Westiepoo Price Guide

Are you thinking about welcoming a new canine companion into your home and are interested in the Westiepoo? Being aware of the costs related to acquiring and maintaining this delightful breed is essential. In this guide, we’re offering you an in-depth look into the costs associated with owning a Westiepoo. Our 2023 Westiepoo Price Guide encompasses everything from the initial expense of getting the puppy to the yearly and lifetime costs.

Average Cost of a Westiepoo Puppy & Subsequent Yearly Costs

The price of a Westiepoo puppy varies, influenced by several factors like lineage, the reputation of the breeder, and location. The average cost range is between $500 and $1,000 for a Westiepoo puppy from a respected breeder. Those puppies that come from champion or purebred lines can command higher prices. Be cautious about prices that seem excessively low, typically under $400, as this might be a sign of a puppy mill or unethical breeding practices.

Here is a breakdown of the costs you’ll encounter in your first year of owning a Westiepoo:

  • Average puppy price: $500 – $1,000
  • 1st-year vaccines: $170
  • Dewormer: $50 – $150 (varies with the size of the dog)
  • Food: A Westiepoo, a medium-sized breed dog, generally weighs between 20 to 30 pounds as an adult. Using mid-range food at about $3 per pound, and a daily intake of 2.5% of body weight, you can anticipate spending about $270 to $400 per year on food.
  • Supplies: $200 (includes basics such as a bed, leash, and toys)
  • Routine vet exams: $200
  • Adding these expenses together, the total cost for the first year is roughly between $1,390 and $2,120.

In the following years, the yearly costs will decrease. Here’s an estimate:

  • Routine vet care: $600
  • Food: Based on the earlier calculation, around $270 – $400

Thus, the annual cost will be around $870 – $1,000.
Finally, to estimate the lifetime cost of owning a Westiepoo, we’ll use the breed’s average lifespan, which is around 12 to 15 years. After subtracting the first year, we multiply 11-14 years by the annual cost and add the first-year cost:

Lifetime cost: (11-14 x $870 – $1,000) + $1,390 – $2,120
So, the total lifetime cost of owning a Westiepoo will be between $11,660 and $16,220.

This calculation does not include other potential costs like sterilization, dog walking, grooming, training, etc., which can increase your yearly expenses. Nevertheless, this should provide a good estimate of what you can expect to spend when considering a Westiepoo as a new family member.

Guidelines on Selecting a Source for Your Westiepoo Puppy

The search for a credible pet breeder online can be an overwhelming endeavor. How can you ensure the legitimacy of the breeders and confirm that you are not unintentionally funding puppy mills? Do not worry, we are here to assist you in locating a trustworthy source for your new furry family member.

Purchasing Your Puppy from a Local Breeder

When picking a breeder, a comprehensive vetting process is vital. Initiate by exploring their background. Inquire about their business history, the puppies’ origin, and the accessibility of health certificates for their puppies. Dependable breeders will willingly provide information about potential health issues in their dogs’ lineage and will have implemented preventative strategies. They should also be open to addressing your queries at any point during the transaction – before, during, and even after you’ve procured the puppy.
It is highly recommended to visit the breeder’s establishment prior to finalizing your purchase. The facility should be tidy, well-maintained, and home to happy, healthy animals with ample space for exercise and play. Bear in mind, puppies mustn’t be separated from their mothers before attaining 8 weeks of age, a rule that’s legally enforced in some states. Reputable breeders won’t hasten your decision to buy a puppy. Rather, they will assist you in locating the perfect canine companion for your household.

If you have any doubts about a breeder, it’s best to continue your exploration. There are many ethical breeders committed to prioritizing animal well-being. By carrying out thorough research and visiting potential breeders, you can confidently welcome your new four-legged companion from a responsible source.

Purchasing Your Westiepoo Puppy Online

There might be situations where an in-person visit to a pet breeder is unfeasible. Numerous future pet owners now procure their puppies from breeders situated out of state or even overseas. Despite this, you can still guarantee your new puppy originates from a compassionate and ethical environment.
Westiepoos, being a designer breed, are not recognized by the AKC. Hence, it’s crucial to gather substantial information about the breeder before making any commitments. Scrutinize their website and social media for customer reviews, ask detailed questions, and request pictures of their facilities.

