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Interested in welcoming Stabyhoun as your new family member and curious how much they cost? These unique dogs have gained tremendous popularity for their striking appearance, hunting skills, and friendly personality. But before you plan to add the Stabyhoun to your household, one crucial aspect to consider is the price associated with acquiring such a breed.

This guide will delve into detail about the cost of owning a Stabyhoun, as well as the Stabyhoun’s feeding habits, health, and exercise requirements to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Therefore, keep reading to learn more about Stabyhoun’s price and other related facts.

Stabyhoun Price

Unraveling the origin and development of the Stabyhoun is a challenging task and there is no definite timeline to fully understand it. However, it is believed to have descended from a mix of the Drent partridge dog, German spaniels, and French spaniels. The birthplace of Stabyhoun is widely acknowledged as the province of Friesland in the Netherlands.

Moreover, historical records state that Stabyhoun were primarily used as farm dogs. Originally, they were mainly kept for safeguarding farms and eliminating rodents. Their duties from assisting in pastures eventually shifted to hunting small game.

The interesting fact about this breed is its name and history attached to it. “Stabyhoun” name is a combination of the English phrase “stand by” with a Dutch twist. Therefore, the breed is appropriately named, meaning “stand by” or “stand by me.”

Furthermore, while it excels as a tracker, pointer, retriever, cart dog, and watchdog, the Stabyhoun has gained popularity as a family pet due to its friendly and lively nature. In Dutch, it goes by various names like Stabij, Stabijhoun, Fryske Stabij, and Beike. In English, it is also recognized as the Dutch Stabyhoun, Frisian Pointer, or Stabij.

If you are planning to buy such a unique and friendly breed then prepare to invest plenty of money. Additionally, the exact price may vary mainly due to the location, breed reputation, healthcare, and blood. However, on average you can expect to invest amounts ranging from $1,000 to $3,200 to buy such a precious breed.

Average Stabyhoun Puppy Price: $1,000 to $3,200

Stabyhoun Appearance and Size

The Stabyhoun is a robust hunting dog with a stretched body and rounded ribs. It boasts a long and relatively narrow head, featuring a dome-shaped skull. The transition from the forehead head to the muzzle is smooth, creating a harmonious facial that contributes to the Stabyhoun distinctive appearance.

The Stabyhoun eyes are affectionate and oval-shaped, typically light brown or amber (excessive yellow is considered an anomaly). Medium-sized, floppy ears are set low, and the neck has a slight curve. The abdomen is moderately taut, complementing the strong and straight back of the Stabyhoun.

Its limbs are robust and muscular, providing a solid foundation. The Stabyhoun’s medium-length fur is thick and smooth to the touch, that can sometimes have a slightly frizzy structure. Moreover, Stabyhoun can have coats in black with speckles, and brown with speckles, and there’s also a rare red-and-white variant.

Stabyhoun has an average height at the withers of approximately 21 inches for males and 23 inches for females. Fully grown, males typically weigh around 50-55 pounds, while females weigh about 45 pounds. In addition, Stabyhoun puppies usually weigh 7-8 pounds at 8 weeks of age and generally reach their full size between 12 and 15 months.

Stabyhoun Temperament

The Stabyhoun is a versatile breed employed in hunting, carting, guarding, and as a beloved family companion. Consequently, it displays characteristics of protectiveness, loyalty, obedience, high intelligence, and a strong desire to please.

They boast a gentle and calm temperament, characterized by patience, tolerance, and friendliness. This calm and friendly personality makes it well-suited for interaction with people, other dogs, children, and various animals. Therefore, they are delightful additions to families, and their nature makes them wonderful companions.

Moreover, they thrive in an environment where there is consistent human presence, as they may not do well in isolation. Hence, they are better suited for homes, where there is always someone available to provide them with attention and affection.


Maintaining your Stabyhoun’s grooming needs is surprisingly straightforward and does not require that much effort compared to other dogs. The best thing about owning a Stabyhoun is that they won’t pose much trouble.

Thanks to their water and dirt-resistant coats, Stabyhoun typically requires baths only on rare occasions. Bathing them two or three times a year is usually enough and the occasional emergency bath may be necessary if they happen to get dirty outdoors.

