Red French Bulldog Price


The red color variation of french bulldogs is absolutely beautiful. A red french bulldog will have a completely reddish fawn color all over their bodies and usually a black muzzle area and sometimes white markings.

Red french bulldogs are considered to be a slightly rarer version of the fawn coloring and are often called red fawns.

Health Problems

Unfortunately, red french bulldogs along with their other color variations can develop a spinal condition called degenerative myelopathy.

This condition causes excessive wear on the spinal cord which can have a dreadful impact on your french bulldog’s mobility as they get older.

If your french bulldog appears to be suffering from back pain, favoring its hindlegs, or seems to be in pain when you touch them it is best to get them checked over by a vet as soon as possible in order to rule out this condition.

As with other color variations, red french bulldogs are also more prone to skin sensitivities and allergies that can even develop further into alopecia.

French bulldogs often need a lot of care when it comes to grooming and diet in order to manage these skin conditions and allergies.

How much does a red french bulldog cost?

If you are looking to purchase a red french bulldog then you could be lucky and only pay between $2,000 and $4,000.

The lower price point of a red french bulldog is because they are considered to be a part of the fawn color variation which makes them a little more common than some other color variations.

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