Do not hesitate to ask about health records and lineage. A reputable breeder should have no issues providing recent health records of available puppies, including deworming, vaccinations, and other treatments conducted by licensed veterinarians.

Understanding the breeder’s practices is essential. If they seem reluctant to discuss their methods or their dogs’ lineage, it’s advisable to look for another breeder. Ethical breeders are diligent about tracking their dogs’ ancestry and use genetic testing to determine mating pairs.

When considering a Westiepoo, question the breeder about possible genetic health issues that could emerge from the West Highland White Terrier and Miniature Poodle parents. For example, both parent breeds can be prone to certain conditions such as hip dysplasia and certain eye disorders. A responsible breeder should be cognizant of these potential issues and take steps to ensure they are not breeding dogs with these health problems.

Armed with the right information and pertinent questions, you can ensure you’re bringing your new pet home from a breeder that values the welfare of their puppies.

Remember, before purchasing a Westiepoo or any other puppy, always verify the breeder’s credentials, ask for references, and insist on seeing proof of health screenings. It’s also essential to meet the puppy in person before bringing it home to ensure it’s a good fit for your family. Finally, if you have any concerns or uncertainties, it’s okay to walk away and find another breeder who meets your standards. Your diligence and patience will pay off when you bring home a healthy, well-socialized puppy that’s a perfect match for your family.

Westiepoo at a Glance


Westiepoos are known for their friendly, intelligent, and playful nature, making them an integral part of the family.

Energy Levels

Westiepoos exhibit a moderate to high energy level and need daily walks, playtime, and mental exercises to maintain their wellbeing.

Westiepoo and Children

Well-socialized Westiepoos get along well with children and other pets, making them an excellent addition to families.


Yes, their small size and moderate energy level make Westiepoos suitable for apartment living, given that they are provided with enough exercise and mental stimulation.

Shedding Tendencies

Thanks to their Poodle heritage, Westiepoos are low shedders, making them a suitable choice for individuals with allergies, although no dog breed is truly hypoallergenic.

Factors Affecting a Westiepoo Puppy’s Price


Typically, the size of a Westiepoo doesn’t have a significant effect on its price.


The color of a Westiepoo also does not tend to greatly impact the puppy’s price.


Breeders who are known for producing healthy, well-socialized puppies with a focus on reducing genetic health problems may ask for higher prices for their pups.


Adoption is a fantastic option when looking for a Westiepoo. Although they may not be as common in shelters as other mixed breeds, there are rescue organizations dedicated to rehoming breeds like the Westiepoo. Check out [Westie Rescue USA](http://westierescue.com/) or the [Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation](http://poodleclubofamerica.org/).


The lineage of a Westiepoo’s parents can significantly impact the puppy’s price. Puppies from champion or purebred lines can be more expensive.


Younger Westiepoo puppies, due to their adaptability and cuteness, may command higher prices than older or senior dogs.

Geographic Location

The price of Westiepoo puppies can differ based on geographic location. Puppies in urban regions or areas with high demand for the breed might be more expensive than those in rural areas. Regions with a greater concentration of reputable breeders may also have higher average prices for Westiepoo puppies. Regardless, it’s vital for future owners to prioritize finding ethical and responsible Westiepoo breeders, no matter where they are located.

Choosing a Westiepoo

Mistakes to Avoid

When buying a Westiepoo, make sure to avoid common mistakes such as buying a puppy without first meeting it, choosing a breeder who doesn’t provide health records, making an impulsive purchase based on appearance, buying a puppy younger than 8 weeks old, or selecting a puppy based solely on price.

Alternative Breeds

If you’re considering a Westiepoo because of their size, hypoallergenic coat, and friendly, intelligent personality, consider also these breeds: Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Schnoodle, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, and Shih Tzu.

