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“How much does a Samoyed cost?” This is a very good question – one that every potential Sammy parent must ask before buying or adopting one.

With their luxurious fluffy white coats and cute smile on their faces, it is easy to see why the Samoyed is such an in-demand breed. At the same time, it is important to understand that getting a Smiling Sammy (the breed’s popular nickname) is a HUGE responsibility – one that you should not take lightly. Not only are these dogs very intelligent and need firm handling and training, but they could also be fairly expensive to buy and raise.

Before getting your Sammy pup home, it is important to take the time to determine whether you can afford the costs of ownership of this breed. 

The average lifetime cost of a Samoyed is $46,415.43. (We will tell you exactly how we arrived at this figure).

We will also talk about the first-year costs (which are USD$5,610.42 on average and USD$3,810.42 in the years following). Of course, the exact price will depend on your location and lifestyle, and you may not require all costs outlined below.

To summarize: this guide will give you a wealth of information about how much a Samoyed actually costs to raise. The more you learn about it in-depth, the better equipped you will be to decide whether a Samoyed is the right dog for you.

If you have decided to go ahead and buy or adopt a Samoyed, then the guide will equip you with all the information you need to get started so you can become the best Sammy parent you can be.

So, if you are prepared to be a Sammy parent, simply start reading about Samoyed Puppy Price, the cost of supplies your pet will need, how much it costs to train your Sammy, dog food costs, medical costs, additional costs, and more!

Samoyed Puppy Price

Samoyeds are often considered one of the most expensive dog breeds although, by purebred standards, this is to be expected.

On average, you can expect to pay USD 1800.00 for a Samoyed puppy under the age of six months. However, the average cost can range from $1500.00 to USD$6000.00; puppies with documents proving the dog’s bloodline of competition winners will take you to the higher end of this price range. 

Puppy prices will also depend on who you buy your new Samoyed puppy from e.g. dog breeders certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC). You can also adopt your puppy from rescue organizations dedicated to the breed. These will be a lot cheaper but, on the downside, they may not have pure bloodlines and you may also not get appropriate paperwork and Kennel Club registration. Sometimes, rescue organizations do carry purebred Samoyeds but if they’re giving you a puppy that is on the cheaper side, then you know it isn’t pedigree (which means that its lineage isn’t known)

To find a purebred Samoyed, it is best to go through the AKC, as they have stringent breeding guidelines to ensure Samoyed puppies are raised to be healthy and to go to good homes. Take the time to make sure you’re dealing with reputable breeders.

How much does a Samoyed puppy cost on average?
Minimum price$1500.00
Maximum price$6000.00
Price bracket$1500.00-$6000.00
Price average$1800.00

Factors Affecting Samoyed Cost

When you begin shopping for your Samoyed, you will find a huge variation in costs. Sometimes, these variations could run into thousands of dollars. Understand that these differences are there due to a reason.

Below are the main factors that affect the average cost of Samoyed puppies:


Most buyers want a puppy aged between eight and twelve weeks; dog breeders generally reduce the price once Samoyeds surpass this age bracket. If you’re looking to save costs at this stage, buying an older puppy can be a good solution. Samoyed rescues at your local shelter will cost between USD$50.00 and USD$500.00—including adoption fees.


White is the color most often seen in Samoyeds, and because of this, is the most affordable. Some Samoyed dogs have coats in biscuits, biscuits and cream, and cream. If you come across a black Samoyed puppy, proceed with caution. Black is not a known color and you may not be dealing with a reputable breeder. Many potential Sammy parents also prefer cream or biscuit colored puppies since they are easier to clean compared to pure-white Sammies.

Breeder’s location

A breeder will also pass on her/his costs of house rent, vet bills, etc. to the buyer. Naturally, breeders in expensive cities like NYC, Los Angeles, etc. are more likely to charge more for their Samoyed puppies than those in locations like Montana.

AKC registration

 In some cases, the breeder will register the litter with the AKC—a process that can cost a lot of time and money. The price reflects this. If you won’t be breeding your dog, you won’t need an AKC-registered Samoyed.

Bottom line: a young, AKC-certified, cream-colored Sammy puppy from a breeder in Southern California will cost more than a puppy that does not check these boxes.

