How Much Does a Transylvanian Hound Cost?




The Transylvanian Hound is a rare dog breed, origins of which can be traced to Transylvania (modern-day Romania) and Hungary. It is also known by other names such as Transylvanian Scent Hound, Hungarian Hound, and Erdelyi Kopo. This ancient dog breed was bred to be the official hunting dog for the Hungarian Royals.

Transylvanian Hounds were earlier available in two sizes. The short-legged variety weighed between 49–55 lb while the long-legged type between 66 and 77 lb. Today, only the long-legged or tall variety still exists.

Being rare means that their price is high as well. There are very few breeders working for the welfare of the  Transylvanian Hound breed. In fact; the breed has been brought back from the brink of extinction several times and remains on the endangered list even today. Despite conservation efforts, there are only 600 to 1000 pedigree Transylvanian Hounds available today and most of them are in Hungary and Germany. 

Are you considering making the Transylvanian a part of your household? Then it is a good idea to first consider how much a Transylvanian Hound puppy costs. In addition to this initial cost, you must also plan for the costs involved in complete dog ownership. This knowledge is essential for financial planning and will help you set aside a budget for your new family member. 

Many inexperienced dog owners buy dogs only to find out later that they are unable to care for them. It is a sad situation when these dogs end up in the pound and, sometimes, are even euthanized when nobody adopts them.

To summarize the cost of  Transylvanian Hound:

The cost of a Transylvanian Hound pup is between $600 and $800. Some breeders charge up to $1500 for their pedigree pups. This is a medium-sized dog which means that the annual cost of raising it will be between $1000 and $1500. The average lifespan of the Transylvanian Hound is between 10-12 years. So, over its lifetime, you can expect to spend up to $14,000 on its upkeep.

In the subsequent sections of this guide, we will cover the exact price of the  Transylvanian Hound puppy followed by basic costs like dog supplies, training, and food costs. We will also cover topics like inherited and common diseases afflicting the breed as well as emergency and additional costs involved in dog parenting. 

So let us dive straight into it!


How Much Does a Transylvanian Hound Puppy Cost?

The Erdelyi Kopo (the Transylvanian’s Hungarian name) is a rare dog breed and less than a thousand of them remain in the world. If you wish to buy or adopt a puppy of this breed, then you can contact California Kopos – a breeder that is genuinely concerned about the breed’s welfare. 

You can also visit the official website of Transylvanian Hound Club which has enlisted breeders registered with the Fédération Cynologique International (FCI). In some cases, you may have to contact breeders in Hungary or Germany too. Note that you will have to spend on airfare and transportation costs when you import your pet from abroad.

Many Transylvanian Hound puppies available at top breeders are toilet-trained and their breeders also cover early vaccinations, deworming, etc. Moreover, good breeders pass their dogs through various health checks to ensure they are free from genetic issues that could pass on to the pups.

Considering all these factors, the cost of Transylvanian Hound puppies can be anywhere between $600 and $1000. Some breeders are even known to charge as high as $1500 for litters from championship sires and dams.

Always shop around when buying your fur baby and do not base your decision on the price alone. Make sure that the breeder is willing to take the time out to answer your questions. Good breeders should even be willing to take back the puppy should any problem arise.

The following table shows you the price range and minimum and maximum costs of  Transylvanian Hound puppies in the United States.

The minimum price of a Transylvanian Hound puppy$600
The maximum price of a Transylvanian Hound puppy$1500
Price bracket$600 and $1000
The median price in the USA$1000


Basic Supplies for the Transylvanian Hound Puppy

If you already have dog/s or pets at home, you might have some of these basic supplies. If not, then it may be better to buy them as they can help you make your puppy’s life more comfortable. This is especially important in the initial days. Remember: your Transylvanian Hound puppy will miss its dam and siblings, so it is your duty to make it feel protected and loved.