Basic Westiepoo Supplies Cost in the USA

Before you introduce a Westiepoo into your home, it’s crucial to equip your living environment with the necessary items for a seamless transition. Basic essentials such as a collar and leash, nail clippers, a crate, toys, a cozy bed, food and water bowls, grooming tools, and treats are fundamental for your new pet. The initial cost for these supplies typically ranges from $200 – $300.

Training Costs for Westiepoos

Training your Westiepoo can take different forms and comes with varying costs. Training categories include basic puppy training, dog aggression training, advanced training, obedience training, and service or therapy dog training, each tailored to your expectations for your Westiepoo’s behavior.

Private training sessions generally cost between $25 and $50, while group sessions cost around $10 to $30 per session. Group training also provides an opportunity for your Westiepoo to interact with other dogs, fostering good social skills.

While Westiepoos are intelligent and eager to please, they can inherit a stubborn streak from their Westie parent. Therefore, consistent training and patience are key to set clear boundaries.

If your Westiepoo is easily distracted or requires more socialization, private training might be a better choice. Alternatively, doggy boot camps for comprehensive training can cost between $500 and $1,250 per week.

While experienced dog owners might have the skills to train their Westiepoo, first-time owners might find professional training assistance beneficial.

Food Costs for Westiepoos in the USA

Feeding your Westiepoo is one of the most significant recurring costs. Westiepoos have a moderate-sized stomach, requiring a few small, nutrient-dense meals a day.

Initially, it’s recommended to continue feeding your Westiepoo puppy the same food the breeder used to ensure a smooth dietary transition. As your Westiepoo grows, consult your vet about the best diet options. High-quality dry kibble for small to medium-sized breeds usually works well, though dietary needs may vary between puppies and adults.

On average, you can expect to spend between $30-$40 monthly on a mid-range food option for your Westiepoo.

Medical Costs for Westiepoos in the USA

During the first year, your Westiepoo will need several vaccinations against diseases such as distemper and hepatitis. Your vet might also recommend optional vaccines depending on risk factors.

Neutering or spaying your Westiepoo is another cost to consider, as is a regular deworming schedule to prevent parasitic infestations. Also, protection against external parasites like fleas and ticks is essential. The estimated cost of routine vet visits for a Westiepoo is around $600 annually, depending on your location.


Core vaccines for dogs include those against rabies, canine parvovirus, canine distemper, and canine adenovirus (hepatitis). These diseases are highly contagious and potentially fatal, so it’s essential to keep your Westiepoo updated on its vaccinations.
Additional vaccines, such as those for Lyme disease, leptospirosis, and kennel cough, might be advised based on your Westiepoo’s individual risk factors. Consult your vet about the appropriate vaccination schedules.

Typically, the first-year vaccines for a Westiepoo will cost about $170, with the cost decreasing in the following years as fewer boosters may be needed.


If your Westiepoo isn’t already spayed or neutered, expect to pay between $100 – $500 for the procedure. Spaying, which is more invasive, typically costs more than neutering.


Westiepoos, like any breed, need regular deworming from a young age. The exact cost varies, but for a medium-sized breed like a Westiepoo, expect to pay around $20-$50 per treatment.

Common Health Conditions in Westiepoos

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia, a condition where the hip joint doesn’t develop correctly, can be an issue in Westiepoos. Treatment can vary widely in cost depending on the severity of the condition.

Eye Disorders

Eye disorders, including Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), can affect Westiepoos. Regular check-ups to monitor these conditions can cost around $200-$300 per visit.

Skin Problems

Skin problems can be common in Westiepoos, often requiring treatments that range in cost. Always consult your vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan if your Westiepoo shows signs of these conditions.

Extra Expenses Involved in Raising a Westiepoo

Pet Insurance

Owning a Westiepoo may sometimes come with unforeseen health-related costs. Regardless of how unpleasant it may be to consider, it’s critical to prepare for potential accidents, injuries, or inherited diseases. Pet insurance can help cover these unexpected expenses and render many costly veterinary treatments more manageable. Decent dog insurance typically falls between $15 and $50 per month, contingent on the coverage.