SellersCostTo buy/not buy – precautions to take
Sites like Craig’s List – where individual sellers advertise their Sammy pups or for rehoming an adult dog. From $750.00 plus shipping and delivery. Purebred Samoyeds are expensive so anything below $2000 could mean that the puppy may not have papers or could have health issues.Generally not recommended. If you must, please research the seller well. Ensure that they are willing to answer all your questions. Also, if they sell Sammies often, then make sure that they are ethical breeders having at least a website and Facebook page.
Ethical, reputed Breeders with an AKC registration.From $2,500.00These are the best to buy a purebred Samoyed from.
Pet shops. From $1,500.00Not recommended. These pups could be from puppy mills/hobby breeders/backyard breeders. Smart buyers will tread with caution here. Whether it is a small store or a large chain of pet stores, it is best to avoid buying your Sammy from them.
Puppy millsFrom $650 We advise against buying your Sammy from a puppy mill since puppies born here could have temperamental issues. The mills also breed dogs unethically which is why many dogs end up with congenital health issues too.
Hobby breeders and backyard breeders.From $850Do not buy your Sammy from here. These too are after making profits
Adopting your Sammy from animal rescue or shelter homes From $300 (this price helps shelters to cover the expenses incurred by them before adoption. Many shelters are tied up with veterinary centers, so these doctors charge you less on initial vaccinations, spaying/neutering, etc.)Definitely recommended!

Samoyed Cost of Supplies

Just like other dog breeds, the cost of supplies for a Samoyed is greatest in the first year. Essential supplies will add up to USD$110.00 a year on average, with extra costs amounting to an additional USD$225.00. 

The cost of supplies for a Samoyed can vary depending upon your style of pet parenting. For example, if you are worried about your dog escaping from the yard, you might have to fence it and that can be well worth over $1000.

If you are on a tight budget, you could only spend on some basic dog supplies like food and water bowls, bed, leashes, harnesses, and collars. Beyond that, all other supplies can be considered a luxury. Basic food and water bowls won’t cost over $10 each. A good leash or harness can cost around $40, and a sturdy dog bed starts from $50.

If you decide to crate train your Sammy, then you’d need to invest in a sturdy crate. You can always purchase these second-hand to save money. A brand new crate for a Samoyed puppy can cost around $250-$400. You’d also need a car seat belt and a puppy carrier.

Also, you’d want to keep your intelligent Samoyed puppy busy, so do invest in some toys. Basic dog toys like rope toys, chew toys, etc. start from around $10. During your puppy’s teething phase, you will need to invest in teething toys, rings, etc.

Here are the main yearly costs you can expect for a Samoyed.

Food and water bowls$10.00
First aid kit$20.00
Dog waste bags$10.00
ExtrasAbsorbent house-training pads$20.00
Brush or comb$10.00
Nail clippers$10.00
Canine toothbrush$5.00
Car dog seat belt$10.00
Dog guard$50.00

Samoyed Training Costs

Naturally, the Samoyed dog is man’s best friend and enjoys spending time with its owner—even when it comes to training and commands. In fact, Samoyeds are known to perform well in dog sports such as sledding, agility, and obedience trials.

But don’t be mistaken: Samoyed owners may struggle early on with training as they are quite intelligent and wilful. While YouTube tutorials are the cheapest option, group dog training classes are an affordable solution if home training tests your patience. It can also be an important early opportunity for your puppy to socialize. 

Minimum Samoyed training costs are USD$300.00, maxing out at USD$800.00.

Different Types of Samoyed Training Options and Costs

Group training (cost per class)$20.00
Private obedience school (cost per session)$45.00
Dog boot camp (cost per day)$45.00
Minimum online training program price$99.00
YouTube videos$0.00
Minimum puppy basic training cost (total)$300.00
Maximum puppy basic training cost (total)$800.00

Samoyed Dog Food Costs

Despite being an incredibly active breed of dog, feeding a Samoyed doesn’t cost as much as you’d expect. As a medium-sized dog, Samoyed dog food costs are pretty standard compared to that of other breeds. 

Especially in their younger years, Samoyed puppies require a calorie-dense diet to help them maintain high energy and form strong bones—as osteosarcoma (bone cancer) can occur in the older adult Samoyed. 

With a healthy diet, an adult Samoyed grows up to 2 feet in height and 50 pounds in weight. 

