White French Bulldog Price


Ranging from very pale cream to pure snow white, white french bulldogs are becoming increasingly popular across social media.

White french bulldogs can also be known as extreme pied french bulldogs, extreme piebald french bulldogs, or extreme white french bulldogs. It must be noted that an albino french bulldog is a completely separate color since not all white french bulldogs will have red eyes which an albino french bulldog must have.

Are white french bulldogs rare?

Yes, white french bulldogs are considered to be a rare color due to the white coat only being present in cases of Piebaldism, Albinism, Leucism, and Merle genes. White is also not a coat color that is accepted by the AKC so it is less purposefully bred by AKC registered french bulldog breeders. More recently some non-AKC registered french bulldog breeders have tried to purposefully breed white french bulldogs as they become more popular family pets.

Health problems

The white french bulldog is no more likely to develop any of the most common french bulldog health conditions due to its appearance however like many other white animals, white french bulldogs can potentially be deaf. Deafness is much more likely in white french bulldogs due to them carrying the Piebald gene. Any creature that carries the piebald gene has an increased chance of being partially or completely deaf.

How much do white french bulldogs cost?

The white french bulldog is a reasonably rare coat color and is not accepted by the AKC so is a little more difficult to find for sale than some other coat colors.

White french bulldogs are not as rare as the isabella coat coloring so are therefore considered to be a mid-priced color of the french bulldog. You can purchase a white french bulldog for between $3,000 and $6,000.

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