Food and water bowls

Your little furball needs plenty of food as it grows. You must also supply it with clean drinking water daily. Select sturdy, heavy bowls that won’t skid or tip over. Ceramic, stainless steel, and heavy-duty plastic bowls are good choices. Plan to spend about $20-$30 for these.


Leash, collars, or harness

Most vets advise you not to take your little puppy out for a walk in the first few days – until its basic vaccinations are covered. Once you do take your pet out, then it will need a sturdy collar, leash, and some ID tags. These should not cost more than $30.


Bed and crate

Transylvanian Hound puppies are very energetic and sometimes, all they need is a quiet place to rest. A crate can provide them with a safe den-like area to spend some quiet time. Sturdy crates cost around $40-$50. Add in a crate pad or comfortable chew-proof bed which can cost another $30.



Toys not only provide your Transylvanian Hound pup with mental and physical stimulation but also prevent boredom, soothe sore gums while teething, and help your pet avoid destructive behaviors like chewing furniture, etc. Kong toys are ideal for this breed as they can withstand aggressive chewing. You can also fill it up with tasty treats or peanut butter and your puppy will be busy for hours.

Collar-leash set, harness$20-$40
Food-water bowls$10-$30
Baby gates to limit your pet’s entry in parts of your house$40
Treat dispenser toys$10
Chew-proof bed/crate padsFrom $30
Mats for containing food messes$10
Kong toy$10
Grooming tools –wipes, brush, comb, dental supplies, shampoo, nail clippers, etc.$75
Poop bags$10
Potty pads for indoor training$10


Transylvanian Hound Training Costs

Training your Transylvanian hound should be your top priority. You can start with potty training and also consider training it for basic obedience. However, dog training needs consistency and commitment., without which you won’t get results.

If you’re too busy to train your puppy consistently, then it may be a good idea to opt for private dog training, group training, or doggy boot camp training. These choices are priced differently and the costs vary from city to city as well.

Private dog training is generally an expensive option. Most private trainers charge between $40 and $120 per session. Group training classes are slightly cheaper. Typically they cost between $10 and $80 per class – although some are priced on a weekly basis. 

The advantage of group training is that your pup will also get to meet and socialize with other puppies. For some puppies though, this can be a deterrent as they tend to get distracted due to the presence of the other puppies. In such cases, private training may be a better choice.

Doggy boot camps or the board-and-train option lets you board your puppy with the trainer. This can cost between $500 and $1250 per week.

Transylvanian hounds make great service and therapy dogs too. The cost of service/therapy dog training is quite high – almost $10,000 for a period of 2 years.

Board-and-train$500 to $1250.00 per week
Group training (cost per class)$20.00 to $50 per class
Private training (cost per session)$45.00 and $120
YouTube videos$0.00
Service or therapy dog trainingNearly $10,000 for the complete course over 2 years.


Transylvanian Hound Food Costs

You can feed your puppy the same food it was eating at the breeder’s. As your pet grows, you can evaluate its exact nutrition needs based on its age, weight,  and activity levels. Here are some general feeding guidelines for your hound dog:

  • Most Transylvanian pups need 3-4 small meals a day. An adult Transylvanian will need 2 meals a day. 
  • A fully-grown adult Transylvanian hound will need 3 ½ cups of food per day daily. You can divide this into two meals per day.
  • Change the quantity and type of food only after consulting your vet.
  • Lactating or pregnant bitches and senior dogs need different food.
  • Home-cooked meals are great for these dogs but do make sure that they meet all the dietary requirements according to your pet’s life stage, overall health, and activity levels.
  • Lamb, chicken brown rice, quinoa, fish, eggs, and beef are good choices for Transylvanian hounds.
  • Some Transylvanians are known to be allergic to certain proteins or grains in food. If you suspect a food allergy, you need to switch to a novel protein source such as rabbit, venison, etc. Avoid grain-based dog foods as they too can cause food sensitivity in Transylvanian hounds.