A growing Samoyed puppy (about 4-12 months old) needs about 1233 calories per day. Similarly, an adult/fully-grown Samoyed weighing about 60 lb. will need about 1500 calories per day. If you spay or neuter your dog, then you can reduce this amount.

Based on this, feed your Sammy puppy 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality puppy food divided into 2-3 meals per day.

Similarly, feed your adult Sammy 2 ½ cups of high-quality adult dog food divided into 2 meals per day.

Based on this, an adult Sammy will need an average of 25 lb. of dry dog food per month.

This means that the average food cost per year for the Samoyed eating dry dog food can run into $2,100.42. Monthly, this works out to be $175.03. 

Canned food is way more expensive than dry dog food. A 60 lb. Sammy will need at least 3 cans of canned food per day. A 12-case canned food crate can cost around $8 per day. Per month this will be $250 and per year, $3000!

Here is a table for quick reference about different food costs.

ItemMonthly quantity for an average-sized adult samoyedCost per month 
Premium dry food 25.16$43.53
Premium wet food 80.52$139.30
Freeze-dried food75.49$130.59
Frozen food 45.75$228.75
Raw food 45.75$183
Dog treats30-60 treats per month$30

Samoyed Dog Food Comparison

There are a number of dog food options on the market for your Sammy. When selecting high-quality food for Samoyed, it is best to consult your vet. Your dog will have different dietary needs based on its age, activity, and overall health profile.

In general, a healthy Samoyed adult needs high-protein dog food. Adult dogs also need probiotics for healthy digestion and immunity as well as omega essential fatty acids to maintain that gorgeous coat. They also need fiber and healthy fats.

A growing Sammy puppy needs calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth. It will also need DHA to support healthy brain function as it trains and explores the world..

Here are various brands of dog foods that are great for Samoyed breed along with the price.

BrandBenefitsPrice per LB
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural AdultVet recommended, high-quality, natural dog food$1.73
Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & StomachIdeal for dogs with food sensitivity or food allergy$1.75
Taste of the WildHigh protein food that is also grain and gluten-free$1.86
Rachael Ray NutrishNatural pet food with proteins and added vitamins for healthy joints, skin, and coat$0.96
Hill’s Science DietVet-recommended food which is suitable for dogs with skin/digestive issues$2.17

Samoyed Medical Costs

It comes with owning any pet—our furry friends may experience health issues, as well as requiring preventative care and vaccines. Either way, regular vet check-ins are important for our animals depending on their age and general wellbeing. Samoyeds are vulnerable to health conditions like corneal dystrophy and autoimmune conditions and these can cause healthcare bills in the order of $4000!

 Here are the Samoyed medical costs you should budget for, based on averages sourced by our data analysis team.

Vet Costs for Samoyed Adult Dog

Average Veterinary Price for Common Ailments


Average cost annually

Flea and tick prevention $40 to $200 
Neutering$50 to $100
Dental cleaning$50 to $300
Routine checkups$45- $ 55
Allergy tests$195 to $300 fora  skin test and $80-$200 for a blood test
Ear infection$40 to $150
Diarrhea/stomach upset$100 to $300

Complex and Emergency Care Costs – Average


Average Cost 

Eye issues$319
Dental disease$519
Heart ailments$1140

Courtesy Care Credit

The average vet budget per year for a Samoyed is $1,300.00; working out to $16,900 over the course of your pet’s life. Please keep in mind that this figure is determined based on averages, and the cost of living may differ depending on location.

Vet Cost for a Samoyed Puppy

First-year vet costs for a Samoyed include routine vaccinations for certain illnesses, with some continuing regularly. 

This can vary depending on where you live as routine vet exam fees vary from state to state. Also, we are assuming here that you only bring in your puppy for routine exams. There are always emergency visits to account for as well. In fact; many pet parents either buy pet insurance or save money aside to cover unexpected emergency bills.

Samoyed pups are very vulnerable to health issues in their formative years. That is why they need vaccinations against many canine diseases.

Here are the common vaccines you can expect in your puppy’s first year—which amounts to USD$300.00 in the first year.

