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Brindle English Bulldogs are nothing but English Bulldogs with a distinct coat pattern. The brindle pattern is also called the ‘tiger stripe pattern’ due to the subtle stripes on the Bulldog’s body.

You can have different colors in Brindle English Bulldogs like red brindle, fawn brindle, etc.

If you are considering adding a Brindle English Bulldog to your household and want to know how much it costs, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Let us answer the question – how much is a Brindle English Bulldog in the USA?

How Much is a Brindle English Bulldog Worth?

Brindle English Bulldog puppies from reputed breeders can cost nearly $2500. Some English bulldog breeders could also charge $4500-$6000 for their Brindle English Bulldog puppies based on the dogs’ bloodlines.

Some English Bulldog Brindles come with beautiful chocolate, blue, or silver brindle patterns. These dogs cost almost $3500-$5000.

What is a Brindle English Bulldog?

Brindle English Bulldogs are standard English Bulldogs. They are accepted and recognized by the AKC and the other major Kennel Clubs.

Brindle English Bulldogs have stripes or brindle patterns. The pattern is subtle and not distinct as seen on a zebra. Rather, it is indistinct, blotchy, and more blended with the base color.

In Brindle English Bulldogs, the base color and stripe colors may not vary much. Usually, the base will be darker and the stripes will be lighter. Sometimes, the stripes are present all over including the head and belly and, at other times, they may be only present in certain areas.

Red is the most common color in Brindle English Bulldogs. However, breeders also breed for unique brindles in base colors like lilac, fawn, chocolate, black, silver, and blue. Often, Brindle English Bulldogs have grey, blue, or hazel eyes.

Is Brindle a Rare Color in English Bulldogs?

Not really. Brindle is one of the accepted standard colors in English Bulldogs. In certain dog breeds like Labradors, the Brindle pattern is rare – but not in English Bulldogs. The brindle pattern occurs because the brindle gene is recessive to the black-colored gene.

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