The Dog Who Jumped Into A Woman’s Car And Her Heart




You never know when life will throw you a curveball, but for Lena, that surprise came with four legs and a wagging tail! Packing up her car at her home in South Carolina, Lena was caught off guard when an unexpected visitor wandered into her garage and hopped into her car. Little did she know, this stray dog was about to change her life forever.

An Unexpected Encounter

Lena couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a stray dog climb into her car, looking at her with the kindest, most hopeful eyes. “I had my garage all the way open. I kind of see this little creature just walk past my garage and jump into my car,” Lena told The Dodo. Despite her initial surprise, Lena, a dog lover at heart, felt an instant connection with the dog she later named JD.

JD, however, wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of Lena’s car just yet. When she asked him to get out, he simply shook his head “No,” making it clear he had chosen her.

A New Beginning

That night, Lena and her husband decided to let JD stay in their garage, cautious of his apparent skin condition which they feared could be mange. The very next morning, they took him to the vet and received wonderful news – JD’s skin issues were due to a bad allergy to fleas, not mange.

The Sweetest Lovebug

Once they knew JD wasn’t contagious, he was welcomed inside the house with open arms. Lena’s other dog, Bear, was initially wary of the newcomer, but JD quickly won over the rest of the family, especially the children. It didn’t take long for JD to settle in and make himself at home, playing with his new siblings and even earning Bear’s acceptance.

JD’s recovery involved medicated baths, but his spirit never wavered. With each passing day, he blossomed into a healthy, happy dog. Despite his new comfy dog bed, JD’s favorite spot remained Lena’s car, where he would eagerly jump in, ready for any adventure.

Living the Dream

JD’s transition from a stray to a beloved family pet was nothing short of miraculous. He now spends his days lounging around, enjoying the company of his new family, and basking in the love and comfort of his forever home.

“I feel like his personality has always kind of been there, but in the beginning it was definitely a little bit more laid back. I definitely feel accomplished,” says Lena.

From roaming the streets to finding a loving home, JD’s story is a testament to the unexpected joys that life can bring. Once a stray in search of shelter, JD is now the happiest dog in South Carolina, enjoying every moment with his new family.



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