Recommended Age of puppyTypeCost
7 months +Heartworm test$35.00
7 months+Heartworm prevention$35.00
8 weeks+Flea and tick prevention$55.00
16 to 18 weeks, booster at 12-16 months, and repeat as per state lawRabies – core vaccine$15.00
6-8 weeks and booster as recommended by your vetBordetella bronchiseptica – non-core vaccine$25.00
6-8 weeks and boosters as recommended by your vetCanine parvovirus – core vaccine
Distemper – core vaccine
Canine hepatitis – core vaccine
9-12 weeks to be repeated 2 to 4 weeks laterBorrelia burgdorferi – non-core vaccine$25.00
10-12 weeks to be repeated once every 4 weeks until the puppy is 1  year oldLeptospira bacteria – non-core vaccine$50.00
Preferably before 1 year or between 4 and 9 monthsNeutering$200.00

Common Health Issues for Samoyed

Because they are purebred dogs, Samoyeds are generally healthy but are more susceptible to genetic health problems such as eye issues, diabetes, and hip dysplasia. Buying from a reputable Samoyed breeder can reduce these risks. The yearly cost of a Samoyed can grow as they grow older: cancers are common for an older adult dog.

Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy or SHG

This is common in male sammies and often starts at the age of 3 months. It can progress to renal failure. Dogs having SHG often do not survive beyond 15 months.

Eye issues

The Sammy’s soulful eyes are prone to problems like Glaucoma. It is a painful condition that can lead to permanent blindness. Unfortunately, it is not preventable and is a genetic disease. Another eye issue in Sammies is PRA or progressive retinal atrophy.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a painful abnormality of the hip joint. It is also a genetic disease that can be prevented by not breeding Sammies that have the condition. If you buy your Samoyed from a reputable breeder, you can avoid this condition in your pet.

Hereditary Nephritis/Alport Syndrome

This is an inherited kidney disease that can result in kidney failure. Thankfully, there is a test available for this and your breeder might provide you with a report if you ask them.

Samoyed Pet Insurance

Should you or should you not buy pet insurance?

It is estimated that every 6 seconds, a pet parent is charged a vet bill of $1000 or more. Statistics also show that nearly 1 out of 3 pets in the USA need emergency treatment each year. A good insurance plan can pay almost 90% of these bills.

On average, Samoyed dog owners can expect to pay $25.00 for pet insurance monthly. Owning a Samoyed can cost you more in insurance than mixed dog breeds because purebreds are more likely to have genetic conditions like hip dysplasia which can be expensive to treat. 

Over the course of your pet’s lifetime, insurance is likely to cost USD$3900.00 on average. 

How to select the right one?

Finding the right insurance for your Sammy can be overwhelming. Many pet insurances cover accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, as well as genetic or hereditary health issues like the ones mentioned above. 

You can even get cancer coverage, hospitalization cover, emergency treatment coverage, lab and tests cover, blood tests, imaging, etc. Some plans even cover alternative remedies, behavioral therapy/training, and comprehensive dental coverage at no extra cost.

But it is very important to shop around for a good plan having such comprehensive coverage. If needed, speak to other Sammies’ parents or your vet prior to shopping for your insurance.

 Below, we break down the most popular pet insurance companies. 

Pet Insurance CompanyMonthly Cost
Pets Best$35.00
Prudent Pet$22.00

Additional Costs

Here are the additional costs that potential pet owners should account for. 

Grooming a Samoyed

According to the American Kennel Association, “the breed standard notes that the coat should “glisten with a silver sheen.” Samoyeds are “Teflon” dogs; the dirt doesn’t stick to their fluffy coats. Cleaning a muddy or dirty Samoyed generally involves a rinse and dry. You must also groom and brush your dog regularly to remove the shed hair and eliminate parasites, debris, etc. stuck in it.

A question many Sammies’ parents ask is ‘do Sammies shed and are they hypoallergenic?’, Samoyeds do shed -and yes, they are hypoallergenic too. If you have allergies, spend some time around a Samoyed before you invest in one. They shed their coats twice a year and need grooming every two months—in total, grooming costs $160.00 per year. A forced-air dryer can help you with day-to-day cleanliness. 


In some states and cities, you will need to apply for a dog license. The cost of a dog license will depend on your city and state. It’s a good idea to check whether this is required for your location and apply through the relevant body. On average, dog license is between $10 and $20 annually.


