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This is one of the rare Indian-bred pedigree dogs, and only a few regions in Tamil Nadu have them. Due to their origin in India, they are also been considered foreign dog breeds. Rajapalayam dogs are now considered endangered due to the lack of breeding in the past. But in recent years, many attempts have been made to stimulate breeding and advertise them in the country, and these efforts have been successful to a certain extent.

A regular brisk walk or jog is necessary for the Rajapalayam breed. These dogs are full of life and energy, and they thrive when they are given the opportunity to run around and play, mainly if their owner or another dog in the household participates in the antics.

The Rajapalayam was trained to be a lively hunter that was eager to satisfy his or her owner by having a voracious appetite for food. They were designed specifically for the purpose of hunting wild boar and other small wild rodents.

They are lovely pets to have around the house as watchdogs. They are uncomfortable with strangers, and because of their size, they are able to cause fear in practically any burglar that enters your house.

You need to bear in mind that these courageous sentinels do not like to be petted or even handled by strangers. On the contrary, they will rush at strangers if they perceive them to be a threat.

Because they were raised within the subcontinent, this pet does not have much trouble adjusting to the high temperatures of summer. They do not provide a lot of challenges when it comes to the process of breeding, and as a whole, they are a healthy breed. Therefore, there will not be a significant number of trips to the veterinarian required for this breed.

They have a temperament that is both hostile and protective, which makes them good choices for use as guard dogs. So, they are also somewhat pricey and challenging to find. Let us discuss all their cost and other important considerations.

Rajapalayam pups range in price from $300 to $600, with champion dogs selling for $2,000 or more. At the same time, this dog price in India (their homeland) is much lower than this. They usually cost around $20 to $50.

The first year of owning a pet might cost between $2,000 and $3,000 (including Rajapalayam capital dogs). After the initial year, the price can drop to between $1,000 and $1,200 each year. Your total lifetime expenditures will be between $13,000 and $15,000, given that this breed has a lifespan of 12 years.

How Much Does a Rajapalayam Puppy Cost?

Min Price$300
Max Price$600
Price Range for Rajapalayams$300 to $600
Average Price$450

Adopting a pooch from a rescue shelter, which often has free adoption events, is another option for getting a furry friend without spending a dime. If you go this route, it’s essential to take your pup to the doctor to rule out the possibility of contracting a life-threatening sickness from the other shelter animals.

Factors affecting the price of Rajapalayam Dogs

The following factors affect the price of Rajapalayam puppies:

Coat color

A Milky white coat along with a pink nose tip and skin is the standard of this breed. If all these color qualities are present, then the price of the Rajapalayam dog may increase many folds.


A purebred puppy will cost you considerably more than a crossbreed. The price of a puppy might be affected by its breeding history. Both of the parent dogs may have been successful in their own right at various dog shows.

The price of a puppy from a dog show champion’s parent is nearly double that of a puppy from a dog show novice’s parent.

Dog breeders

The price of a dog breed can be affected by the breeder’s reputation. A healthy dog is more likely to be born from a respected breeder.

Puppies from healthy, active parents are an excellent indicator of future health and vitality. Most importantly, a good breeder will offer a health guarantee and may even let you return the puppy if it becomes sick during the first year.

Food Costs for Rajapalayam

Rajapalayam has specific dietary needs besides protein because this pup is also considered a war dog or guard dog. The amount they eat also changes as they become older.

If you want to raise a healthy and happy adult, Rajapalayam, you must feed him high-energy diet with more than 17 % protein content in it. You can also give them BARF diet which is trending nowadays.

Additionally, when shifting your Rajapaayam dog food (from puppy to adult or from one brand to another) try to do it gradually. It is also preferable to feed the pup the same food it was eating before you bought/adopted it.

The average weight for an adult Rajapalayam is between 70 pounds. So, you must feed them an appropriate diet according to their size. Typically, Rajapalayam dog food comes in 30-pound bags and can cost $80-$150, depending on the ingredients, brand, kind, and quality. This bag is enough for 30 days.

Dog Training Costs for a Rajapalayam

They’re fierce and protective, making them good guard dogs. So, early training and counseling are essential if you don’t want your Rajapalayam to have aggressive tendencies.

Group training of these dogs costs only $100; however, private training like socialization, potty manners, and crate education can cost as much as $500.

In order to save money, you might perhaps train your pet with the use of free online resources and the recommendations of friends and relatives.

Rajapalayam Vaccine Costs

The price of your dog’s vaccine might be anything from nothing to several hundred dollars, depending on his age and the disease(s) you wish to protect him from.

Most nations mandate that dogs are vaccinated against diseases including distemper, frequently joined, hepatitis B and C, adenovirus, and rabies. In most cases, a single dose costs above $100.

You should have a booster shot for your rabies and DHPP immunizations every three to five years. It is far more cost-effective to vaccinate a dog against diseases like distemper and rabies when it has reached the age of four months, when the DHPP and rabies shots may be given. A shot will often run you between $15 and $20.

Rajapalayam Insurance Cost

The price of Rajapalayam dog insurance is determined by a number of criteria, such as the age of the pet, as well as the kind of coverage and the quantity of coverage purchased.

But the average cost of Rajapalayam insurance can range anywhere from $22 to $50 per month for a dog.

Here are some of the different insurance plans for Rajapalayam dogs offered by some top insurance providers:

  • Comprehensive plan: A complete insurance policy for pets will include both accident and sickness coverage, as well as a plan for routine veterinary treatment.
  • Accident and illness coverage: This kind of coverage contributes to the payment of veterinary fees in the event of unanticipated occurrences, such as sprains due to accidents, drug overdoses, and common ailments, such as throat infections. In addition, this may cover the costs of laboratory testing, surgical procedures, and emergency medical treatment.
  • Wellness routines and routine plans: The medical costs associated with wellness checks, flea and parasite prevention, immunizations, and other types of regular yearly care are covered by this type of insurance coverage.


The Most Important Takeaways: How Much Does a Rajapalayam Cost?

Financial implications will be associated with having a Rajapalayam, but those implications may be broken down into several categories.

Initial cost

Buying or adopting a Rajapalayam affects its cost. Rajapalayams cost $300 to $600, while adoption is much cheaper. The average cost of this canine companion is far lower than the price of a champion dog, which may sell for upwards of $2,000.

Initial costs also include the cost of cage, harness, bowls, leash, and immunizations.

Monthly costs

Rajapalayams are pricey pets. This sum considers everything you spend on your animal companions, such as the cost of food, veterinary treatment, and insurance coverage. A month’s worth of high-quality dog food might cost $100 or more. So, save $200 to $300 monthly to have enough money to buy dog food for your pup.

Yearly costs

The annual cost of caring for a Rajapalayam may exceed $1200, including monthly expenses like transportation and grooming.

Total Costs

A Rajapalayam’s typical lifespan is 12 years, so budget $13,000 to $15,000 for its care. Additionally, the overall amount of money you spend on your dog throughout his or her life will vary depending on several factors, including your location, the condition of your dog’s health, and the amount of care you decide to provide to your canine companion.

We hope this information helps you choose Rajapalayam.

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