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The Weimaraner is an exciting dog breed that needs more training than most dog breeds. However, these large silver-colored dogs are also intelligent, and, with the right training can make wonderful loyal companions.

Depending on the dog’s gender, Weimaraners can weigh between 55-80 lb. and measure between 23 to 27 inches.

Are you considering adding this majestic silver dog to your household? Perhaps, you already own a Weimaraner. In any case, this guide will help you create an annual and lifetime budget for the expenses that come with owning a Weimaraner.

The First-Year Cost of Owning a Weimaraner

The break-up of the first-year costs of owning a Weimaraner is as follows:

  • The cost of basic supplies can range from $300-$500. These include the cost of a comfortable dog bed, crate/puppy carrier, food and water bowls, leashes, collars, grooming tools, poop bags, training tools, etc. You can always save money on some of these items by buying them used or going for low-cost and affordable items.
  • Veterinary care costs for a Weimaraner in the first year include the cost of spay/neuter surgery, basic vaccinations, routine checkups, flea-tick prevention, deworming, etc. Expect these costs to fall between $300-$800.
  • Food costs for your puppy can come to $25-$50 a month or around $600 a year. These will vary based on the type of food you feed your puppy. It may be advisable to feed the same food that the breeder was feeding. Later, your vet can help you make appropriate dietary changes.
  • Dog training can cost $200 to $500 or more.

Adding up all these costs, you get a figure of $2400 to $3000 in the first year. Please note that we have not included puppy price, emergency veterinary costs, grooming costs, pet insurance, and travel/boarding costs in this figure.

 If you do add these amounts, then the first-year costs can easily go over $5000.

Annual Cost of Owning a Weimaraner

After the first year, the cost of owning a Weimaraner usually includes the following items:

  • Annual veterinary costs for Weimaraner dogs come to around $600 to $800 per year. These include flea and tick prevention, deworming, booster shots, and basic or routine checkups. 
  • If you buy pet health insurance, expect to pay between $300-$500 per year. This may be a wise decision as insurance covers many basic and routine veterinary costs.
  • Dog food costs for feeding an adult Weimaraner can range from $50 to $150 a month. This price can vary based on the type of food you feed, your dog’s size, activity levels, and overall health. The annual cost of feeding an adult Weimaraner comes to $600-$1800.
  • A Weimaraner does not need professional grooming but should you choose to take your dog to the groomer’s for some basic services like nail trimming, ear cleaning, and a bath, then expect to pay $35 to $50 per visit. This brings the annual cost of dog grooming for Weimaraner to $70-$100.
  • Dog walking costs in the USA are $10-$30 per 30-minute walk. If you hire a dog walker for walking your pet once a day for 7 days a week, you’d easily spend $300-$560 a month on average. This brings the annual costs to $3600-$6500!
  • Boarding your Weimaraner at the pet hostel can cost $35-$65 per night. Annual costs of pet boarding can come to $500 if you plan two getaways of 5 days each.

The total annual cost of keeping a Weimaraner can range from $1200-$1500 just on the basics like food and veterinary care. Add in the other expenses like grooming, travel, dog walking, emergency medical bills, etc. and the cost can go up by another $6000.

Lifetime Cost of Owning a Weimaraner

The average lifespan of a Weimaraner is 11-14 years. This brings the lifetime cost of owning one to $16,000- $33,000. This cost can vary based on your dog’s overall health as well as your lifestyle.

The Cost of Buying a Weimaraner Puppy

The price of a Weimaraner puppy in the USA tends to vary based on the dog’s lineage, the breeder’s reputation, and location, as well as the puppy’s age and the training it has received.

Most breeders charge between $800-$2500 for a purebred Weimaraner puppy with AKC papers. Some breeders even charge up to $3000 for Weimaraner puppies born to show-winning dogs. Also, the breeder’s reputation matters. Top breeders usually charge an average of $1500 per puppy.

You can always find cheap Weimaraner pups for under $500 at pet stores. But they may not be healthy as they could be a product of puppy mills or in-breeding. It’s essential to do research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs.

You can also consider adopting a Weimaraner from your local animal shelter. Many rescued Weimaraners are awaiting forever homes and they certainly deserve a second chance. Most shelters charge between $250-$500 as a rehoming fee. This cost covers the dog’s vaccinations, deworming, as well a spaying or neutering surgery.

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