Thai Ridgeback Price – How Much Does a Thai Ridgeback Cost?




Thai Ridgebacks are relatively rare in the US and Europe but their popularity is on the rise.

If you are looking to add this wonderful pet to your family pack, but are wondering how much it costs, then we have the answer for you.

This guide discusses the Thai Ridgeback puppy price, cost of food, medical costs, training costs, and all other aspects of setting a budget for a Thai Ridgeback.

Thai Ridgeback Price – How Much is a Ridgeback Dog?

Thai Ridgeback puppies from a reputable breeder could cost between $1600-$2000.

The first-year cost of raising this exotic dog could come to nearly $4218.

After the first year, the cost of keeping a Ridgeback comes to $2109.

Since Thai Ridgebacks live for 12 years, the lifetime cost of keeping a Thai Ridgeback can be nearly $24,262.

How Much Do Thai Ridgeback Puppies Cost in the USA?

Our team analyzed nearly 50 ads to find the price of Thai Ridgeback puppies. Here’s what we found:

  • The minimum price of a Thai Ridgeback puppy was $1600 while the maximum price was almost $2000.
  • Some show-quality puppies cost almost $3500-$5000.
  • The expense of adopting a rescued Thai Ridgeback was around $300 and it covered the deworming and initial vaccinations.

The Cost of Basic Equipment for Thai Ridgeback

Before you bring your Thai Ridgeback home, you’d want to make your home comfortable for it. It is important to keep some things ready for your pet. These include the following items:

  • Crates – You need at least 2 crates – one for the home, and another for the car. Expect to pay at least $200 for the crates.
  • Puppy-proof your home by fencing the yard and enclosing the swimming pool. You also need some baby gates to keep your pet from entering some parts of the house. You could spend around $50-$100.
  • Collars and leashes– These start from $10 to $50
  • Rawhide toys and treats – $20 to $50
  • Outdoor toys and dental chews – $10 to $40
  • Training tools -poop bags, pee pads, urine spray, etc. $10-$40
  • Basic grooming supplies – shampoo, comb or brush, etc – $10-$75

Based on these costs, you can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for essential equipment. However, this will mostly be a one-time cost.

How Much Are Vet Costs for Thai Ridgebacks?

Your Thai Ridgeback puppy will need several vaccinations to prevent canine diseases. Your vet can administer these vaccines or you can get them at the pet store. If you can learn how to administer vaccinations, that can help you save some money. Most vets charge between $45 and $200 for vaccinations per year. Pet stores and low-cost clinics charge a lot less.

In addition to vaccinations, your Thai Ridgeback will need to be spayed or neutered before 12 months of age or as advised by the vet. Spaying surgery costs nearly $500 and neutering costs around $200.

You also need to take your pet to the vet for routine checks. Most vets charge between $40 and $65 per visit. Your puppy will need at least two such visits per year.

Blood work, dental cleaning, X-rays, fecal test, etc. can cost almost $100 each. 

You must also protect your Thai Ridgeback from fleas and ticks as well as internal parasites or worms. Flea-tick prevention can cost nearly $200 per year. Deworming can cost between $8-$55 per dose.

Here is a table showing all these costs:

Vaccinations$45-$100 a year
NeuteringAround $200
Flea-tick prevention $200 per year
Deworming$8-$55 per dose.
Dental cleaning$100-$300


Thai Ridgebacks often develop health issues like dermoid sinus cysts. This can cost $500-$750 for removal. Many Ridgebacks develop joint issues in old age. To cover the cost of hospitalizations and routine vet checkups, you can consider purchasing pet insurance. This can cost between $30-$75 a month depending on the coverage.

Dog Training Costs – How Much Does it Cost to Train Your Thai Ridgeback?

Thai Ridgebacks can have a stubborn streak and need early obedience training. Here is a cost break-up for different training types:

Private trainingAverage $75 per session
Minimum cost of private dog training Is around $30
The max. cost of private dog training$120
Stay and board$550-$1250 per week
Group training Average $40
Training at home using videos/books$0-$50


How Much Does it Cost to Feed a Thai Ridgeback?

An adult Thai Ridgeback needs around 42 lb. of food per week. Based on this, you have different cost ranges:

  • Budget dog food costs around $1.75 a pound. Therefore, you might spend around $75 on food per month.
  • Medium-range dog food can cost around $3 per pound. Therefore, you could spend around $125 per month.
  • Special or premium dog food can cost around $4.8 per pound. This means you’d spend around $264 per month.
  • Dog treats for Thai Ridgeback can cost between $15 and $50 a month.

Miscellaneous Costs of Owning a Thai Ridgeback

In addition to food, training, and veterinary costs, you could also incur some other costs when you own a Ridgeback:

  • Grooming – Thankfully, this breed does not need too much grooming. You can opt to groom your pet at home and save money. However, should you choose professional grooming, you could spend almost $30 to $50 per session.
  • Microchipping and license renewal- Microchipping costs between $25-$45. License renewal costs around $15 per year.
  • Replacement equipment – $40-to $60 a year
  • Landlord fees – $200 as pet deposits in most states.
  • Travel – Hiring a pet sitter can cost $45 to $60 an hour. Boarding your Ridgeback at a shelter can cost $30-$50 per night.
  • Dog walker – Most dog walkers charge between $10-$30 per 30-minute walk.

Summary – How Much Is a Thai Ridgeback? 

Thai Ridgeback puppies from reputed breeders can cost between $1600-$2000. The first-year cost of raising one is around $4200 and the annual cost after the first year is $2100.

The annual cost of keeping a Thai Ridgeback can be $24,262. These costs are approximate and can vary greatly based on your location and also your lifestyle.

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