Boarding Expenses

There might be occasions when you need to leave your Westiepoo under trusted supervision if you are unable to take them along with you during your travels. Pet-sitters usually demand between $25 and $75 daily, providing a homely atmosphere for your canine. Alternatively, you could opt for pet boarding at a dog hostel, which generally costs between $30 and $50 per night.

Dog Walking

Westiepoos possess a moderate to high energy level and necessitate regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness. If you can’t accommodate this need some days, dog walking services can be invaluable. They generally charge between $15 and $30 for a 30-minute walk.


Westiepoos have a coat that requires regular brushing to keep it in excellent condition. If you choose professional grooming, the expense will be around $50 to $70 per session.

Westiepoo Cost FAQs

How Can I Locate a Westiepoo Puppy For Sale?

While it might be enticing to search for puppies online, it’s better to look for specialized Westiepoo breeders or breeders who specialize in West Highland White Terriers and Miniature Poodles. They can potentially guide you to a reputable designer breeder. Always remember to consider adopting a Westiepoo, as numerous dogs are in need of a loving home.

What are Some Comparable Breeds to Contemplate if I am Interested in a Westiepoo?

If you’re keen on Westiepoos, you might also contemplate other small, friendly breeds like the Cavapoo, Cockapoo, Schnoodle, Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, or Shih Tzu. These breeds share many appealing traits with the Westiepoo, such as their compact size, friendly nature, and in most cases, hypoallergenic coats.

Can I Adopt a Westiepoo?

Yes, without a doubt! Numerous organizations are dedicated to rescuing Westiepoos and finding them affectionate homes. Check out Westie Rescue USA, Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, and also explore Adopt a Pet for Westiepoos in need of a permanent home.

What Should I Ask a Westiepoo Breeder Before Purchasing From Them?

Before purchasing a Westiepoo, ensure you ask the breeder about genetics, health screenings, guarantees, whether the dog is sterilized/dewormed, the dog’s lineage, and ask to see their breeding facility.

What Are Some Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Westiepoo? When buying a Westiepoo, steer clear of common mistakes such as inadequate research, not meeting the puppy in person, or not verifying the breeder’s references and credentials.

Who are the Best Westiepoo Breeders in the USA? There are many Westiepoo breeders in the USA, but it’s vital to find a reputable one. It’s recommended to reach out to AKC-registered West Highland White Terrier breeders near you to get some insights.

Can I Import a Westiepoo from a Foreign Breeder? Importing a Westiepoo from a foreign breeder is generally unnecessary as this breed is readily available in the USA. Moreover, importing a puppy implies complying with strict regulations and can be stressful for the animal. Always consider local adoption and breeder options first.

In Summary – What is the Cost of Owning a Westiepoo?

Initial Year Expenses

Having a Westiepoo can be an exciting addition to the family. The first year is when you will most likely encounter the majority of expenses. On average, expect to pay between $500 and over $1,000 for a Westiepoo puppy from a reputable breeder. Additional costs in the first year include 1st-year vaccines ($170), dewormer ($50 – $150), food ($200 – $400), supplies ($200), and routine vet exams ($200), bringing the total for the first year to approximately $1,120 to $2,120.

Annual Expenses

After the first year, annual expenses for your Westiepoo will be more manageable. These include routine vet care ($600) and food ($200 – $400), making an annual cost of $800 to $1,000. These figures may fluctuate based on your Westiepoo’s particular needs, your location, and your preferences.

Lifetime Expenses

Considering a Westiepoo’s lifespan of around 12 to 15 years, the lifetime cost will range between $10,720 and $15,120. This includes the more substantial expenditure in the first year and the subsequent, more predictable annual costs. Bear in mind that other potential costs like sterilization, dog walking, grooming, training, etc., may add to your yearly and lifetime totals.
Westiepoo ownership isn’t only about expenses; it’s about the joy, love, and fun memories that lie ahead with your small, furry friend. Their charming personalities, friendly nature, and playfulness make them delightful companions that will undoubtedly enrich your life for many years to come.

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