Here are approximate monthly food quantities and costs for feeding your pet:

Type of foodMonthly quantity in-lb.Cost per lb.
Dry dog food/kibble30-35 lb.$40-$60
Wet or canned food50-80 lb.$150-$200
Freeze-dried food18-20 lb.$300
Raw food60 – 75 lb.$30-$50


Best Dog Foods for Transylvanian Hounds and Their Costs

Transylvanians need high-protein food at all life stages. Puppies also need essential fatty acids like DHA and EPA for brain development. Adult dogs need probiotics for immunity and better digestion.

There are many good dog food brands available these days. Look for foods that meet the AAFCO dog food guidelines. Avoid foods with cheap ingredients and fillers. As far as possible, select human-grade foods that enlist meat as their No.1 ingredient.

Some dog owners feed raw foods to their Transylvanians. These are a good choice but sometimes, they could increase the risk of salmonella poisoning.

You can feed dry dog food (kibble) or canned food. The benefit of dry food is that its texture can prevent plaque and tartar and may be beneficial for the dog’s dental health. With canned food, the moisture content is higher and may benefit a dog’s kidney health.

Here are some of the top dog foods available in the market:

NameFeaturesCost per pound
Orijen Dry Dog FoodBiologically-appropriate dog food with real meat, whole prey diet with poultry, organs, and fish, first five ingredients are fresh/raw meat or fish$3.64/lb.
Taste of the WildContains 32% protein, enriched with fruits, super-foods, and omegas, family-made in the USA, contain anti-oxidants and probiotics$1.86/lb.
Purina Beyond Grain-Free Canned FoodNo artificial colors or preservatives, beef is the No.1 ingredient, contains natural prebiotic fiber$1.85/lb.
Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Meal Mixers95% cage-free chicken, made in the USA, minimally processed, grain and gluten-free$2.62/lb.


Transylvanian Hound Medical Costs

Throughout your Transylvanian’s life, s/he will need routine medical exams. In the first year of your puppy’s life, it will need vaccinations and booster shots to protect it from many canine diseases. These include distemper, parvo-virus, hepatitis, etc. These core vaccines are mandatory by law. Your pet will also need some non-core vaccines if your vet recommends them.

Most vet clinics charge between $30 and $100 for vaccinations. In your puppy’s first year, you may also consider getting it de-sexed. The de-sexing surgery costs more for female dogs. Expect to pay between $100 and $300 for this procedure.

Other important medical costs include flea ad tick prevention and deworming costs. If you bring home your puppy after it is 8 weeks old, then the breeder may have completed some of the initial vaccinations and deworming. However, flea and tick prevention and deworming needs to be done regularly and your vet will give you a schedule for it. Expect to pay around $50 for both for protecting your pet for 2-3 months.

The following table shows the approximate cost of vaccination along with the puppy’s age at which to administer it:


6-8 weeksCanine parvovirus – core vaccine
Distemper – core vaccine
Canine hepatitis – core vaccine
16 to 18 weeks and a booster at 12-16 months and repeat as per state lawRabies – core vaccine$15.00
6-8 weeksBordetella bronchiseptica – non-core vaccine$25.00
9-12 weeks to be repeated 2 to 4 weeks laterBorrelia burgdorferi – non-core vaccine$25.00
10-12 weeks to be repeated every 4 weeks until your puppy is 1 year oldLeptospira bacteria – non-core vaccine$50.00


Emergency and other Miscellaneous Medical Costs

No pet parent wants to think of medical emergencies but they can arise in the form of swallowed objects, accidents, and injuries. Issues like fractures can cost thousands of dollars to treat. A simple blood test and X-ray can cost nearly $400.

If you get your hound’s teeth professionally cleaned, then expect to pay up to $500 for it. Ear infections and eye issues can set you back by nearly $300. Even a routine checkup at the vet clinic can cost $50 per visit.


Common Diseases Seen in Transylvanian Hounds

The Transylvanian is a generally hardy dog but they are prone to certain health issues such as:

Hip and elbow dysplasia

These are inherited conditions that can be prevented by not breeding dogs having these issues. That is why it is very important to buy your puppy from a reputed breeder. Symptoms include noisy joints, sudden limp, hopping gait, etc. The cost of treating is expensive – surgery for replacing the joint can cost up to $1500 per joint.



