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Do you want a tiny little companion that stays in your lap for hours? If yes, a Chorkie would be the best option because it is small and playful. The cute little creature is a mix of two pure breeds and has unique characteristics.

If you want to get this small, energetic dog and need to learn about the prices, dig into the details below. The information will help you have an estimate regarding cost and annual expenses. I am sure you’ll be able to decide whether to get Chorkie by the end of the discussion.

Chorkie Price

Chorkie is a tiny little puppy produced with a combination of two sassy breeds. It is both too small and convenient to keep. The price of a Chorkie revolves around $400 to $800 in the United States.

If you’ve had a dog before, it wouldn’t be as energetic as a Chorkie. The energy level is always at the top; you’ll always notice it running or jumping around the house. It’s a cross between the world’s two most miniature breeds: the Chihuahua and Yorkie.

A Chorkie puppy’s price is higher than an adult dog’s because people prefer adopting a newborn. They like getting a dog earlier and training them in their house. A Chorkie puppy will cost around $700 to $1200 in the US.

It is a cutie that swiftly walks around the house and follows you in the street. A Chorkie loves attention and will ask for it. Hence, Chorkies are convenient dogs that can fit in your smallest apartment.

Average Cost Of Chorkie

Chorkie, a designer dog, costs around $400 to $800 in the United States. Chorkies are bred by combining pure-breed dogs. You can expect the cost of the puppy to be higher than an adult Chorkie because it is in high demand.

The price will be somewhere between $400 to $1200, depending on the breeder’s location. A Chorkie with a champion bloodline and health clearance will be more expensive. Hence, buying this designer dog can be costly if you research and get it from a reputable breeder.

First Year Cost

It would be best to consider the expense of having a Chorkie at the house other than the buying cost. Refer to the table to get an idea about the first-year cost of the Chihuahua and Yorkie mix.

Average Price$400 to $1200
1st Year Vaccines$200
12 Months Food$540
Supplies (Bed, Collar And Leash)$50
Vet Exams$250

Annual Cost

After estimating the prices from the table above, it can be concluded that you will have to spend around $1500 on your Chorkie annually. The food can cost approximately $30 to $60 per month, whereas the vaccinations and checkups cost $200 to $500 annually. Moreover, the training and grooming expenses are also higher.

Although the bed, leash, and collar are a one-time purchase that will be done in the first year of getting a dog. Hence, the annual cost of keeping a Chorkie can vary from owner to owner.

Lifetime Cost

Keeping a dog is an emotional and financial commitment because they must be cared for. The Chorkie’s lifespan is nearly 12 to 14 years. You can multiply the lifespan by the annual cost of keeping a Chorkie.

Even if you get a dog when it’s a few months old, you will have to spend a lot on several things. However, the price will vary depending on your time with this small, cute dog.

Pros And Cons Of Keeping A Chorkie

There are pros and cons of keeping a Chorkie because it has some good and bad characteristics. Some are listed below to know before getting this small dog for yourself.


  • One of the best qualities of having a Chorkie at home is that it is a great companion. You make it sit in your lap for hours, and it will happily do so. Moreover, a Chorkie loves to go from one place to another and have adventures.
  • Chorkie is loyal to its owner and becomes the man’s best friend. It is friendly and energetic and loves to play around the house. You can have a great time with this tiny creature.
  • Lastly, a Chorkie doesn’t shed, making it an excellent pet option. This makes the maintenance and grooming easy, and you won’t even have a problem if you’re hypoallergenic.


  • One of the biggest cons of keeping a Chorkie at home is that it barks frequently. This breed, in general, is very vocal and annoys a lot by barking frequently. The friendly nature makes the dog anxious because it has separation anxiety.
  • As mentioned, a Chorkie is a small, fragile dog made from two of the most miniature dogs. It should not be left unattended with the kids because they can hurt the dog. Children can injure the Chorkie and might not be a good companion.
  • Chorkie loves attention and needs it 24/7. You must give it full attention and hang out with the dog to keep it happy. This means that the owners must have spare time for their small companions.


Chorkie is a mix of two pure breeds, so its temperament is a unique blend of characteristics. It is confident and energetic but becomes stubborn at times. The parents have passed down these traits, and they are dominant in Chorkie.

It barks frequently like a Chihuahua and gets alerted by suspicious activities. Moreover, it is fearless like a Yorkie. Hence, these traits make Chorkie an excellent dog for watching the house.


Refrain from getting mistaken by the small size because Chorkies have a great appetite. Your dog will have a good food intake and can be prone to obesity. It eats a lot like a big dog that’s twice its size.

Follow the serving size instructed by the vet and try giving dry foods. This can help with oral health, which is common among small dogs.

Health Issues

As mentioned, Chorkie is produced by combining Chihuahua and Yorkie, so it has all these dogs’ diseases. Skin problems and allergies are common in these two breeds, so a Chorkie already has them. Moreover, a Chorkie has hypothyroidism.

The owner has to deal with dry, irritated skin with several scratches. It also has patellar luxation, which causes a problem with the knees. Hence, weight gain, seizures, and laziness are some common health issues of Chorkie.

Maintenance And Grooming

The maintenance and grooming of a Chorkie is not as complex as other dogs because it doesn’t shed. You won’t have to take your dog for a haircut or grooming session every other week. Invest in a comb and brush the hair regularly to keep your dog neat.

It is recommended to bathe your Chorkie once every two weeks. Keep the eyes clean because they are prone to tear stains. Lastly, please take it to a groomer and get the glands cleaned.


You will have a hard time if you wish to get your Chorkie trained. The sassiness of the tiny little creature can be a great trouble when it comes to training. You must be patient during the training sessions and use positive reinforcement.

It is recommended not to be harsh and give your dog a treat. This can be helpful in training, and you will observe a significant difference. Lastly, make sure to take your dog out and socialize with people.


Chorkie, a small, cute creature, loves to exercise daily. The designer dog produced by combining two breeds enjoys playing indoors or outside. You can even have it in your small apartment without worrying about the space.


How old do Chorkies live?

The lifespan of a Chorkie is around 12 to 15 years, depending upon their health, living conditions, and food. This tiny creature can live up to 15 years if they’re taken care of.

Is Chorkie a good dog?

Chorkie, a designer dog made with two pure breeds, is perfect. It is ideal for keeping at home because it is small, playful, and energetic.

What are Chorkies suitable for?

Chorkie is a great family dog that is good with people. It can get along with other pets and socialize with people. The only downside of having it at home is that it barks a lot.


A detailed article on the Chorkie’s price is written so all pet owners can know before getting it. The dog has unique characteristics and is priced from $400 to $800. You can get a newborn Chorkie from the local breeder and train it accordingly.

The information is enough to know the price, annual cost, and first-year expenses. It will help you decide whether to get this dog or leave it.

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