Vizsla Puppy Price In USA – 2022 Prices


We have analysed thousands of online puppy ads to find out what is the current price for a Vizsla puppy. 21 ads were reviewed in this particular case.

Vizsla Puppy Average Price

Based on the data we collected, the average price you can expect to find for a Vizsla would be $1007.

Vizsla Puppy Minimum Price

The minimum price we found was $700.

Vizsla Puppy Maximum Price

And the maximum price we found was $1500.

When the minimum price is particularly low, it usually means that we found ads from non-professional breeders ready to give one or several of their puppies.

When the maximum price is particularly high, it usually means that some breeders are selling puppies with an AKC Champion bloodline.

This information is meant to allow you to know what to expect to buy your puppy from a reputable breeder.

Before buying a puppy, remember that more than 3 million dogs enter shelters every year. Only two-thirds of them have the chance to find a new home. There may be a dog waiting for you in your nearest dog shelter.

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