dog named Bo while he was in the White House – since First Daughter Malia was known to suffer from pet allergies.

If you or a family member develops watery eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, or itchy throat around dogs, then the Portuguese Water Dog could be a good choice for you. 

Its low-shedding coat reduces dander in your environment, making it one of the best dog breeds for allergy sufferers. (Note that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic).

Want to know more about how much this wonderful dog breed costs? Then read on, we have all the information for you!

How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Cost?

Reputed breeders charge between $500 and $2400 per Portuguese Water Dog puppy. 

The first year’s cost of dog food, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, deworming, etc. could bring your expense to almost $3500 (not including the puppy price).

The annual expense of owning a Portuguese Water Dog, after the first year, comes to almost $1900 (without special costs like dog walking, travel/boarding, pet insurance, etc).

This brings the lifetime expense of owning a PWD (having a lifespan of 10-12 years) to $22,800.

Please note that this is the lower end of the estimate and excludes the first-year costs, special costs like grooming/travel, and emergency veterinary costs.

How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Puppy Cost in the USA?

Our team analyzed over 75 ads to bring you the latest Portuguese Water Dog prices:

  • We found the minimum puppy price for this breed to be $499 while the maximum price was $2400.
  • The average cost of a purebred Portuguese Water Dog from a top breeder was $1373.
  • Adopting a Portuguese Water Dog from an animal shelter cost around $300. This price also included the PWD’s spaying/neutering, deworming, and vaccinations.

Price of Basic Equipment for Portuguese Water Dogs

Your very good boy (or girl)deserves some equipment and supplies to make his/her life more comfortable. These include beds, crates, bowls, training tools, etc. Here is a table showing you these costs.

Bowls – select heavy, anti-tipping, non-skidding bowl$10-$50
Elevated bowl$15
Sturdy bed $30-$150
Pet camera to keep an eye on your PWD when you are at work$250
Dog bath accessories$25 to $50
Dog jacket$65
High-quality harness$50
Hands-free leash$40
Leash for running with your dog$30
Dog tracking collar$140
Bark collar$110
Dog boots for cold weather $40
Cleaning supplies, odor removal sprays$20-$40
Petsafe virtual fence$320
Dog toys and chews$20-$50


Depending on what you buy, you could easily spend between $300 and $1000 on these dog products. Thankfully, most items will last long and are one-time expenses.

Portuguese Water Dog – Medical Costs

In the first year, you will also spend significantly on your dog’s medical care.

It is very important to take your Portuguese Water Dog to the vet after bringing it home from the breeder. Annual checkups, including vaccinations, can easily cost between $400 and $600. This price mainly depends on the cost of vet practices in your area.

Unless you plan to breed your PWD, you must get it de-sexed. Spaying/neutering costs between $100-$500 with spaying being more expensive than neutering. You can always take your dog to low-cost spay-neuter clinics which are available in many parts of the USA.

Preventive medicine costs are another expense to consider. Your vet will recommend flea-tick medicines and deworming. Heartworm medicines can cost $180 per year and flea-tick prevention can cost $150-$200 per year.

Some pet insurance plans reimburse the costs of preventive care. Pet insurance is similar to human medical insurance and can cover accident, emergency, and routine veterinary costs. They can save you over $100 a year. Most plans cost around $7- $20 a month depending on the coverage.

Here is a table summarizing these costs for you:

Vaccinations (first year)$170-$200
Flea-tick prevention $200
Deworming (first year)$50-$150
Dental cleaning$100-$300
Emergency surgery/hospitalization$1000-$4000

Dog Training Costs for Portuguese Water Dogs

Expect to spend almost $30-$80 per session if you choose to enroll your puppy in dog training.

Private training is usually more expensive than group training and comes to $45 to $120 per session. Group training comes to an average of $10-$50 per class. If you pay for a 6-week package, the price can come to $600 whereas boarding your dog with the trainer for weekly training can come to $500-$2000 per week.

Dog training at home with YouTube videos/books$0-$50
Private training$45 to $120
Group training at PetSmart/PetCo$150 for 6 weeks
Board and train $500 to $2000 weekly
Specific behavior training$600-$1000


How Much Does Dog Food Cost for Portuguese Water Dogs?

Portuguese Water Dogs are medium-sized dogs measuring around 11 inches at withers and weighing around 48 lb. For dogs of this size, the average dog food required per month is around 36 lb.

Most PWD owners spend between $60-$200 per month on dog food and dog treats.

Type of foodCost per poundMonthly cost of dog foodAnnual cost
Low-price/budget dog food$1.75 per lb$63$756
Medium-priced dog food$3 per lb.$108$1296
Premium dog food$5 per lb.$180$2160


Other Costs of Owning a Portuguese Water Dog


Grooming costs for medium-sized dogs like Portuguese Water Dogs come to $300 a year. Portuguese Water dogs need special haircuts to maintain their coats. You can always choose to groom your Portuguese Water Dog at home.

Dog Hostel/Travel Boarding

Dog hostels care for your dog while you are away and their rates vary based on your location. Most cage-free boarding facilities charge $50 a night. 

If you are away from home for 2 weeks each year, then you’d easily spend $700 a year on pet boarding.

Dog Walker

Prices of dog walkers vary greatly from city to city. Most dog walkers charge $10-$30 for a short walk. These costs can easily add up to $3900 to $5000 a year!

Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Cost?

The average price of a cute Portuguese Water Dog from a reputable breeder is $1373. The first year cost of owning this wonderful, hypoallergenic dog could come to $3,351 – but we are excluding all special costs here like dog boarding, dog walking, grooming, etc.

The annual cost, after the first year, can come to $1903, and, again, we are taking a conservative estimate without the special costs. Adding grooming, travel, pet insurance, and emergency costs can easily bring your expenses well over $5000-$7000 per year.

The lifetime expense of owning a Portuguese Water Dog is around $22,000 excluding the above special costs and emergency veterinary costs. These items can dramatically increase the total/lifetime cost of owning a Portuguese Water Dog.

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