In addition, their coats may occasionally develop minor mats and tangles, so it is advisable to brush them once a week using a pin brush. During the shedding seasons in early summer and winter, switching to a de-shedder instead of the regular pin brush can significantly reduce loose fur around your home.

Now, moving on to the dental health of Stabyhoun, it’s good to brush their teeth once a week. Once a week, the owner must also clean the dog’s ear to prevent any infection.

Additionally, ensure their nails are regularly trimmed. If you notice any clicking sounds on hard surfaces, consider a vet visit for nail clipping or you can cut their nails at home using a nail clipper.


Stabyhoun possesses a high level of intelligence, making them quick learners when it comes to commands and tricks. They are intelligent enough to quickly grasp the order and command of their owner. The reason they are quick learners is that they usually work independently to catch pests, requiring them to be adept thinkers.

Moreover, they are undoubtedly friendly, however, sometimes they display occasional stubbornness and resistance to commands. Therefore, it can be a bit challenging especially for new owners to train them. However, newcomers can manage the training successfully with patience and a consistent display of authority.

To effectively train Stabyhoun, you can use the positive reinforcement method. They are quite sensitive and their natural eagerness to please, paired with occasional stubbornness can make them feel down if they think they are not meeting your expectations. Hence, utilize treats, praise, and affection to reinforce positive behavior and encourage obedience.


Now, when it comes to exercise, Stabyhoun needs daily exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. They appreciate engaging in both moderate and vigorous exercise, finding great joy in activities like brisk walks, runs, and swimming.

Staybahoun has a strong prey drive, so they are likely to be particularly interested in squirrels, rabbits, and other small animals during walks or outdoor activities. Therefore, they might attempt to lunge or chase such animals, so it is advisable to restrict off-leash time to enclosed and secure spaces.

Moreover, giving your Stabyhoun a specific task can be an enjoyable and effective way to channel their extra energy. Tasks can include, such as guarding your yard, participating in hunting, engaging in agility, flyball, and various other active dog sports.

In addition, these intelligent dogs require both physical and mental stimulation. Providing toys and games that encourage them to think and reason will help expand some of their energy and maintain their mental sharpness. However, keep in mind that mental stimulation should enhance, not substitute, their requirement for physical activity.

Stabyhoun Food Requirements

Stabyhouns, being lively and medium-sized dogs, will actively feed on commercial dog food specifically designed for active breeds. Giving them high-protein food will guarantee that they receive the necessary nutrition and energy to match their lively nature.

Owners must provide their lively companion with two to two and a half cups of food daily, divided into two meals. This approach helps maintain stable energy levels for your dog.

Furthermore, due to their active nature, Stabyhouns may be susceptible to joint issues, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Therefore, opting for a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids or incorporating fish oil supplements into their diet can contribute to maintaining the health and proper function of their joints.


Stabyhoun is a healthy breed and not typically prone to common health issues and boasts a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, which exceeds the average. They are generally robust and thanks to responsible breeding practices followed by many owners, following breed association guidelines.

However, certain congenital conditions may arise, including joint dysplasia patent ductus, arteriosus (PDA), epilepsy, and Type 1 von Willebrand Diseases (vWB). Documented conditions with varying heritability include hereditary cataracts, radius curvus, cancer, and SRMA.

Annual vet check-ups are advisable. Additionally, it is necessary to monitor for symptoms of the above-mentioned diseases, which are more prevalent in this breed and should be addressed, as soon as possible.

Cost of Ownership

When it comes to buying Stabyhoun puppies, they can be a bit challenging to find, and the cost may range from $1,000 to $3,200. Factors that influence the dog price include bloodline, breeders, less common coat colors, and the possibility of importing from overseas. According to the American Stabyhoun Association, the average price of Stabyhoun ranges from $2,000 to $3,200.

Ending Lines

In essence, the Stabyhoun is a powerful and energetic breed, known for its high intelligence and exceptional quality as a family companion. You can expect to purchase a Stabyhoun with prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,200.

If you are planning to purchase Stabyhoun, there are a lot of things to consider, such as health, food requirements, etc. Please read the instructions provided in this guide for more information.

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