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Who doesn’t like a dog that is playful, friendly, and loves to socialize? A Japanese Spitz is a perfect example of a fur ball that loves to interact with people but is rare to find. It isn’t locally available and is more expensive than most dog breeds in the United States.

If you’re a pet lover who wants to get a Japanese Spitz but isn’t aware of the price, dig into the details below. You can learn about the price and annual cost of keeping this dog. Moreover, you can know about the factors that influence the price of Japanese Spitz in the US.

Japanese Spitz Price

Japanese Spitz is a small, cute dog that is convenient to keep. It is an adorable creature that was bred in Japan and is difficult to find in the United States. This playful dog is expensive because the local breeders near you rarely have them.

The rarity increases the price of Japanese Spitz and you can expect to pay $1000 to $2500 for this fur ball. These dogs are small and have a pointed muzzle and thick layer of fur on the square body. As mentioned, the Japanese Spitz was bred in Japan but it originated from White Spitz.

The little fur ball is not only cute and loving but is loyal to the owners and has a playful nature. It is considered to be a family dog that protects the people around it. The Japanese Spitz is one of the most desirable pets people might want to have but the price makes them hesitant.

The price of this small cutie makes it out of reach for most interested people. You can even expect to pay more than $2500 because various factors affect the price range. I’ll explain the factors below so dog owners can have an idea before buying a Japanese Spitz.

Average Cost Of Japanese Spitz

The average price of a Japanese Spitz is around $1500 to $2500 in the United States. You won’t even get the breeding rights after buying this cutie for your home. The unlikeliness of being near a breeder is high so the breeding rights are not given to the owner despite them buying the dog.

You may have to pay an additional amount of $500 to get the breeding rights of your Japanese Spitz. Hence, welcoming this small little dog to your home is not cheap.

First Year Costs

The first-year costs are higher than the rest of the years because you have to buy some supplies such as the leash, collar, bedding, etc for the dog. An estimate of the cost is given in the table that can help have an idea about the amount spent in the first year of buying a Japanese Spitz.

Average Puppy Price$1500 to $2500
1st Year Vaccines$200
12 Months Food$600 to $1000
Vet Checkups/Exams$50 to $250 every month


Annual Cost

Upon estimation from the table above, the annual cost of keeping a Japanese Spitz is around $4000. The cost and living expenses are higher than other dogs because of their rarity. If you are interested in getting pet insurance for your furball, this will be an additional cost.

You’ll have to pay an additional amount of $50 to $100 every month which will help you during the times when your dog gets sick.

Lifetime Cost

The lifetime cost of a Japanese Spitz can be estimated by multiplying $4000 with the lifespan of the dog. A Japanese Spitz can live up to 10 to 14 years so the cost will vary. The longer the dog lives, the higher the cost of living.

Training Costs

The training cost of the Japanese Spitz is none because it doesn’t need any. You just have to make sure that it walks nicely when the leash is on and greets people politely. Your Japanese Spitz puppy is eventually going to turn into a big dog so these basic manners are important.

Make sure you let the puppy interact with other dogs and people. Do not force connections or make the dog greet people unless it wants to. Provide positive exposure but make sure it socializes.

The temperament of the Japanese Spitz is very energetic and playful. It needs to socialize to learn when to bark and how to interact with other animals around. These interactions should be stress-free so they can result in obedience.

You can even make your dog join the training classes but they cost $25 to $50 per session. The price will vary according to the sessions you’d like to attend with your Japanese Spitz.

Why Is Japanese Spitz So Expensive And Rare?

As mentioned, Japanese Spitz is expensive because it is a rare breed. They are difficult to find in the United States which is why they have a higher cost. 

The breeders have raised the prices because Japanese Spitz are rarely found locally. To protect these rare breeds, the breeding rights are also not given to the owners.

What Factors Influence The Price Of A Japanese Spitz?

You’ll be surprised to know that the price of Japanese Spitz varies because of several factors. The price change can be observed at different locations in the US. Let’s get into the details to know what influences the price of a rare breed dog.


The newborn puppies of Japanese Spitz are more expensive than the adult dogs. This is very common amongst all the breeds and the same is the case when it comes to Japanese Spitz. The price difference is because everyone would like to get a newborn puppy and train it according to them.

People think that they can make a good bond with a puppy as compared to an adult dog. Hence, the demand for the newborn Japanese Spitz is higher than the adult dogs.

Breeder’s Reputation

Not all the breeders in the US can be trusted because of unethical breeding. They produce the dogs quickly to make money. Look for a reputable breeder if you want to get a Japanese Spitz that has a pure breed.

They will charge more than other breeders around you but have the rare breed that isn’t easy to find in the US. He will show you all the records of the puppy that will include genetic tests and other information related to the dog’s health. This is a sign that the breeder is reputable and can be trusted to buy Japanese Spitz.


As mentioned, Japanese Spitz are rare and have originated from North America. They have rare bloodlines but the dogs with champion bloodlines are more expensive than the others. You might have to pay more than $2500 for a Japanese Spitz with a champion bloodline.

The dogs from this bloodline have great temperaments and are good in behavior and general characteristics. Moreover, they have fewer chances of genetic disorders.

Where To Buy The Japanese Spitz From?

You will not find a Japanese Spitz with any local breeders near you. For getting a rare breed Spitz, it is important to look for a reputable breeder. You might have to pay additional shipping costs to the breeder that is far away but has a rare Japanese Spitz.

Another option is to visit the breeder and look at the puppy before bringing it home. This will also cost you more than the price of the puppy but is a must for buying the rare breed dog.


Are Japanese Spitz rare?

Japanese Spitz are rare dogs with furry coats and square bodies. They originate from Japan and have a playful nature towards humans and other animals. The contagious smile, loyalty, and obedience are what make them everyone’s favorite.

Is the Japanese Spitz a big dog?

The Japanese Spitz is not a big dog. The size is neither small nor medium but looks attractive. It has pricked ears and a thick fur coat that makes it look cute.

Is Japanese Spitz expensive?

Japanese Spitz is an expensive dog because it is rarely found. It will cost from $1000 to $2500 depending on the age and bloodline. The cost of a newborn puppy is higher than that of an adult dog.

What makes Japanese Spitz happy?

Japanese Spitz are fur balls that love attention and physical activity. You can take this dog out for a walk or let it play with other puppies to be happiest.


A detailed article on the Japanese Spitz’s price is written so all pet owners can have an idea about the cost and expenses. This dog is expensive because of the breed and is rarely available. The price is higher for the puppies because they can be trained.

I hope the information helped you know the price of Japanese Spitz. Hence, you should get one of these dogs if you can afford it.

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