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Kerry Blue Terrier Price




It is very hard to estimate the Kerry Blue Terrier price since there are so many factors that directly impact the price of this dog. These factors include the age, temper, size, bloodline, and reputation of the breeder. Other than that, certain other factors also affect the price of these dogs, including their training, registration papers, and health screenings.

Besides that, you must also keep in mind that these dogs are super expensive to keep as well. I mean, it is not just about the upfront price that you will have to pay for their ownership; rather, you will also have to maintain, groom, and feed them. For further details, I suggest you keep on reading the following article!

Kerry Blue Terrier Price

Upfront Average And Subsequent Yearly Costs

General Overview Of Costs

There are two factors based on which the price of a Kerry Blue Terrier is determined: the reputation of the breeder, and the purity of the dog’s bloodline. Apparently, the better the reputation of the breeder and the purer the bloodline of the dog, the more costly it will be.

However, the average price of the Kerry Blue Terrier is about $2000. It means that the price could easily exceed this given figure if you get the puppy from a reputable breeder. However, the possibility of getting a cheaper Kerry Blue Terrier is also not out of the equation since non-breeders do tend to sell at a much-reduced price, and you can get it for about $1000-$1500 price range.

First Year Costs

I think we can all agree on the point that first-year dogs are way more expensive than any subsequent year. This is because you have to get the dog properly checked up and vaccinated to ensure your own safety as well as the dog’s health. The expected first-year costs are as follows.

Accessories (Collar, Leash, Bedding)$200
Food for twelve months$3500
Routine checkups at the vet$500
Average dog price$2000

Subsequent Year Costs

The subsequent year’s costs include twelve months of food, dewormer, and routine vet examinations. So, the annual costs will be somewhere between $4000 and $4100 as compared to the first-year costs that lie at $ 6,500 to $ 7,000.

The cost I mentioned above is the minimum cost that you will have to bear if you purchase average dog food for your Kerry Blue Terrier. This price will definitely shoot up if you decide to feed your dog high-quality imported food and get top-notch veterinary services. In such a case, your costs can rise up to $10,000 to $12,000.

Lifespan Costs

The average lifespan of a Kerry Blue Terrier lies somewhere between thirteen to fifteen years. Keeping that in mind, we can estimate the overall costs that you will have to incur throughout its lifespan.

So, if you get a Kerry Blue Terrier puppy and keep it in good health, give it average-quality food, and get regular veterinary checkups every few months. It will live up to or more than its average lifespan.

So, you can expect to have to spend about $64,000 on your Kerry Blue Terrier throughout its lifespan. However, you must note that I have based my calculations on the assumption that your dog will survive for fifteen years. The costs will increase or decrease based on how long your dog gets to live.

Some Extra Costs

There is no denying the fact that a Kerry Blue Terrier is a very expensive dog, and not many people can afford to keep it. However, in case you do end up having it, you must ensure you keep it in good condition and health. Of course, you will have to incur some extra expenses if you want your dog to do exceptionally well.

These extra costs are not mandatory, and you may want to skip them altogether; however, I would not suggest skipping these costs. These costs may be avoidable, but they are equally important for maintaining your dog’s overall health.

These costs include regular professional grooming, exercises, training, pet insurance, spaying, and neutering costs. All these costs ensure proper care and a secure future for your super-expensive dog. However, you will have to keep an additional money outflow of about $20,000 throughout the lifetime of the dog if you do opt to incur all these extra expenses.

Buying Kerry Blue Terrier From A Local Breeder

You might be tempted to purchase your Kerry Blue Terrier from a local breeder since it is the easiest and most convenient option. However, I would not suggest you blindly trust your local breeders. You must do your proper research and make sure that your local breeder is not involved in unethical breeding practices.

Your research will not go in vain, as it will ensure that you get a healthy and well-bred Kerry Blue Terrier puppy. I would recommend you search online since there are so many different official websites operating for the sole purpose of selling ethically produced and well-bred dogs across the globe.

Buying Kerry Blue Terrier From An Online Website

Buying a Kerry Blue Terrier from an online website poses a lot of threats to their breeding. So, you must perform detailed research on that website. Previous buyers provide the best source of information that one can get their hands on.

So, I would suggest that you read through the comments, reviews, and customer feedback from previous buyers. And if you could get your hands on the contact details of any of those customers, I would suggest that you talk to them personally.

You could also visit them if they are comfortable with it. You could also meet their dog and inquire about its health and breeding details. And while you are at it, you could also check out the health and registration documents that accompany the dog.

Factors Affecting The Price Of Kerry Blue Terrier

Breeder’s Reputation

It is a given that the better the reputation of a breeder is, the more price they will charge for their Kerry Blue Terrier dogs. This is to compensate for their goodwill in this field as well as for the guarantee that you will be getting an ethically bred Kerry Blue Terrier with the purest bloodlines.

Registration Papers

Certain breeders are part of dog clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) and have their dogs registered with these clubs. As a result, when you purchase these registered dogs, you get registration papers with them as well. These registration papers ensure that the dog is of a very pure bloodline and is bred ethically.

Training And Socialization

Another factor that could add to the worth of a Kerry Blue Terrier dog is the training. Certain breeders get their dogs properly trained to socialize with humans and interact in the most friendly way. These training sessions are expensive and add value to the overall worth of the dog; hence, a well-trained dog will definitely cost you way more than an untrained dog.


Why are Kerry Blue Terrier dogs so costly?

The reason why Kerry Blue Terrier dogs are so expensive is that they are a very rare dog breed. This is the reason why they are so hard to find. Besides that, this dog is also a sign of wealth since only wealthy people can afford to keep it, so it creates a specialty in the ownership of this dog.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the Kerry Blue Terrier dog is indeed a very expensive dog that needs constant care and maintenance. The initial cost of a newborn puppy of this breed will cost you an upfront money of about $1500-$2000. But these costs do not stand at just that; you will also have to feed the dog, get it trained and groomed, and get medically treated at the vet every few months.

All these subsequent costs can add up to an annual figure of about $6500-$7000. In addition to that, if you get a properly trained and registered dog, then the upfront cost will shoot up to approximately $10,000. So, I would suggest that you consider all these costs before you even decide to purchase a Kerry Blue Terrier dog.

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