The Best Budget Dog Fences

A dog fence is a great way to give yourself peace of mind. It prevents naughty little pups from wandering away and keeps your dog in one place.

Unfortunately, not all homes have fences, which means you’ll need to add one yourself to keep your pups occupied. But don’t worry; dog fences don’t need to be expensive. 

Online you can find a range of portable puppy playpens, easy-to-move fencing, and permanent in-ground systems, which makes finding the right option easy, but a little overwhelming.

To help you find the right dog fence, we’ve listed the best budget dog fences in the market. Here are 4 fences to kick-start your search. 

1 – Zippity Outdoors White No Dig Vinyl Fence Panel

If you want a dog fence without a metal aesthetic that builds on the overall look of your home, then this first option is for you. The Zippity Outdoors fence is designed using weather-resistant vinyl materials that look like a traditional picket fence and withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Installation is easy, with no digging required, so you can move the fence without hassle if you move. The fence itself is 3 feet high, and small 2.25-inch spaces between each picket, preventing both small and large dogs from escaping. It’s strong and sturdy, making it easy to keep your dogs in one place. The price is $68, which makes it a budget-friendly option compared to many market alternatives. 

2 – Red Brand Welded Wire Silver Steel Fencing

Although not as aesthetically pleasing as option one, Red Brand is the best option for budget dog fences if you’re solely focusing on price. It’s designed and constructed in America and is easy to set up no additional tools are required. 

The fence is 50 ft x 3 ft and can be used alongside any current fencing to create an escape-proof area for your dog to play. The material is extremely strong and durable, ensuring your dog can’t simply push its way out to escape. 

The Red Brand fencing is the most cost-effective budget dog fence on this list, being priced at just $54. 

3 – Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Baby Gate

If you want to keep your dog in a specific room or area in your home then this Regalo Baby Gate is the perfect option. This extra-tall baby gate stands 41 inches high and can be expanded to fit different doors and openings. 

The gate has a pressure mount kit that makes it easy to install, without the need to drill screws or impact your walls in any way. Once installed, the gate is easy to open and close. It has 2.5-inch slats which small dogs may try to get through but don’t worry, they’ll quickly learn it’s not an option. 

The cost of this Regalo gate is $48, which is cheaper than other fences on this list. However, it can only be used inside your home and isn’t appropriate for outside use. 

4 – Ellie-Bo Easy-Up 8-Piece Puppy Rabbit Play Pen

This final fence is great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be collapsed in just 15 seconds. It’s made with a concertina design and uses lightweight galvanized steel, making it easy to move from one location to the next.

The fence is 76cm high which makes it a good option for small to medium-sized dogs. For extra security, the door uses a bolt-action lock to prevent any sneaky escapes.

You Don’t Need To Break The Bank For a Dog Fence

With so many great options, finding the right budget dog fence has never been easier. There are plenty of alternatives for dog owners with tight budgets, which means you’ll always find what you need.

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