Canine cancer affects nearly 50% of all dogs and the common types are melanoma, bone cancer, and lymphoma. The cost of treating cancer can run into thousands of dollars including diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, and hospitalization.


Should You Purchase Pet Insurance for your Transylvanian Hound?

As seen above, medical costs for a Transylvanian hound can quickly add up. Even if your dog is healthy, it will still need routine vet checkups from time to time. Simply visiting the vet twice a year can cost $100.

The worst nightmare for any pet parent is having a seriously ill pet. Even if there is a treatment available, not all dog owners can afford it. It is because of this that ‘economic euthanasia’ is the only way to end the dog’s suffering.

Things do not have to be that way. Pet insurance can help cover many treatment costs. Some insurance plans even cover routine and wellness checkups. Many reimburse up to 90% of the medical bills.

These days, you have many pet insurance companies with top ratings so it is very important to do your research thoroughly before buying. Decide on the company after you are satisfied with the coverage you get from it.

Here is a quick table showing top insurance companies with their pros and cons and monthly costs:

Name of the insurance companyFeaturesCost per month
ASPCA30-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee$39
PumpkinRated Best Overall Health Insurance on Insurance Ranked website$18.95 
EmbraceGet up to 90% back on most vet billsPlans are sometimes lower than $1 per day
Healthy PawsHas covered over 500,000 pets in the USA$39.10


Additional Costs of Owning a Transylvanian Hound

In addition to vet checkups and dog food costs, your Transylvanian hound could also need the following services:

Home improvement – fencing the yard

The dog was bred for hunting and is prone to chasing prey. It is certainly not a dog for apartment dwellers and needs a home with a yard. If your yard is not covered, then your pet is at risk of dashing into the traffic. Home improvements such as fencing can cost up to $1000 depending on the size of the yard.

Pet boarding or travel

There will come a time when you have to travel for business or work. In such cases, it is best to board your dog at a dog hostel. Most boarding facilities charge up to $50 per night. You can always hire a pet sitter to come to walk/feed your dog. Sitters also charge between $40 and $75 depending on the tasks they perform.

If you travel with your pet by flight, then expect to pay between $125 and $250 for a one-way trip.

Dog walker

This hunting dog needs a lot of physical activity to stay healthy and happy. In case you are not able to meet this important need, then you may want to consider the services of a dog walker. Dog walkers charge between $10 and $45 per 30-minute walk. 


Your Transylvanian should always have a collar with an ID tag. However, in the event it is lost, a microchip can help you locate your buddy. The microchip is implanted under the dog’s skin and is a completely painless procedure. It usually costs around $30-$45.


Key Takeaways – How Much Does a Transylvanian Hound Cost?

Estimated first-year costs of your Transylvanian hound

The purchase price of this puppy is between $600 and $1500 with an average price of $1000. In the first year, you will also spend on a dog crate, blanket, bed, toys, grooming tools, spaying neutering, collars and leash, vaccinations, and routine medical checkups. Calculating these costs, you can expect to spend between $1000 and $2500.

Monthly costs

The monthly cost of keeping a Transylvanian hound puppy is between $500 and $750 depending on the style of your pet-parenting. You will mainly spend on your pet’s food, veterinary care, dog insurance, grooming, flea and tick prevention, and other unexpected costs.

Annual cost

After the first year, most dog parents spend half as much on their pets as they did in the initial year. So you can expect to spend between $1000 and $1500 on your Transylvanian hound.

Lifetime cost

The average lifespan of the  Transylvanian Hound is between 10-12 years. So, over its lifetime, you can expect to spend up between $10,000 and $15,000 on its upkeep. This is just an estimate and the actual costs will vary based on your location as well as the style of dog parenting you follow.

In any case, we hope this costing guide helps you plan a budget for your exotic dog!

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