The Best Budget Dog Cameras

Ever wondered what your furry friends get up to when you’re away from home? With a dog camera, you can do just that!

Dog cameras are a great way to see what your dogs are up to, making sure they don’t get into trouble and catching who’s making all that mess while you’re away.

Many dog cameras offer two-way audio, great resolution, and a wide camera view so you can keep watch throughout a whole room. And the best part? They don’t have to be expensive. 

When it comes to finding a dog camera, think about the different features you’d need for your dog. What angles do you need? Do you want a zoom option? Do you want a treat dispenser? 

With these questions in mind, here are the best budget dog cameras when it comes to value for money. 

1 – Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera: $40

The Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera works with a WiFi connection to provide you with alerts, movement updates, and two-way audio so you can talk to your furry friend. It has a 1080p HD Livestream video and a 110-degree view with options to zoom up to eight times for larger rooms. 

The camera has built-in two-way audio so you can interact with your dog when outside the home. It also has a built-in vet chat, where you can ask an app about any behavior you’ve seen to better understand your dog. If you want to watch your dog in several rooms, you can create a Petcube account and link several cameras. 

The only downside is that you need a subscription to fast-forward and rewind recordings. 

2 – Blink Mini Smart Security Camera: $40

If you’re looking for a small but powerful budget dog camera then the Blink Mini is for you. This plug-in security camera uses motion detection and two-way audio to monitor your furry friends no matter where you are. You can tell them off for being in places they shouldn’t be (the sofa) or keep them company during your breaks so they always feel safe and secure. 

The Blink Mini can connect to your smartphone to give you alerts every time a movement is detected, and you can customize detection zones to prevent constant notifications. When buying the Blink Mini, you can get a  30-day free trial of the Blink Subscription Plan, which lets you store footage on the cloud. Alternatively, you can buy a USB flash drive to store videos. 

3 – Neos Smartcam: $30

Neos Smartcam is by far the most affordable budget dog camera on the market and has many of the great features offered by more expensive options. 

It has a two-way talk option so you can hear your dog barking at the postman and give commands to make them stop. It also has a noise detection feature that notifies you if the sound reaches a certain level. 

The camera has built-in motion sensors, which record for twelve seconds every time a motion is detected. Unlike other options in this list, all recordings are saved online and are completely free. This means you can check on any naughty behavior and show your friends funny videos of what your dog gets up to. 

If you’re away at night, the 1080p, 110-degree camera also has night vision so that you can keep an eye on your dogs in the dark. 

Budget Dog Cameras: A Great Way To Watch Your Dog When Away

These budget dog cameras prove that you don’t need to overspend for peace of mind. For less than $50 you can keep an eye on your dog throughout the day, keeping them out of trouble and surprising them with your voice to catch them unexpectedly.

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