What to feed a picky dog? Expert Tips to Entice Your Dog’s Palate




Are you one of the lucky owners who got to have the picky eater in the litter? The one that has such a peculiar palate that there is no food that could live up to its needs? Yes, we understand you and we sympathize with you. Because we have all been in your shoes and with this article we will try to help you with some tips and tricks on how to feed your picky dog.

Keep in mind, that there will be lots of trial and error, but you need to stick it to the end, and trust me, results will follow! 

Make a schedule and stick to it!

Owners who don’t feed their dogs at certain times and who leave the food available for their dogs constantly may be facing these problems. Usually, I tell my clients that dogs are like babies, they need a feeding schedule and since they are creatures of habit, you need to be able to respect that.

Whenever you are offering your dog its meal, make sure that this is always at the same time, every day. Also, do not leave the food available for them constantly, offer them the food and give them 15-20 minutes to eat. If they don’t then just take the bowl and offer the next food when it’s time for the next meal. 

I know this may sound very harsh for some owners and trust me this is not abuse. This is just teaching your dog that you are the alpha in the pack and that you run the show. Not the other way around. 

Don’t give too many treats 

Treats are meant to be used for a special purpose, meaning when you are trying to teach your dog something or reward them, then this is when you reach out for the yummies they will do anything for. If you have the habit of giving too many treats, way too often, then don’t be surprised if your dog becomes picky and expects the yummy food rather than the actual meal. You may also end up overfeeding them and you will again get the same result. 

Think about trying out new flavors 

Even though I am one of those people who would not fix anything if it is not broken, I understand the pain of owners who have to change food brands every so often. They simply have a dog that easily gets bored with the flavor of that food and they would rather choose hunger over anything else.

Provide variety

This is important, especially for those owners who choose to feed their dogs with homemade food. Make sure you also add up some fruit and veggies, which may make the food smell and taste better for your dog. Also, it may help mask certain smells and at the same time, you can keep your dog healthy. 

But, before you start adding things to your dog’s dish, make sure they are appropriate for them and consult about how much and how often certain ingredients could be added to the mix. 

Use puzzle feeders

Some dogs would be more keen on eating if they are entertained. That is why it may be wise that you try and find some puzzle feeders that will keep your picky dog both entertained and fed at the same time. Keep in mind it may take some time for you to find the right one.

At the end of the story, you may simply have a dog that is picky and that nothing will work. But that only means that you may need to discover different ways to make your dog eat. If you do find new ones, please share them with us! 

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