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What on earth is a tricolor or triple carrier french bulldog?

Maybe you are familiar with the term tricolor but the triple carrier can sound a little complicated when we are referring to animal colorations.

As per usual with the french bulldog, the triple carrier is to do with genetics. A triple-carrier french bulldog is a dog that carries three rare color genes.

The three rare color genes in french bulldog DNA are black, blue, and chocolate. The triple carrier french bulldog is super desirable to breeders breeding two triple carriers dogs together means all of the puppies will be one of the three rare color variations. For breeders, this will mean a litter of blue, black, and chocolate french bulldogs which are all extremely popular but pretty hard to breed purposefully!

What about quad carriers?

A quad-carrier french bulldog is non-existent. A breeder may try to sell a pup as a quad carrier but the truth is, the ever-popular lilac french bulldog is not due to a gene!

The lilac french bulldog color variation happens when the blue and chocolate genes are combined therefore meaning there is not one specific lilac gene.

Should I buy a triple-carrier french bulldog?

Unless you intend to breed from your french bulldog it honestly will not affect your life with them at all. The dog you purchase will be whatever color it was born as and being a triple-carrier french bulldog will not change this.

However, if you do intend to breed from your french bulldog and need it to truly be a triple carrier you must ask for all the paperwork of both parents of your dog and perhaps even genetic testing prior to your purchase. This is the only way to be 100% sure you will be buying a triple-carrier french bulldog.

How much is a triple-carrier french bulldog?

The cost of a triple carrier french bulldog is usually around $6500 but can of course be more if you are purchasing from a particularly reputable breeder.

What is a tri-color french bulldog?

Often incorrectly called a triple carrier or vice versa, the tricolor french bulldog is where the dog has a base coat of one color and a pattern over its entire body of another two colors. The only tri-color color variation that is currently accepted by the AKC is fawn, brindle, and white.

What causes the tricolor french bulldogs color?

The cause of a tricolor french bulldog is due to the A locus gene being present. The A locus gene is responsible for the three colors being present.

How much is a tricolor french bulldog?

These pretty pups are not the rarest and not the most popular choice of a french bulldog, we have no idea why? The striking tricolor french bulldog can cost around $5,000 which is a steal compared to some of the other french bulldog color variations!

If you are looking for more information on french bulldogs and their cost check out our french bulldog article!

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