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A Welsh Terrier, a friendly and social dog that can get along well with other people, is the best choice for a pet. However, before buying a Welsh Terrier, it is necessary to know everything related to its cost, such as vet bills, grooming, food and supply costs, and training fees. Understanding these things will help you make an informed decision.

In this guide, I am going to discuss the Welsh Terrier price cost and some other important things that you need to know before welcoming a Welsh Terrier into your home. Therefore, keep reading to gain insight regarding the purchase of a Welsh Terrier.

Welsh Terrier Price

Welsh terriers originally originated around the 1700s in Wales and were initially bred for hunting. Their main task was to enter small dens and caves, chasing out animals for hunting and tracking. While they are still used for hunting today, the majority of Welsh Terriers are commonly kept as family pets.

However, if you wish to keep these bearded dogs as your pets, then you must consider a lot of things, such as the price. From the key aspect you need to know about Welsh Terriers to shedding light on prevalent health concerns, my goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide that will help you make informed decisions.

Typical Cost and Price Variation of Welsh Terrier Puppies

The price of a Welsh Terrier varies a lot and depends on multiple factors and puppy specifications. These factors and specifications include the following:

  • Location in the US state where the puppy is being sold
  • Welsh Terrier bloodline
  • Breeder’s reputation
  • The cost also depends on the specifications, such as whether the puppy comes vaccinated or with a health certificate

If you are planning to purchase a Welsh Terrier, then the average cost is about $2,280. Generally speaking, you can find them in the price range of $1,375 to $ 3,250. However, if you are searching for a more affordable option, then you can expect to find Welsh Terrier in a price range option as low as $850, while the top-quality or special cases can go as high as $3,834.

Welsh Terrier Price Level Cost
Average Cost $2,280
Typical Range $1,375 to $3,250
Starting Price (Affordable Option) $850 (or more)
Maximum Price $3,834

In addition, keep in mind that particular factors like vaccination and health certificates can influence these price levels. Furthermore, be cautious when you come across prices significantly cheaper than the average market rate for Welsh Terrier puppies. These lower prices could suggest unethical breeding practices, such as breeding mills.

Welsh Terrier Care: Monthly Expenses, Food, Setup, Grooming, Entertainment, and Veterinary Cost

After purchasing a Welsh Terrier, you also have to spend additional money to take care of the puppy thoroughly. The additional expenses include food, setup, grooming, entertainment, and veterinary care. The expenses of owning a Welsh Terrier can differ based on factors like where you live, food, grooming, etc.

Monthly Expenses

Monthly expenses can vary from owner to owner. Generally, the monthly cost for Welsh Terriers falls in the middle range because they are not too big and don’t eat a lot. They are usually in good shape and healthy, so the owner doesn’t need to take them to the vet too often.

You will need some basic things like toys and shampoo, and there is a standard cost for taking care of those puppies. You can control and affect a big part of the money you spend on taking care of your dog. However, if you decide to visit the clinic more often or hire a dog walker, it might increase your maintenance cost.

The monthly expense for a Welsh Terrier ranges from $75 to $200. However, in the end, the price depends on your specific requirements and the level of care you provide.

Monthly Cost: $75 to $200

Essential Items

To take proper care of your puppy, you need certain essential items that are suitable for Welsh Terriers of any age. The owner needs to purchase basic things like a collar, ID badge, brush, food dish, and proper water. These are all the things that you need to consider and will contribute to additional costs.

A Welsh Terrier’s essential items and supplies will cost you approximately between $185 and $200. However, the cost can also vary depending on different procedures, such as spaying or neutering the dog, as well as microchipping.

Essential Items Cost: $185 to $ 200.

Food Cost

The food price significantly depends on the Welsh Terrier’s size and type of food. Large dogs generally need more food than smaller ones. When purchasing food, you need to look at the dog’s size, as it can influence the quantity of food needed to meet its nutritional requirements.

On the other, high-quality or specialized dog food also costs more than the standard options. Moreover, specific dietary needs, such as the Welsh Terrier’s health condition or preference, can also influence the overall cost. You should take proper measures when it comes to dog food and purchase excellent brand foods.

A bag of dog food weighing roughly 30 pounds, with a price of $100, can provide about 120 meals. If the puppy only eats one cup a day, it will last you for a much longer time, and you will have to buy a new bag every four months. You can expect to spend money ranging between $50 and $100 for a month’s worth of dog food.

