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Would you like to have a dog that is friendly and low maintenance? If yes, an English Foxhound can be a great pet that likes socializing and being around other animals. It is more affordable than other breeds and can be a great companion at home or during hunting.

If you are considering buying an English Foxhound but aren’t sure about the price, dig into the details below. The article has all the information related to average cost and first-year expenses. I am sure you will decide by the end of the article.

English Foxhound Price

English Foxhound is an athletic dog that loves to stay with others. It was bred to work and stay around other dogs, which surprisingly makes it happy. This dog breed is friendly and affectionate, so it likes being around other pets.

It is a 75-pound dog that costs around $400 to $800 in the United States. The English Foxhound has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years and has different colors. You can find a dog that is black and white but is tan in some parts.

Moreover, it can be black, brown, or white. You can get unique color combinations in an English Foxhound. It is a hyperactive dog that is more affordable than many other breeds in the US.

The price tag is lower because this breed is commonly available. It is a mix of stag-hunting hounds and Greyhounds. You can adopt it from a local breeder near you or look out to rescue one.

The English Foxhound is one of the four breeds produced by this mix. It is a perfect dog for a family that loves physical activity and has a backyard where the dog can play and exercise. This can also be used as a hunting dog because it can identify things by their scents.

Average Cost Of English Foxhound

The average cost of an English Foxhound is $400 to $700 in the United States. You won’t see a significant price difference in an English Foxhound puppy or a big dog 3 to 4 years old. It can start from $300 and will go up to $800 max.

First Year Expenses

The English Foxhound is not a very demanding dog, so you won’t have to spend a lot on it. The table below estimates the first-year expenses of keeping an English Foxhound. Go through the details to know how much is needed to maintain a big dog.

Average Price$400 to $800
1st Year Vaccines$380
12 Months Food$435
Supplies (Bed, Collar And Leash)$40
Vet Exams$650

Annual Cost

The annual cost of keeping an English Foxhound is around $3200. It is a big dog that has to be maintained and groomed from time to time. The food costs around $435, whereas the preventative medications cost $380 annually.

Keeping a pet, let alone a big dog, isn’t easy, as you have to be responsible. The expenses mentioned can help you know how much you must spend after getting an English Foxhound. Although a few things are a one-time purchase, you must be mindful of everything as an owner.

Lifetime Cost

The English Foxhound’s lifespan is around 10 to 12 years. According to the annual cost and lifespan of this dog, it can be said that an individual has to spend more than $20,000 to raise an English Foxhound. This amount is the average lifetime cost of keeping a big dog.

Please note that it doesn’t include the training session cost it might need later. The training cost varies according to the number of sessions you attend with your English Foxhound.

Pros And Cons Of Having An English Foxhound

There are some pros and cons of having an English Foxhound around. You can go through them to know more about your pet.


  • The first advantage of having an English Foxhound is that it is easy to groom. You do not have to take your dog for grooming sessions after every week or two. It has a thin coat that only requires brushing once a week.
  • As mentioned, English Foxhounds are extremely friendly and affectionate. This breed is hyperactive and loves company when you fulfill their needs. Just be gentle and take care of your dog to enjoy this companionship.
  • Lastly, an English Foxhound can be great with kids. It likes being around people, be it kids or other dogs. The mix of two hounds resulted in a canine who enjoys and stays happy around others.


  • You cannot get an English Foxhound if you live in a small apartment with no open area. It has high exercise needs and wants a place for doing it. Moreover, the family members should actively join the dog during the exercise.
  • English Foxhound can be stubborn, so you can expect to struggle. The training sessions are going to be more challenging than you imagine. This breed, in general, is independent and doesn’t like to agree with others.
  • You think you’re done with cons, but there’s one left. An English Foxhound likes to wander, and you can expect it to run. The potential in this breed is higher than other dogs.

Health Issues

Every dog, including an English Foxhound, has some health issues. It is wise to be prepared and know what health issues your dog can have to be ready. Although an English Foxhound is a healthy dog, it can be prone to ear infections, deafness, kidney diseases, and hip dysplasia.

These are some severe health issues that your dog can have. Hip dysplasia can be genetic, so getting health clearance from the breeder of the Foxhound is essential.


English Foxhound is an amiable and affectionate dog. It likes having company around and is the happiest. You can observe that it is highly social and loves being around kids and other animals.

This breed is a mix of two hounds, so it is more likely to be happiest around other dogs. An English Foxhound can also accompany you for hunting. It can smell things and help you find prey.

Moreover, it needs enough space to play and exercise. If an English Foxhound doesn’t have enough area for activity, you will observe them to be stubborn. It will show less desirable behavior and might not socialize.

Hence, it is essential to take care of the needs of your English Foxhound if you want it to be on its best behavior all the time.


An English Foxhound is challenging to train because it has a stubborn nature. This breed, in general, is very independent and playful but doesn’t listen to orders. You must fulfill all their needs if you want them to behave desirably.

Patience and consistency are the keys to training an English Foxhound. However, a very social dog must be prepared for human and animal interactions. The positive methods, such as treating it and letting it with other dogs, can work.


The grooming of English Foxhounds is very easy compared to other dogs. It doesn’t have a thick coat at the top, so you won’t have to worry about grooming every week. You can use a brush to get rid of dirt and dust.

The bathing process isn’t very complicated because of the top coat. You can bathe it whenever it starts to smell bad. Ensure the nails are trimmed and the ears and teeth are cleaned regularly.


Are English Foxhounds good pets?

English Foxhounds are good pets because of their friendly and affectionate nature. You shouldn’t get one if you don’t have enough space because English Foxhounds are energetic and need space to play/exercise.

Are English Foxhounds loud?

English Foxhounds can be noisy, but they aren’t very loud. People do take them for hunting because they can smell prey. Moreover, they can be an excellent dog for watching the house.

Can English Foxhounds be left alone?

English Foxhounds can be left alone, but they like socializing and are happiest around other dogs. Although they have a good nature, it is recommended not to leave them alone or with kids.


A brief yet interesting article on the English Foxhound’s price is given so people can know whether they can keep it. This breed is a mix of two big dogs and has a friendly/playful nature. It can be a great pet and is more affordable than other breeds in the US.

There is no price difference between a big English Foxhound and a puppy. You can get any size without having to pay extra money. I hope the article has enough information so you can decide whether to buy it or not.

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