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Tempted by the sweet smile of a super fluffy Sheepadoodle? Read on to find out more about the costs involved in keeping this gorgeous pup over its entire lifetime!

What is a sheepadoodle?

Their name might be a little funny sounding but the sheepadoodle is actually the outcome of when you cross an Old English Sheepdog with a Poodle hence the name sheepadoodle. The sheepadoodle grows pretty large with them weighing around 85 lbs once fully grown and covered in a ton of snuggly fur that can come in black, white, or bicolor.

The sheepadoodle is known for its love of playtime and high energy levels but also for its wonderful nature and high intelligence levels. Sheepadoodles make a great addition to any family because of their kind nature and their love of playtime. If you are looking for a dog who loves to play and has the intelligence level for some pretty intense mental exercises then the sheepadoodle might be for you!

Annual Costs for a Sheepadoodle

We have all felt the squeeze with the rising cost of living worldwide but how has that affected the cost of annual dog ownership? The sheepadoodle is a large, high-energy breed so you want to be investing in high-quality dog food to keep them happy and healthy. The average annual cost of dog food for a large breed like the sheepadoodle is between $2,000 and $2,500.

Luckily, the sheepadoodle is a pretty healthy breed of dog so you might be lucky enough to get away with basic flea and tick prevention along with an annual vet visit for routine vaccinations. The average cost of flea and tick prevention for a dog like a sheepadoodle is between $100 and $200 depending on which state you are living in. There is also a little wiggle room with price depending on the brand of treatment you choose to purchase. The cost of an annual vet visit for a healthy sheepadoodle would be around $100.

Of course, if you walk your dog on public property you’ll be needing to purchase a whole lot of poop bags. The amount of poop bags you need will be quite a few for a large breed like the sheepadoodle so you would be looking at spending around $100 per year on poop bags.

To keep a dog like the sheepadoodle happy you’ll need to buy a few treats and toys to keep them mentally and physically engaged. The average treat cost for sheepadoodle owners can be between $60 and $150 but it can go much higher if you enjoy treating your dog to an extra gourmet snack every now and then! The annual toy cost for sheepadoodle owners is between $10 and $300! Like with the annual cost for treats for your sheepadoodle, the toy cost can be much higher if you enjoy purchasing more fun toys for your dog!

You may choose to groom your sheepadoodle at home but if you go to a doggy salon then it can cost from $20 per time. Pet insurance is another optional expense that can cost a large dog owner between $300 and $700 per year depending on the cover you choose for your sheepadoodle.

If you invest in dog training sessions for your sheepadoodle that can be at least $40 per session and if you need a dog walker that can start at $15 per walk! The cost of extra activities for your sheepadoodle can quickly add up!

First-Year Cost for a Sheepadoodle

The first year of sheepadoodle puppy ownership can be an exciting one full of adventures and cuddles but also quite a few costs.

The average cost of veterinary treatment for a sheepadoodle in the first year of life is around $400.

The first-year cost of a sheepadoodle puppy’s food is around $2,000 and the cost of treats can be an additional cost on top of that. Then your sheepadoodle may require training which can cost around $400 for a puppy school that will help teach your sheepadoodle the basic commands.

The average cost of looking after a sheepadoodle puppy in the first year of its life is around $3,500 including all the flea and worming treatments, toys, food, treats, vet visits, and training classes.

Sheepadoodle Lifetime Cost

It is estimated that the lifetime cost of a sheepadoodle who lives until they are ten years old is $25,000 just on the compulsory vet visits, average quality dog food, a few treats and toys, a couple of extra emergency vet visits, and the occasional grooming or training session. This cost can vary a lot depending on what you choose to purchase for your sheepadoodle and what state you live in.

Sheepadoodle Puppy Price

Still interested in adding one of these gorgeous dogs to your family? The good news is that the cost of a sheepadoodle puppy is not as much as some other breeds and there are quite a few breeders across America that are breeding high-quality sheepadoodle puppies. The cost of a sheepadoodle puppy can be between $1,000 and $3,000 with around $1,500 being the average cost.

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