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The Standard Schnauzer price is indeed a very tough estimate to make since there are so many differing factors that directly affect the price of one dog from the other. There are so many things to consider when buying a dog such as its age, size, lineage, which breeder to purchase from, registration papers, training certificates, pet insurance, and so on.

Other than that, you must also know that the first-year costs of these dogs are much higher than the subsequent year’s costs. This is because there is so much that you will be paying for in the first year of owning a Standard Schnauzer. The following article contains the entire cost breakup and explanations so keep reading down below!

Standard Schnauzer Price

General Overview Of Costs

The Standard Schnauzer is indeed a very expensive dog breed however, there are two determining factors of the cost of any exotic dog breed. These factors include the reputation of the breeder and the purity of the bloodline of the dog. The purer the bloodline of the dog and the better the reputation of the breeder, the more expensive the dog you will get and vice versa.

The average price of a Standard Schnauzer ranges between $1,500 – $2,500. The reason why I have given you a range of average prices for this dog breed is that it varies greatly with the size of the dog. It means that the bigger Standard Schnauzer has a greater price average than that of a smaller-sized one.

First Year Costs

The first-year costs of purebred dogs are always super high. This is particularly because, during the first year, you are paying for the dog. Other than that, you also pay for veterinary checkups, food, accessories, vaccinations, and so on.

So, all these costs combine to become a very hefty amount. However, let me give you a breakdown of all these first-year costs in the form of a table so that you can have an exact idea of where your money will be going during that first year of owning a Standard Schnauzer.

Accessories (Collar, Leash, Bedding)$300
Food for twelve months$3000
Routine checkups at the vet$500
Average dog price$1500-2500

Subsequent Year Costs

The good news is that you won’t have to spend the same amount of first-year cash on the subsequent years too. The subsequent year cost breakdown is simple. You will just be paying for the food, dewormer, and veterinary checkups.

So, it means that you will just be spending about $3,600-$4,000 every year on your Standard Schnauzer after the first year. This price range is way less than the first-year price range which stands at about $5,400-$6,500.

However, all things aside, the one thing that you must keep in mind is that the cost breakdown that I provided you in the previous section of this article is based on an assumption. The assumption is that you want all the average quality things including the accessories, food, and veterinarian services. So, if you want good quality stuff, the prices will naturally shoot up considerably.

Total Lifetime Costs

You can also estimate the overall costs that you will have to incur over the life of the Standard Schnauzer. This is because the average lifespan of a Standard Schnauzer is about fifteen years if you keep it in good health and feed it properly. Considering that you get regular veterinary checkups and use average-quality food for your dog, it will cost you about $56,000-$62,500.

Then again, you need to understand that the estimate that I provided you all with above is based on the assumption that your Standard Schnauzer will live for fifteen years. The range will vary drastically if the life of your dog is higher or lower than the average life of this breed.

Extra Expenditure

With an exotic dog like Standard Schnauzer, you can never be sure what kind of cost you might need to incur next. This is because these rare dogs are super expensive and difficult to keep. The owners might need to incur some extra expenses just to ensure that their dogs live longer and healthier lives.

You could also skip these costs altogether because those people who avoid these costs also have healthy Standard Schnauzers however, I would not recommend that. If you want to pet a Standard Schnauzer, you might as well pay for the continuation of their lavish lifestyle!

These extra costs include neutering, exercise training costs, pet insurance, and spaying. Other than that, you will also have to pay for regular professional grooming to keep your dog in good shape and looking presentable. So, if you consider these costs, then you will have to add $25,000 to the estimated costs that you will have to incur over keeping a Standard Schnauzer dog.

Factors Affecting The Price Of A Standard Schnauzer

1. Size Of The Standard Schnauzer

The size of the Standard Schnauzer is the most important price-determining factor. This is because the smaller the Standard Schnauzer is the cheaper it will cost and vice versa. It means that if you want an affordable puppy of this breed, it will come in a very small size.

On the other hand, if you want a bigger Standard Schnauzer, you will have to pay much higher for it. It also means that the bigger ones represent wealth and hence the owners take great pride in showing them off.

2. Breeder’s Reputation

Another very common factor that determines the price of the Standard Schnauzer is the reputation of the breeder you want to get it from. Naturally, the better the reputation of the breeder, the more expensive the puppy it will sell you.

By reputation, I mean that the breeder is involved in the ethical breeding of all the dogs it keeps to sell them out. Plus, he is also not involved in malicious and cruel practices that involve animal abuse or something like that.

3. Registration Papers

Some breeders also give registration papers for the dogs when you purchase from them. These breeders are part of various dog clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) and have their dogs registered with these clubs. As a result, proper documentation of the dog is prepared by these clubs at the time of registration.

These registration papers are like license papers because these clubs have very strict selection criteria for their member dogs. Hence, if a dog gets registered with any of these dog clubs, its value increases tenfold because it cancels out any doubts about its breeding and well-being.

4. Training And Socialization

Some breeders also get their dogs proper training sessions to make them more receptive and loving toward humans. These trainings add to the value of the dogs immensely and hence, the trained dogs cost way more than the untrained ones. So, if you want a trained and highly social dog, you will be paying more!

5. Age

The price of a Standard Schnauzer also varies with the age of the dog. The younger the puppy is, the higher it will cost. Whereas, an older dog will cost you much less.

This is because the younger pups are easier to train. However, most dog lovers prefer to buy a fully grown-up dog particularly because older dogs have a much calmer temper and have stable personalities.


Why are Standard Schnauzer dogs so expensive?

The Standard Schnauzer is so expensive because it is a very rare breed in America. And since it’s so rare, people take pride in their ownership. Hence, this demand for the Standard Schnauzer breed acts as a catalyst in increasing the overall price range.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the Standard Schnauzer is indeed a very expensive dog to purchase and keep. These dogs have substantially high first-year costs which later on stabilize in the subsequent years. Nevertheless, an average Standard Schnauzer dog will cost its owner about $56,000-$62,500 throughout its lifetime.

Other than that various factors determine the price of a Standard Schnauzer. These factors include the size of the dog, the breeder’s reputation, availability of the dog’s registration papers, training and socialization, and age. So, you will have to look into every one of these factors when buying a Standard Schnauzer dog for yourself.

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