Food Cost: $50 and $100

Grooming and Entertainment Cost

Dog grooming can certainly cost you a lot of money, but fortunately, Welsh Terrier requires minimal care and consistent grooming. Instead, you are required to visit a grooming professional only four to seven times a year. However, grooming is necessary for a dog, especially for its overall health.

For Welsh Terrier grooming, you can expect to pay from $10 to $100. Now, when it comes to the entertainment part, Welsh Terriers need to engage in 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise for their optimum well-being.

So, you can purchase exciting toys or take them out for a walk daily. If you are planning to hire a dog walker, then it will cost you about $15 to $25 for a one-hour outing. As for toys and other entertainment stuff, it will cost you around $400.

Grooming Cost: $10 to $100

Toys: $400

Veterinarian Cost

Dog medical care can be quite expensive, you can expect to spend a lot of money. Improving the puppy’s health condition, preventing fleas, and other necessary medications come with a reasonable price. Welsh terriers with pre-existing health conditions can also incur additional expenses.

Puppies, compared to adult dogs, can be more expensive to keep as they need additional preventive treatment and care. For the puppy, you can expect to visit the veterinarian three times. You will save a lot of money if the breeder has already covered the initial test costs.

When it comes to adult dogs, they only need a checkup once a year for preventive care. The price for a visit to a veterinarian ranges between $10 to $15.

Veterinarian Cost: $10 to $15

Welsh Terrier Price In Various U.S. States

As I have said above, the cost of a Welsh Terrier depends on different factors, and location is one of them. Different states offer different prices, so the actual price of the dog can vary depending on where you are currently residing. If you think that the place you live in offers expensive prices, you can reach out to the breeder in a different state.

First, let’s start with North Carolina. The typical price of Welsh Terrier in North Carolina is about $1300, with prices ranging from $1250 to $1350. The average Welsh Terrier puppy cost in Ohio is $3150.

The prices in Ohio range from $2875 to $3834, a little expensive compared to North Carolina. In Texas, the average price is about $1200, with costs ranging from $1200 to $1200. On the other hand, the average cost of a Welsh Terrier is the same in South Carolina and Minnesota, about $2000.

US States Welsh Terrier Cost (Average)
North Carolina $1300
South Carolina $2000
Ohio $3150
Texas $1200
Minnesota $2000
Kansas $1800
Missouri $1350
Wisconsin $1300

Tips For Preventing The Purchase of Welsh Terrier Puppy With Health Issues

Before purchasing a Welsh Terrier from any reputable breeder, it is necessary to determine its health condition; otherwise, it will cost you additional expenses. They are most likely to have certain health problems because of their genes. Therefore, to make sure they are healthy, responsible breeders must carry out specific health tests.

According to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA), the breeders must carry out specific tests to ensure that the puppy is free from any genetic diseases. Following are the health tests:

  • Eye examination
  • Primary lens luxation

Moreover, keep in mind that the cost for Welsh Terriers may also vary if they come with a health guarantee. If they come with a health guarantee, the average cost of a Welsh Terrier is about $2540, which can be a little expensive compared to those that do not come with a health guarantee. Without a health guarantee, Welsh Terriers are sold at the price of $1560.

With Health Guarantee: $2540

Without Health Guarantee: $1560

Male and Female Welsh Terrior Price Range

There is no significant difference between the price range of male and female Welsh Terriers, and they are almost the same. The average cost for the male species is about $2350. The cost can vary from $1350 to $3500.

On the other hand, the average cost of a female Welsh Terrier is $2380, with prices ranging from $1675 to $3208. Furthermore, the price of Welsh Terriers can also vary due to their color.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing a Welsh Terrier

Before planning to purchase a Welsh Terrier, there are ample things you need to consider. These tips are as follows:

  1. Welsh Terriers are social animals and do not favor being left alone.
  2. They are sensitive to lower temperatures.
  3. Welsh Terriers are social and make excellent family pets.
  4. They are also vulnerable to extremely hot temperatures.
  5. 10-14 years lifespan.
  6. Welsh Terriers possess boundless energy and need a lot of exercise.
  7. They do minimal shedding.
  8. Welsh Terriers are intelligent beings and learn things quickly.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Welsh Terriers are a loyal and social animal that is an excellent choice for a family pet. If you are planning to purchase Welsh Terriers, it is essential to consider the various factors mentioned in this guide. I hope this guide will help you make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a Welsh Terrier.

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