A microchip can ensure your Samoyed’s safety and wellness. While voluntary, most veterinary clinics will recommend this procedure in the first year of your dog’s life. On average, microchipping will cost $45.00.

Dog walking 

Samoyeds have a lot of energy. So if you’re planning on buying the Samoyed breed, just make sure you’ve got the time to walk or play with them for at least two hours of exercise every day. The Samoyed breed is known for accompanying Arctic explorers and is a high-energy dog to own. Alternatively, you could hire a dog walker to take your Samoyed on longer walks. On average, a dog walker will cost $30.00-$50.00 per hour.

Dog sitting

On average, dog sitting costs between $35.00 and $75.00 per night. Samoyeds don’t do well alone for extended periods and are known to anxiously develop into nuisance barkers, so it’s a good idea to invest in dog sitting if you’re planning a holiday. This friendly and affectionate companion will get along with anyone, but just make sure your dog sitter doesn’t have allergies; Samoyeds shed twice a year! 


The cost of traveling will depend on the size and weight of your Samoyed and generally varies from company to company. It is advisable to check whether your desired airline does allow dogs, as some do not. The average cost of a plane ticket for a Samoyed is $200.00 to $400.00.

What type of home do Sammies need?

Samoyeds are very active dogs, they are better suited to larger homes, or homes with a garden. If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to take your Samoyed on two long walks each day, to ensure they get the exercise they require. If you have a garden, make sure the area is secure: Samoyeds are skilled escape artists. 

Furniture damages and home insurance

Restless Samoyeds are known for chewing and damaging items in the home. For that reason, you may want to take out home insurance for furniture damages. Speak to your home insurance provider to find out how pet ownership may affect your policy.

Rental extra fees

If you’re renting, it’s important that you check whether your lease is pet-friendly. Some places may request that you pay a “pet bond” to cover additional damages, as well as funding any future damages.

Samoyed Costs Summary

First-Year Costs

In the first year of owning a Samoyed pup, costs will amount to approximately $5,610.42. This includes the upfront cost of the young puppy, as well as medical costs, food for one year, essential costs, and training costs. 

You will also buy several dog supplies like beds, bowls for food and water, training crates, dog seat belts, and collars/harnesses, etc. While some of these supplies can last longer, you might have to buy them again as your pet grows – especially collars, beds, etc.

Also, in your puppy’s first year, the main cost will be vet bills and vaccinations. You might also get your pet spayed or neutered during this time. Unfortunately, It can be tricky to estimate the exact amount you will spend on vet bills because the prices vary from vet to vet and city to city. However, you may want to set aside several hundred dollars just for veterinary bills.

It is important to enroll your dog in some obedience classes or have a few sessions of one-on-one dog training in the first year. This is very important to prevent behavioral issues. Dog training costs vary from city to city and trainer to trainer. Group classes are cheaper than private ones and you can also train your dog at home by following some free online dog training tutorials.

Yearly Costs

Following the first year, average costs will be USD$3,810.42 from then on. This accounts for medical costs, food for one year, essential supplies, and training costs.

Sammies are medium-sized dogs and they have significant food needs. It is best to select higher-quality food and not cut costs by feeding your pet cheaper or lower-quality food. This could lead to a host of health issues and you’d only spend more on vet bills. Instead, select a high-quality diet and always consult your vet when making any dietary changes.

Some Sammies have specific dietary needs and might even need prescription food. These tend to be even more expensive. You might also get your pet groomed two to three times in the year to help maintain that gorgeous fluffy coat. Grooming can cost about $50 on average and this may not always include the groomer’s tips.

Monthly Costs

The monthly cost for your furry companion will be, on average, $317.53. Most of this will be spent on food and treats and vet visits if any. You might also buy toys etc. to keep your pet busy. Monthly flea and tick prevention can also be a significant expenditure. Some Sammies also need vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent health issues. 

Lifetime Costs

Based on the above, the lifetime cost of raising a Samoyed dog is about $46,415.43. If you are budget-minded you could significantly lower these costs to about $20,000. But these figures can change significantly depending on your lifestyle and the area you live in.

It’s important to account for the cost of owning dogs — it ensures that both you and your dog will have a happy and healthy life together. For the dog lover, a Samoyed is a fantastic choice, granted you are able to fund the upfront and lifetime costs associated with the breed. 

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