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Spinone Italiano breed was first bred in the 1200s for the purpose of pointing and retrieving. This relatively rare dog breed is highly affectionate and playful and makes a wonderful companion dog.

In this guide, we will study the price of a Spinone Italiano puppy and also the annual and lifetime costs of raising one.

How Much Does a Spinone Italiano Cost?

In Europe, the Spinone dog costs between €500 and €800. In the United States, reputed breeders of this rare dog breed charge almost $1200-$2000 per puppy.

The first-year cost of raising this medium-to-large dog breed comes to $3500 to $5500 (may or may not include the puppy’s buying price or adoption cost) and almost $2244 per year after the first year.

The lifetime cost of owning an Italian Spinone dog can be over $30,000.

How Much Is an Italian Spinone Puppy?

Our team analyzed several ads to find the exact price of a Spinone Italiano dog in the USA.

  • The minimum price we found for a purebred Italian Spinone puppy from a reputed breeder was around $1200 while the maximum price was $2000.
  • The national average cost of the Italian Spinone was $1500.
  • The price of adopting was a lot less – $300 to cover the cost incurred by the shelter.


Price of Equipment for Italian Spinone Dogs

Among the initial costs that come with dog ownership, you must consider the cost of some basic equipment. These items typically include:

  • An appropriately sized collar and leash – $10-$40
  • Fold and carry crate – $50-$100
  • Bed – from $20 
  • Bathing supplies and accessories – from $20
  • Other grooming tools and accessories- $20-$50
  • Baby gates – $30
  • Set of washable bowls – from $8 per bowl
  • Food mats to contain messes- $10
  • Chew toys and kong toys – $25


Medical Costs for Spinone Italiano

Healthcare, whether for humans or pets, has become rather expensive. You can expect to pay the following amounts for your Spinone Italiano dog over its lifetime:

  • Vet visits (routine or sickness) – $45 to $100 per visit
  • Spay/neuter – $100 to $500 – spaying costs more than neutering
  • Anal gland expression – $25-$50
  • Parasite testing – $30-$60
  • Vaccination costs – DHLPP vaccine – $30, DAPP vaccine – $30, rabies every 1-3 years $25, Bordetella – $22-$30. This brings the cost of vaccinations alone to over $150 to $250 per year.
  • Preventive medicines for worms and external parasites – $300 per year
  • Dental cleaning – $300
  • Diagnostic tests – on average $150
  • Surgery or emergency hospitalization – $1000 to $4000
  • Cancer treatment – more than $2000

Spinone Italianos are usually healthy dogs when purchased from good breeders who test their breeding stock before mating. Still, from time to time, conditions like canine hip dysplasia and bloat are seen in these dogs. These can cost thousands of dollars to treat.

Pet insurance is one way of covering these medical costs. Several factors will decide your pet insurance premium. On average, you can expect to pay between $30-$50 per month to insure your Spinone.

Dog Training Cost for Spinone Italiano

Different types of dog training can cost differently. Also, the amount depends on the city you live in.

  • Most trainers charge $140 an hour for basic training
  • On average, individual training can cost almost $2000 to completely train a dog
  • Group training is a lot cheaper – about $200 but you might need several sessions for seeing results.
  • Stay and train is a great way of training your Italian Spinone dog. It costs around $4000 or about $1000 a week.

Dog Food Costs – How Much does it Cost to Feed a Spinone Italiano?

An average Spinone Italiano measures between 22-28 inches and weighs around 74 lb. Most Italian Spinone adult dogs will eat almost 56 lb of food a month. Based on this, you can have different monthly and annual costs:

  • If you choose to feed a cheaper dog food that costs around $1.75 per lb., then the monthly cost can come to about $100.
  • On the other hand, medium-price range dog food of $3 per pound will cost $168 per month and $2000 per year.
  • You can also opt for premium food costing more than $4 a pound. This can cost around $350 a month and over $4200 a year.
  • Dog treats can cost almost $50 to $75 a year for this medium to large breed dog.


Miscellaneous Costs of Owning a Spinone Italiano

Here are some other costs to factor in when you own a dog:

  • Pet license and microchipping – Pet license can cost between $20-$100 and microchipping can cost almost $45.
  • Dog boarding – this can cost between $40-$280 per travel, depending on how long you board your pet and also the city you live in.
  • Apartment pet deposits – for dog parents who rent their homes, an additional pet deposit of $200 may be necessary. This varies from state to state.
  • Grooming – You can save money by grooming your shaggy-haired Italian Spinone at home. If you opt to get it professionally groomed, then the price can come to $20-$150 a year.
  • Dog enrichment – depending on your lifestyle, you can choose day boarding for your Italian Spinone dog. This can cost nearly $10 a day but can be a huge expense if you consider the monthly or annual rate. Dog walking is another major expense. Many dog walkers charge nearly $20 per walk. If your Spinone suffers from separation anxiety, anxiety remedies can cost $10-$500 if you choose to get therapy for managing your pet’s anxiety symptoms.

Summary of Costs – How Much is a Spinone Italiano

Bringing home an Italian Spinone dog can be a life-altering decision – one that must not be entered into lightly. After all; there are several costs you need to consider and these go beyond the puppy price and adoption costs.

On average, a purebred Spinone Italiano puppy from a reputable breeder can cost almost $1200 to $2000. Some show-quality dogs can cost even more. The price of raising this dog, in the first year could come to $3500 to $5500 since you would spend on vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other routine costs.

After the first year, most Spinone parents can expect to spend almost $2500 per year (considering that you feed budget-priced food). This cost can increase to more than $4000 if you opt for medium to high-range food. 

The lifetime cost of keeping a Spinone Italiano can easily go over $30,000 since these dogs live for nearly 12 years.

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